PlayTV Canada (aka The Quiz Hour aka Money Wave aka Game Time aka Call TV aka Nameless TLN / CHCH Call-in Game Show aka L’Instant Gagnant) is a Scam

I see this “show” on sometimes when I flip on the TV before bed, and I can’t turn away. It’s the most boring thing you could think of: this guy stands there, with some sort of “puzzle” on the screen, and he says that time is running out for someone to call in, give the solution to the puzzle, and win $500. That’s it. He stands there, babbling, waiting for the phone to ring.

The thing is, it’s a blatant scam. These people use subtle and not-so-subtle psychological tricks to persuade people to dial a number that costs $2.00 to call. For example, there is constant time pressure. The guy will put a countdown on the screen until the end of the contest. When it runs out he’ll pretend he’s fighting the producers to extend the deadline. The whole time, his phone sits there, not ringing. So you feel like, wow, this seems fishy, but I gotta decide right now, nobody else is calling, and the puzzle is easy (see above), so I’m guaranteed $500!

Another variation on the scam is putting up a “puzzle” with the terms of the solution so vague that it’s pretty much guessing at random answers. Then, even if you get through, you’ll get it wrong. Last night they showed a picture, and the puzzle was “how many hearts are in the picture?” But there were hearts within hearts, partial hearts, hearts that were covered but could be inferred, hearts too small to see, etc. Depending on which assumptions you include or exclude, there is a very large number of reasonable answers. So you hear people getting through occasionally, but they’re all wrong.

The underlying scam is in fine text at the bottom: “calling in enters you into a random draw to give a guess on the air.” So they arbitrarily decide when to air someone’s guess. They no doubt time it for the maximum illusion that not many people are calling, so if you call, you will surely win. Meanwhile, thousands of people are calling in at $2.00 a call. At the end of the show, they finally allow someone to get through on the easy puzzle, give them $500, then these assholes walk away with a profit of tens of thousands of dollars.

Yet, even knowing it’s a scam, I can’t turn away. Hearing the poor (probably literally poor) confused people get on the air, falling for the greedy tricks, it’s like witnessing a crime. So bottom line: screw you, PlayTV Canada. And a bonus screw you to Global Television for allowing this morally bankrupt crap to air.

Update March 28 2011: Apparently the show is back on the air under the name “Game Time” (presumably so people can’t Google up all the bad press under the original name). Hopefully writing Game Time here will alleviate that a bit. Game Time. 🙂

Also, if you’re new to this blog, there are some other posts on the topic:

And be sure to check out the comments below. There is some good info about what people have been doing about this show.

Update April 24 2012: The show is still airing on TLN, but apparently now they have resorted to not even mentioning the name of the show, for maximum non-Googleability. If you needed proof that they are sketchy, there’s even more.

Also, Telemedia, the people behind this crap, took down the video in this post due to a “copyright violation.” It was likely legal for me to use it under fair use (it was only a minute, and provided as context for the commentary), but I really don’t feel like fighting it. I doubt they would’ve taken down a video with me saying nice things about them though. If you needed even more proof that they are sketchy, well, case closed.



682 thoughts on “PlayTV Canada (aka The Quiz Hour aka Money Wave aka Game Time aka Call TV aka Nameless TLN / CHCH Call-in Game Show aka L’Instant Gagnant) is a Scam

  1. i won also on oct. 2nd 2009 they said they would send me a check in the mail in 30 days and gave me a customer service # i called it and its out of service and i’m still waiting for my money. cailen what service # did they give you maybe i can call it and get my money so is this a scam or is it real when you win. thanks

  2. I think Cailen is a dirty liar. 🙂

    That’s terrible, though, Ernie. I assume it is legit if you actually do manage to win, but who knows.

    Have you tried contacting Global? Probably not much they can do, but every complaint gets them one step closer to being shut down.

  3. On Play tv Canada’s website, I see an ernie listed as winning $500. on Oct.3,2009
    After sending the following letter to Canwest in relation to Play Tv Canada, I have filed a formal complaint with the Canadian Broadcast Standards Association.

    The following is my email to canwest:

    Please refer this email to the appropriate person at Canwest.

    My concern is with a program aired on Global (Rogers cable London) at
    1-2 a.m. on Sept. 26. The show is Play tv Canada.

    It is a viewer participation show in which viewers attempt to solve quizes for money prizes.

    The following quiz was presented:


    All callers were informed that they had incorrect answers. The show would not reveal the correct answer until the end of the show.
    The answer presented was 1238 without any explanation

    This type of show generates considerable revenue and should be conducted in a fair manner.

    I refer you to the following Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council decision dealing with identical matters:


    quebec regional Panel

    TQS re Call TV

    (CBSC Decision 08/09-1834 & -1856)

    Decided August 11, 2009
    D. Meloul (Chair), G. Moisan (Vice-Chair), Y. Bombardier, R. Cohen (ad hoc),
    M. Ille, J. Pennefather (ad hoc)

    They concluded that it is the broadcasters responsibility for everything they broadcast. the Council found that a similar show offered incomprehensible solutions to the mathematical questions (In the example above, I have no idea how the show arrived at 1238 as the answer.

    I am requesting that you view the show and provide me with your response.
    I am also requesting that you view the above-cited CBSC decisions before responding.
    Please acknowledge receipt of this email providing contact information of the person assigned to this matter.

  4. Robert: Thanks for stopping by and sharing your email. I sent a similar email to Global, and have yet to hear back. It’s amazing that it can continue to operate after the CBSC decision.

    Rob: I bet those numbers would be depressing. The thing is, even a small number of people participating could mean big bucks, especially given that their operating costs are probably all but nonexistent.

  5. I played on Oct. 18 and won $150. I was told I would receive a cheque in the mail and was also given a customer service number to call if I didn’t get it within 30 days. WELL! No cheque, and the number they gave me is no longer in service. I called the number on the website (which is different than the one given me) and left a message. I also e-mailed them. This game is a BIG SCAM.


  6. Well its a scam an extra 50 dollars slapped onto my Bell bill and theres nothing i can do but pay it,,, also getting dinged next month for another 50 dollars,,, called the phone number and can only leave a message and website isnt lagitt… DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME

  7. How can this really be aired in Canada? If the contest is not legit isn’t that fraud? The worst thing is it would target the poor people that don’t really can’t afford the $2 phone call in the first place-
    Would the best thng be target Glogal with emails with regards to accountability?

  8. Just an update. I got a call from Play TV Canada today saying I’ll be getting my cheque in the next week. I won’t hold my breath, but I’ll keep you updated.

  9. Thanks everyone for your stories, and for your update Kathy. It would be awesome if you let us know whether you get it or not. I’d hope at least SOME people get their winnings.

  10. still no money but what is there website please leave on blog or email to me maybe i can get another phone # to see where my money is rotflmfao

  11. ernie,
    I googled Play Tv Canada and the first link gets me to their web page. They have contact information on that page. The phone number is 1-877-241-1612. Their e-mail address is:

    I e-mailed and phoned. By the way, this phone number is different than the one given when you actually win. The phone was busy most of the day, but I eventually got through and left a message. Did this twice. Then yesterday they phoned me to say my cheque would arrive in one to two weeks. Incidentally, I didn’t tell my husband I had played the game (he’d be upset that I paid $2.00 a phone call), but he answered the phone when they called. He thought it was one of those telephone solicitations, so he hung up, but they called back! Anyway, I will definitely keep you informed about my ordeal with this show. Good luck, ernie.

  12. Cheque came today. It’s from Advanced Telecom Services, Inc. in Pennsylvania, but it also has the Royal Bank of Canada printed on it. It is handwritten. It looks weird. Unfortunately, my bank was closed when I hurried off to try to cash it. I’m so pessimistic now, but I’ll let you know if this cheque is the real deal and I actually get the money. I still don’t recommend that anyone play this game, though.

  13. Hi Lisa here from Ireland.

    Am shocked to see that you are having the same con artists’
    CANADA Play TV… we have here with TV3 Play TV Ireland…it’s exactly the same.

    People are being conned left, right and in for a game drags on sometimes for approx. 45min – 1 hr. without a call being taken..and then the answer to the puzzle is a fantastic answer…that nobody gets. (and of course they never explain how they got that answer) .
    They in the meantime have made a fortune on the calls that never get through to the open line. The phone is answered with a recorded voice asking a yes/no question..and then “you nearly made it, try again” answer.
    People have lost loads with the finger on redial and not getting the open line.

    Many complaints have gone to our Broadcasting Commission here and just last week 16 were upheld. Some newspapers gave it publicity …and since then the show has changed with puzzles that can be solved.
    Even it’s best presenter left on Friday last.

    We have a Board forum…where we discuss the show every’s called “Play TV for discussion of the puzzles only”..It might be worth your while visiting it.
    And seeing what is going on here. In fact visit pages 751/752 this is where someone found out about your ‘show’ – a Holy Show too if you ask me!

    TV3 have rented out 3 hours each night from 12pm – 3 am.
    and the show comes to us from Budapest in Hungary..with Irish presenters.

    Also worth while checking out PLAY TV on utube..just to give you an idea what is going on over here too.

    Good Luck. And don’t give them your hardearned cash!!!!


  14. I couldn’t believe my eyes or ears today when my wife came out of the post office yelling we got the cheque from PlayTV Canada.
    It’s from Advanced Telecom Services in Pennysvannia and also has a Royal Bank stamp from Ontario. I took it straight to the bank and the teller told me it checks out fine but I stuck in the savings account just to be sure it clears the 5 business days. It only took 2 months to get it and not the 30 days as promised.
    Thanks to Kathy for the information on how contact them. I had sent them an email the night before inquiring about my winnings. Lesson learned though, I will not be playing again!!!!!
    Thanks Mike for having your blog and getting information out to unsuspecting people like me. Knowledge is power and informing people of bad stuff out there might actually get things done right.

  15. Tried to play this game a little bit tonight but forget this! I’ll just pay the $12 I wasted on this crap and couldn’t even get on-air. Forget this scam of a show!

  16. So glad to hear you got winning money, ernie — just before Christmas, too. Anyway, I was just wondering if anyone watched the two hour show last night. I couldn’t stop watching because I simply wanted to know the answer. The question was about 4 girls on a school bus. Each girl had three baskets. Each basket had four cats. Each cat had three kittens. How many legs were in the bus? Well, of course no-one got the “right” answer of 222 legs. Anyone figure this out?

  17. Thanks so much for coming back and following up, Ernie and Kathy. I’m glad that it is at least possible to win and get the money, on the off chance that one gets through and has the answer they want.

    Kathy, I did see that puzzle last night. I couldn’t stand to watch very long, so thanks for telling me the “right” answer. I’m going to put up another post about it right now.

    Lisa and Squid: Gah, it’s terrible that it’s a worldwide phenomenon. I’m still shocked that this show is on the air here after the Canadian Broadcasting Standards Council has ruled against it, and nothing has changed about it (e.g. the “puzzles” are still impossible.)

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  19. How about Bell Canada surely they know this is bull and are they still taking the money from their customers for these phone calls. Even though they know it’s a scam line??.

    Where’s the protection for the poor consumer and how can these television companies even air it. Oh yeah they are not paid by the cable companies for local cable..Boo hoo so lets let joe public get ripped off..

    This is a disgusting abuse of corporate greed and how they help each other rip everyone off with their monopoly’s..

  20. The first search results on youtube are a french parody and a spanish show exposing it as a fraud.
    There are versions for several european countries.

    On the one I saw there was a countdown that actually got to 0 and then the guy continued urging people to call “QUICK THERE’S STILL TIME”
    When you check these things online there are always a bunch of blogs and forums with people who’ve been scammed.

    If you’re actually thinking of calling a 900 number (toll numbers) or buying something like shamwow (overpriced shammy cloths) just google and see for yourself.

  21. The ‘game’ tonight was to add up all the numbers in the puzzle. 112 + 2 + twelve + seventy-five + 12 + 1 + twenty-one.
    It became obvious the phone calls came in 5 minute intervals. The last caller was given $300 for a ‘wrong’ answer of 235.
    The ‘correct’ one in his envelope was 368.
    The address they give in their Canadian rules is TeleMedia InteracTV Limited, 136 St. Christopher Street, Valletta VLT05, Malta.
    Now how can we blame Global TV for an offshore scam?

  22. ^Maybe there’s something in their rules stating that the value of a number changes when it’s placed over colored animal silhouettes.

  23. I’ve been watching this show the last few weeks just to see what type of BS puzzles they come up with next. The one Tom mentioned about having both NUMERICAL and WORD NUMBERS is at least one of those ones that seem closer to be able to solve.. I’m CLOSE but can’t see my error.

    Take into consideration that something like SEVENTY-FIVE is actually (at least) four numbers.. SEVENty-five [7] SEVENTY-five [70], seventy-FIVE [5], and SEVENTY-FIVE [75].

    Using this process, I get to about 338. (Still 30 away from the given total.)

    So then I figure that they might be taking all the individual digits in all these numbers to help the total. That total is 28.

    Thus my final tally is 366 — merely 2 away from the ‘correct answer’.

    Anyone catching what I could have missed?

  24. Another “close but no cigar” way to solve this one..

    Consider that the worded numbers are more mathematically written than literal..

    SEVENTY-FIVE could be 70-5 = 65
    TWENTY-ONE could be 20-1 = 19

  25. 112 + 2 + twelve + seventy-five + 12 + 1 + twenty-one.

    Add up all the obvious gets you 235. Now add the individual numbers (1, 1, 2 of 112 for example) gets you 7. Now individual spelled numbers gets you another 96 making the total so far 338. Now there’s three more numbers: 11 and 12 in 112 and seven in seventy, giving you the total of 368, the “correct” answer. Deliberately ambiguous enough to be misinterpreted.

    Hope that helps.

  26. Good work fermat69. I was close enough to remain frustrated. That 11 and 12 from 112 is dirtier than SEVENty. It could still be interpreted a few other ways such as -5 and -1. Poor brain function at 2:00 am is why they don’t play it at 2:00 pm.
    If the CRTC lets this continue they should have an auditor make sure it passes Criminal Code section 206 (1)(e) scrutiny. To make sure they don’t, oh, screen answers and stage their order. I was trying to compute when they were going to make enough money to let someone with a reasonable answer have their turn.

  27. I actually saw this same game run about 11:30am just before lunch over a year ago with a computer generated picture of a very old movie star. As the scam progressed the movie star became younger until slowly it became apparent as victims of this illegal gambling scheme flooded the phone lines with the same results. Calls held back.

    In fact in this scheme, when you called in they actually had the sound of a casino wheel clicking in the background while telling you, after spending X number of $, just getting through, that your name would be randomly drawn and you would THEN have a chance “on camera” to win. Disgusting and abhorrent.

    Global TV should not only be ashamed, they should be charged under the law as an illegal “gaming” house!

    The only way to get these scams is through the law. There are in fact appropriate laws governing these illegal gambling schemes in Canada.

    If you are interested contact our organization. We are an affiliate of Pyramid Scheme Alert Charlotte N.C.; the world-wide authority with respect to these “masked” frauds & illegal schemes.

    You can observe Robert FitzPatrick flown to Toronto by CBC to explain pyramid fraud on CBC marketplace. You can watch the clip from our website.

    dave – CBNow

    The old man with a mission – Stop the defrauding of seniors, the financially unsophisticated, the financially desperate, vulnerable university, college and now even high school students.

  28. hi .ididn’t know about playtv until i open my phone bill i have been charge for play tv.that i didn’t play .they are charging me for 21 calls on oct 24. they are charging me 1.99 per min. and some of the min they have charge me 3 times on the same minutes(time 1.22,1.22,1.23,1.24,1.24,1.25,1.25,1.26,1.26,1.27,1.27,1.28,1.28,1.30,1.31,1.31,1.31) i am refusing to pay this bill i hope enough people complain about play tv so that it will put them out of business.. what a scam…..

  29. Fermat69,
    I follow your explanation except for the addition of the individual numbers; I understoof there to be four 1s and three 2s, thereby resulting in a sum of 10. If you could please go over this I would be vey grateful.


  30. Zeddy, check out the puzzle on Flickr for the solution spelled out.

    Audrey, that is terrible. I really hope it’s a technical problem and not intentional theft on the part of CallTV. I’m glad you’re not paying for it, and I hope it gets worked out with little trouble.

  31. Hey all,

    I’ve been following these posts for awhile now. PlayTV Canada is such a boring show yet I watch it because I’m interested to see if any of the callers actually get those tough questions. On last week’s show with the question about the legs on the school bus, I knew the answer was 222 because I googled the question and I found a message board that consisted of U.K. viewers who had watched the U.K. version of PlayTV and so obviously they used the “school bus” question on that version as well. They were all just as confused as we are as to how the answer could be 222. Anyway I’m surprised none of the people who actually got on-air last week bothered to Google the question, it would’ve helped immensely!

    Now I’m wondering if anyone here has ever managed to get on-air by entering for free on their website? That’s the only method I can use because I’m with Rogers Home Phone and you can’t make 1-900 calls with their service.

  32. hey GEOFF….that puzzle question was on today dec.12/09 at 1:00am Pacific time they were releasing $8000 this was canada version it was same question ! u guys say it was 222 revealed? this time they revealed 445? im so confused this show are such SCAMS! furreal i suggest no one should play this!

  33. well people I didn’t see last weeks riddle about the school bus but I did see tonight’s show and they had the same riddle and the answer they gave was 445. From what i have read on this blog two people have said that the show gave them an answer of 222. This is obviously a scam. I also don’t know how they can get away with this. If anyone saw this riddle please let us know what answer they were told and maybe we can catch in a down and out lie.

  34. I here ya wtfBS. I just saw your post after my last post. If anyone knows of how we can proceed with some sort of prosecution I would be glad to testify. Just write in and give out your contact info.

  35. That show is the biggest scam going. People should boycott Global for putting that joke on the air. I can’t believe that the CRTC allows it. They had a puzzle on there this morning and I could swear that the same person tried to answer at least 5 times. None of the callers are real. It is 100% scripted. They ultimately give out small cash prizes whether you are right or wrong. That makes it legal. I don’t think they answer any real calls and that it is all prerecorded crap that they get a bunch of people to rattle off in recording sessions. There is no way possible that the answer ( they gave at the end when nobody had answered correctly) was right. It was some stupid math quiz about 4 girls on a bus with cats. The answer should have been 0 because buses don’t have legs. How many desparate people are spending their hard earned money on this garbage. Someone has to stop this. You are right, you get mezmerized by the sheer stupidity of it. BOYCOTT GLOBAL.

  36. Kudos to Rogers. They block the “900” area code. It’s a shame they don’t block the cell code. I’m sure that Global is getting a huge slice of the pie. The answer I saw last night for the school bus was 1359. Where did they come up with that? A blatant scam. How can anyone be dumb enough to phone in for this? At least they are decent enough to cut you off after 25 calls a week, 100 a month. WHAT A JOKE!!!
    I wonder what they pay Giggles the announcer?

  37. That “4 girls with the cats” question was on last night, the “exact” same question…..4 girls on a bus, 4 baskets per hand, 4 cats per basket with 3 kittens per cat. After people called in for what seemed like an hour, the answer was revealed without anyone guessing it right: 1359.

    Then some guy won 1000$ in the puzzle right after that, of course he was the only caller who got chosen for the call. There was a “dramatic” build up of tension and suspense for like 10 minutes as the host kept telling people to call, and “nobody” was getting through. He was like “hey, i gotta go home, i gotta leave the studio, so call”.

  38. I turned on the TV a few times, but I’m not at it now. Just as I expected, every time I turn on the show, the prize amount is higher and nobody has guessed it yet. But I see that they’re giving out a 200$ consolation prize for wrong answers.

  39. How the h e double hockey sticks did he get that number?
    I came up with 289, but I’m going to get some sleep now.

  40. All the answers in the initial game are ridiculous, then when they have a second puzzle during the weekday nights, they allow only 1 person to call through, although 1 is enough anyways because the 2nd puzzles are always so straightforward that the first person to get through always gets it right. Then they win like a 1000$ or something.

    These guys also give away “consolation” prizes to people who get the wrong answer during the final minutes of the 1st puzzle because nobody ever gets the actual answer right.

  41. Yes I watched tonights with the hockey theme add up all the numbers in the puzzle I came up with 226 includeing the 1 on the back wall and the time stamp on the lower right corner the last guy too call in got 225,. then the answer ends up being 1731 ? how did they come up with that? I’m glad I tryed too find there wesite after realizeing my rogers line wouldn’t go through and neither my virgen mobile cell, I ended up here in my search and so interseting and Thank-ful to come across it. Wow big scammers and there not even Canadian based.! Thanks for letting silly people like me aware .

  42. I’m recording it from Ontario. As I said before this is blatant illegal gambling. An illegal lottery under sec. 206 (1)(e) CCC.

    Complain to the OPP Anti-Gambling Squad. deluge their office with complaints.

    Ask…. Why illegal gambling schemes are operating wide open across this nation, now even, unbelievably, in full view on national TV, ensnarling victims in a “Web of Deceit” and no action being taken!!!

    You can tell them you were in contact with CrimeBustersNow. They are well aware of our organization. We have been after the police & their wives for perpetrating gambling schemes under this same section of the Criminal Code. In fact several years ago police officers’ wives and a mayor’s wife, among others, were convicted under that same section of the CCC and ironically a Global personality and RCMP officer’s wife were also charged.

    It is the same offense under the same law… illegal lottery.


  43. No Michel, I said I got 289. They got 1731. This morning I’ve found a subtotal error, making mine 294.
    Based on the Dec 6 puzzle I add up the numbers the way fermat69 did to get their total. One might think the ‘rules’ have changed.

  44. finally got paid and didnt bounce half way acoss canada and back thankyou mike for you blog and all the people in this fight

  45. 4 girls are travelling on a bus
    each of them have 3 baskets
    in each basket there are 4 cats
    each cat has 3 little kittens

    this icludes the kittens

    step 1: 4 girls are travelling on a bus
    each of them have 3 baskets

    3 (baskets) * 4 (girls) = 12 baskets

    step 2: in each basket there are 4 cats

    12 (baskets) * 4 (cats) = 16 cats

    step 3:each cat has 3 little kittens

    16 (cats) * 3 (kittens) = 48 cats in total

    step 4: how many legs

    48 (cats) * 4 (legs) = 192

    4 girls + 1 driver * 2 legs = 10 human legs.
    5 seats to sit in * 4 legs = 20 chair legs.

    192 (cat legs) + 10 (Human Legs) + 20 (chair legs)= 222 legs

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  47. Well U totally believe its a money making scam! Damn straight it is. They only allow you to call in 100 times a month. So wait if you call in 100 times in a month and you dont get picked that means they just made 200 bucks of 1 person. Hmmm interesting. Happy I havent called. And now they’ve added the cellphone to #5656 pepoples phone bills are goona fly through the roof hopefully they dont fall into this scam. Just like that stupid puzzle lastnite they only gave out 100 dollars and satan was there oh was is santa lol!!! Just imagine how many calls they got. Well thats my take you might win a little but most of the puzzles that you do win on are simple and prizezs are a few hundred bucks but the weird ass puzzles that cant be solved for 6 grand good luck.

  48. 5 girls are travelling on a bus
    each of them have 3 baskets in each hand
    in each basket there are 4 cats
    each cat has 3 little kitten
    one girl gets off the bus
    How many legs are there on the bus

    It does say anything about seats
    So think about it.

    Take 1 girl out of the equasion all together.
    That leaves 4 girls.

    So each girl has 6 baskets with 4 cats and 3 kittens in each basket.

    Add the girls legs 4×2=8

    Each basket has 7 cats and each cat has 4 legs.

    4 girls have 14 cats each.

    So 4 girls x14 cats= 56 cats

    56 cats x 4 legs + 8 girl legs= 232 is the answer

  49. Sorry I screwed up and I can admit it!!!

    5 girls are travelling on a bus
    each of them have 3 baskets in each hand
    in each basket there are 4 cats
    each cat has 3 little kitten
    one girl gets off the bus
    How many legs are there on the bus

    4 girls x 2 legs= 8 legs (one got off the bus remember)
    Each girl has 6 baskets x 4 girls = 24 baskets
    Each basket has 4 cats and each cat has 3 kittens.
    So that means each basket has 4 cats + 12 kittens = 16 cats per girl

    So 24 baskets x 16 cats= 384 cats in total

    Each cat has 4 legs so 384 cats x 4 legs for each cat=1536 legs + the eight girl legs= 1544 legs in total

    This puzzles wacked

  50. We have the same problem here in Ireland… We have had 16 complaints upheld…and still waiting to hear an apology from them. Go to the Broadcasting Complaints commission..get as many as possible to write their complaints.
    I posted here on Nov 3oth… if you would like to read it..

    You should look into our boards site and read some of the comments we make as the ‘Game’ is going out..

    “ for the solutions of puzzles only” (it my give you some idea what’s going on here too)

    We also have that awful Cats on the Bus…which is a right fraud. I see you have it too!


  51. I fell for this dirty grab for cash scam on christmas day. How can a number of legs present be an odd number/ they just pulled out a random number out of their ass as an answer.

  52. Hope you didn’t lose too much money on the phone in’s.
    That’s how they make it …by not putting people through on air…and people just keep ringing in hoping they will get on…while the tv company is getting richer by the second with the phone calls. (that don’t get through)!

    And as regards the Cats puzzle, the answer should be an even number. We get the most fantastic answers here for the cats game..and also the matchstick game..don’t know if you have it there….but a few nights ago….”move 2 matches to make the highest number” 4 numbers made up of matches and move 2 matches. The answer was something like 8^1189! Some people got through (after gaps of maybe 10 mins each time) and no way could anyone come up with that answer.

    Just wondering where your one comes from – is it in Canada at all?

    Our PlayTV comes from Budapest in Hungary with Irish presenters. The Irish station TV3 rents out 3 hours to them every night!

    Hope people will learn not to phone in.. cays they will lose their money with huge phone bills!

    Don’t give THEM your hardearned cash!!!!

  53. hello did you figure out the question bot the bus and the number of legs?i know how the tv show got the answer of 222,if you dont know how it was got i can explain,e mail me if you want to know?james

  54. I had seen snipits of the show before but only decided to call in tonight.

    I got a busy signal or two, but mostly it was dead air and the recording that if chosen to play the game, I would be charged the $1.99 and that I should try again because I was close to getting through.

    Are you all trying to tell me that every call I placed is a charge to me? Where is that stated? This is sheer robbery!!!

    Has anyone spoken to a lawyer?

  55. Tonight’s move 2 “match-sticks” answer starting @ 4865 I would say is 59811.

    If you can get through and our answer is the winner, how about “shooting” our organization targeting these crooks a few bucks.

    dave – CBNow

  56. Tonight’s move 2 “match-sticks” answer starting @ 4865 I would say is 99911.

    If you can get through and our answer is the winner, how about “shooting” our organization targeting these crooks a few bucks.

    dave – CBNow

    Time 3:06 EST

  57. I am watching the matchstick question as well. I already tried using my cell phone. Never going to call them ever again. But heres my answer for you guys.

    the matchstick is 4865 – i took two matchsticks away from the 8 and turned it into an 11. So my answer would be 4365 to the eleventh power.

    Don’t know if that is allowed but it makes sense in my head. Congrats to whoever wins it. It is very very agonizing since i have a gut feeling that my answer is correct. But im done with playtv and their garbage.

  58. @pee O’d
    good answer sir, didn’t even think of that. knowing the way this show operates there’s probably something higher than that though…

  59. It goes like this: Move one stick from the 4 and turn it to 11 then turn the puzzel up-side-down then move one stick from the 8 making it a 9: Then use that stick to turn the 5 to a 9. =


    dave – CBNow

  60. oh snap, that is true as well. Higher than my answer. I don’t think i can stay up long enough to see the answer. I guess ill check back tomorrow.

    It may be rotten, but it works for them. Im usually not one to fall for these kinds of tricks, but i did. It was just really tempting. I called em who knows how many times. I still would have been wrong since you came up with a higher number haha.

    I feel so filthy.

  61. Some guy called in about 20 min ago with 71965 and the guy could even fucking place the matchsticks.. yet it is possible. This show is a complete fucking scam… It is a crime that it’s on TV… I can’t believe Global is airing this shit… GET IT OFF!!! People… we need to petition!!

  62. Actually combine our answer with the genius pee O’d. Turn the nunber up-sidedown taking 2 from the 4 making that 1 and using the 11=

    5981 to the 11th power

    dave – CBNow

    Ontario Time 3:36 AM EST

  63. Hey Mike

    All you need is a bunch of people to go to the police station and lay a complaint under sections 206 (1)(e) Gaming and 380 (1) Fraud under the Canadian Criminal Code.

    Anyone near Oakville Ontario or around GTA want to go with me. If it was done simultaneously across the country I near guarantee it would gain world wide attention especially if you took pickets signed. That’s how you get these crooks!

    Check it out….

    “Police said Tang solicited wealthy investors, as well as new Chinese immigrants, to pay the minimum investment of $150,000 required to participate in his Oversea Chinese Fund.

    A police investigation was launched in April 2009 after a number of people walked into a Toronto police division to complain that they’d been defrauded, said Toronto police spokesman Const. Tony Vella.”

    dave – CBNow

  64. Ok, so they wrote the answer as : 486236196 on their paper (ain’t PVR’s great?) But how do you get that from 4865 with only moving two sticks?

  65. 486 squared wow this show just gets better and better each week, just can’t believe the crtc is still letting this crap continue

  66. Hahaha. Amazing. I was up late tonight and caught this on TV thinking, WTF is this shit? It’s obviously a scam. But I decided to watch it for some fun. For one, the presenter is a total fake, lies out his ass and is dumber than a pill of shit. Second, that answer tonight? 486 Squared? WOW!! That’s technically not even a number, that’s a mathematical equation.

    Funniest part, when he 1st showed the answer, he held it up for like, what? 1 and half seconds? Haha! The look on his face was classic, he felt like a total dick! Then when he tries to explain it later, he didn’t even wanna look in to the camera. Hahaha!

    And of course the topping on this shit cake: The “Countdown” of the final game. he counted the “last 10 seconds” for like 5 minutes on his hands, and then still went on and on after he hit 0. Finally some joe blow calls in and “Wins” 400 bucks.

    Why is this show on Global? I know they have that whole, “Global doesn’t agree or share there views” warning thing, but whatever… There the enabler.

    ps. I feel kinda bad when people call. The people who call seem to be either stupid, or senile. They Obviously pray on the weak. Pathetic.

  67. I was really hoping for an answer, since the puzzle was driving me insane. The best answer I could have gotten was 71965, and I was glad when a caller called in with the same answer, since I had to know if it was right, which it wasn’t.

    Realizing I wasted over an hour on a joke question for a scam game show. It’s disappointing to say the least.

    On a related note: I called in but was immediately kicked out of the call a few seconds in. Will I get charged for this? I’m not even sure what happened. I heard a quick message that was barely audible, then a second voice, and I was booted immediately. Is this part of the scam, or did the process fail?

  68. THEIR number was 486 to the power of 2.

    pee O’d’s answer…. 4955 to the eleventh power “straight up” or our answer 5981 to the 11th power “upside down” should definitely qualify because the standard in equations is that the number designating the power is a miniature of the rest of the numbers used in the equation.

    By using the two sticks side-by-side to make 11 it is physically smaller just as it would be in any proper equation. What these crooks show is not standard in an equation.

    So now, how many will go to the authorities and “hang the bell” on the neck of these international, foreign %^&*&*@#$% money-laundering, racketeering, crooks, liars, gangsters and thieves invading our country, corrupting the media and targeting and swindling the financially unsophisticated, laid off workers, the financially desperate, insomniacs, students etc.

    Do it for your country!!! Corporate corruption and illegal “shell corporations” are running wild in this country!!!

    dave – CBNow

  69. I still say the bus answer is 0. Buses don’t have legs. Last time I checked, buses have wheels. The question is “How many legs are on the bus”. They take 1 out of every 3,000 calls. There is no random choosing. It is so easy to figure out these scammers that it’s ridiculous. The reason they take so long to pay (if you are lucky enough to actually win) is because it takes that long for the service provider on your phone to send them the money. There are scams like this born every 5 minutes. A sucker is born every minute. They can’t go wrong.

    The countdown game is the biggest joke. The idiot bores you for 10 minutes then when it reaches 5 seconds some clown in the back room phones in the answer. Result: Another 10,000 suckers have phoned in and don’t ever even get a whif at the answer. A more scripted show I have never seen.

    Listen people. No one is twisting anyone’s arm to play these stupid games. You would have better odds taking your two bucks and visiting your local casino (any racetrack) and playing the 1 dollar slot machines.

  70. I just got a glimpse of the answer but if what you say is what was written perhaps they’ve used exponents which means when showing how the numbers MUST be made (ie 2 matchsticks for the number 1) they were obviously misleading viewers.

  71. Hi Glen

    I missed it too because he went so fast; but I recorded the fraud on DVD so was able to “freeze” it.

    They simply took the last number 5 moved the upper vertical “match stick” to the right, then took the lower vertical “match stick” and moved it to the left resulting in a 2. Then they simply offset the 2 moving it halfway up the other numbers as the “power of two.”

    However, as I explained….with two “match sticks” making a small eleven, pee O’d’s answer…. 4955 to the eleventh power “straight up” or our answer 5981 to the 11th power “upside down” should definitely qualify because the standard in equations is that the number designating the power is a miniature of the rest of the numbers used in the equation.

    Theirs’ was not.

    dave – CBNow

  72. Last nights broadcast was the second time I have watched this program and on both times I was amazed how few people were calling in to answer…so I tried calling many times to try and win the prize. After last nights matchstick quiz I was left feeling angre because of how fast they showed the answer…I thought this show was fun and legit up till this point.

    This morning I decided to research them to see what the deal is and I am now left feeling scared as I have tried callint them many many times.

    So here is my question to the readers of this blog who have tried to call into this show. Did anyone get through? When I call I always get a recording saying “this number is either disconnected or not in service”. I am now left wondering if I will actually be billed since I assumed the phone number is not working yet I called it 8 times to see if it the recorded message changed or if the phone number became activated…hmmm…

    Confused and worried in Ontario…feeling a little stupid today as well…


  73. I saw the show for the first time last night. I had seen the matchstick puzzle years ago at a seminar where the instructor was talking about “Thinking outside the box.” As most people keep on using the 4 digits those who “Think outside the box” would extract 2 matches to make a 1 at the end with the resulting number being 49551.
    When a caller gave that answer and was told he was wrong I had to keep on watching to see what they claimed to be the correct answer. I expected a big explanation when they revealed the answer but as has been mentioned it was glossed over and not explained.
    Obviously this show is a scam and I’m very glad I resisted the temptation to call.

  74. To J R Mebo

    You are absolutely right. 4E65 (4*10^65) or 7^865

    So why not go to your local police department and ask to have these characters charged under 206 (1) (e) gaming & 380 (1) for fraud.

    dave – CBNow

  75. Remember that Global TV is in protection from bankruptcy, so holding legitimate contests is probably not on the top of their books.

    But the types of contests held is probably why it was moved from the 11AM or 1PM time slot to the middle of the night. No doubt they have outsourced it to this overseas company (ever notice how they almost always have an accent of some sort) and get a cut of the profit.

  76. Thanks for the updates everyone. I haven’t been keeping up with the show the last few weeks.

    I haven’t heard back from Global or the CBSC about my defense of my complaint. Might push it further soon if I don’t.

    A friend sent along another perspective on this.

    From the Competition Act

    Promotional contests
    74.06 A person engages in reviewable conduct who, for the purpose of promoting, directly or indirectly, the supply or use of a product, or for the purpose of promoting, directly or indirectly, any business interest, conducts any contest, lottery, game of chance or skill, or mixed chance and skill, or otherwise disposes of any product or other benefit by any mode of chance, skill or mixed chance and skill whatever, where
    (a) adequate and fair disclosure is not made of the number and approximate value of the prizes, of the area or areas to which they relate and of any fact within the knowledge of the person that affects materially the chances of winning;
    (b) distribution of the prizes is unduly delayed; or
    (c) selection of participants or distribution of prizes is not made on the basis of skill or on a random basis in any area to which prizes have been allocated.

    1999, c. 2, s. 22.

    I wouldn’t call what they engage in to be “adequate and fair disclosure” that it is little more than a lottery.

  77. Hi Mike

    It is a lottery.

    We unfortunately have had a lot of experience with the Competition Bureau. In a word, they are corrupt; influenced by the powerful lawyers that are behind these very frauds.

    What they finally did admit is that if it is established that the Criminal Code is violated there are no “saving provisions” under the Competition Act that criminals can “hide behind.” (This act simply written and periodically changed and more obfuscated by bureaucrats)

    Section 206 (1)(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code discribes this fraud “to a tee.”

    206. (1) Every one is guilty of an indictable offence and liable to imprisonment for a term not exceeding two years who

    (e) conducts, manages or is a party to any scheme, contrivance or operation of any kind by which any person, on payment of any sum of money, or the giving of any valuable security, or by obligating himself to pay any sum of money or give any valuable security, shall become entitled under the scheme, contrivance or operation to receive from the person conducting or managing the scheme, contrivance or operation, or any other person, a larger sum of money or amount of valuable security than the sum or amount paid or given, or to be paid or given, by reason of the fact that other persons have paid or given, or obligated themselves to pay or give any sum of money or valuable security under the scheme, contrivance or operation;

    It is that simple!

    And it says “a party to.”….. Global TV is obviouly, at least a “party to” this scheme. Self written Disclaimers to violate and receive a “pay off” from a Criminal Code violation, I would argue, does not “hold water.”

    I believe it can be successfully argued that Global T.V. is legally responsible as the “enabler” of this illegal lottery.

    It it too bad a “socially concerned” lawyer does not offer an opionion or take up this case.

    dave – CBNow

  78. Hi

    I just wanted to say I was equally outraged after a few scam puzzles i’ve seen, and wanted to see them shut down like in Quebec. At this point, I would be equally happy to see Global shut down due to bankruptcy too for partaking in this.

    I wrote the CRTC as well and got the same canned response from global too. I’m glad to see i’m not the only one writing in, and hopefully if lots of people do that (or if some other media could blow it up ahem in an investigation, W5? CTV?), maybe it could put global under media/public scrutiny.

  79. I have personally been on CTV W5 in a story involving charity corruption and the reprehensible “ripping off” of mentally challenged kids, a number of years ago.

    I was also on CBC Marketplace February 06, 2009. We were exposing a pyramid scheme disguised as “Network Marketing.” (this illegal gambling scheme is simply disguised as a “harmless contest.”)

    If you want to draw attention to this scam, just get a group together, get some pickets signs, call the media and lay a complaint with police.

    dave – CBN

  80. I was also on Global TV many years ago exposing goverment corruption. That’s another reason why I am so “pissed” at Global that over the years they have degenerated to this.

    Peter Trueman former Global TV News anchor at the time, responsible for getting my story on the air, well know for his moral views, would “roll over in his grave” to observe what Global T.V. has become.

    dave – CBNow

  81. I didn’t delete any posts, Lisa. There is one from you on the other post above this one. If one here didn’t get through, please post again. Thanks! I (and I’m sure others) appreciate your unique perspective!

    And Dave, thanks for the additional details. It’s sad that this stuff still goes on despite some exposure. Network marketing is another horrible scam I wish would go away and stop harming people. Keep fighting the good fight.

  82. Thanks for your post Mike…appreciated..
    Obviously my post didn’t go through – apologies!

    Will keep informed how things are going over here – and an eye on your one too..

    On this end there are more, and more, people ringing in….and the ones that find our board are delighted…as it keeps them from commenting on the show as it goes out!


  83. For those who have missed it or just read the end of the threads pics of some puzzles are posted on I may have pasted answers in the pics and/or included them in square brackets as part of the file name. They will also appear in the twitter account.
    Of course, I accept no responsibility for the accuracy of the answers which you can use AT YOUR OWN RISK if you so wish.

  84. At the moment the puzzle is a count the triangle game, everyone so far has guessed every number between the 1 and 28 range (plus 72, 55 and 39), the answer should be correctly 25 as three people have guessed, but as aforementioned, they start the countdown in order to pressure more people into calling, then the talk host begs for extra time, then it’s like sudden death, countdown, ‘last chance’, ‘running out of time’, ‘final chance/last person’, then end of game no one won. What was the answer? 46. That’s not even a logical plausibility. The guy even said he received several answers including 41, 42, 43, etc, which weren’t even mentioned anywhere throughout the show, and contradicts this later at the end by saying the closest answer was 41. Then they moved on to the easy puzzle (find the different picture), no one calls for 750$ + 4250$ bonus except until the very last second (waiting for like 30 minutes), and the winner still doesn’t get the bonus obviously. Huge scam.

    I didn’t call, resisted the temptation to be scammed out of a fake 1500$ + 3500$ bonus bogus prize. I’m pretty sure the entire show is scripted, I absolutely don’t see how someone would be dumb enough to guess the number 14 after it was said a few hundred times already. They also keep stating there were 43 winners this year; according to their website there was only 34. So much discrepancy, why is this show even allowed to air?

  85. Hey everyone,

    In Canada here. I think a lot of poor Canadians got scammed tonight, myself included. The puzzle in question was a complicated and uncommon “how many triangles” puzzle with a photo of Megan Fox to the right of it. The slug line underneath explicitly said “HOW MANY TRIANGLES IN THE PUZZLE”. So, this being my first time seeing this program, I thought well this is a money grab but people are calling and I figured out the answer fairly easily.

    On top of that, nobody was giving my answer. I checked and rechecked, calling the number, and they actually SELECTED ME.

    Now, you can call these people 25 times and actually NOT get through AND get charged $50. (25 is the limit per phone number)

    So I gave my answer, which was 24 triangles, and he said no. I was so shocked and wondering how that was possible. As other people were calling in giving random answers, many going 25-31 after me, all wrong.. I was really trying to re-examine the puzzle, thinking maybe there was some optical illusion I missed. Well wouldn’t you know, nobody got the right answer! He pushed it up to $1500 by the end! So what was the answer? 46!! I spent so long trying to figure out how, how could that be possible? Then it hit me! They scammed everyone.

    Because, I noticed during the show that the random Megan Fox picture which to most people, just looked like eye candy, was actually PHOTOSHOPPED to have realistic-looking triangle crystals on her dress. I know this because I found the original photo on google, and there was no crystals/diamonds. So, the triangle puzzle had 24 triangles and the Megan Fox picture had 22. Totalling 46. Except nobody knew that she was part of the puzzle! Why would she be? The puzzle is the puzzle and Megan Fox is just a picture! If they said in the slug line “HOW MANY TRIANGLES IN THE PICTURE”, a few people would have clued in! Nobody would waste their $50 answer on a hunch that Megan Fox’s dress was part of the puzzle.

    Absolute carney-style con right there, except they make oooodles more money at our expense. They are bottom feeding crooks that do this across dozens of countries at minimal expense.

    To those wondering though, they don’t script it and don’t know people’s answers before they go on live. They sort of just connect you after a short wait, what they do scam us on is how many people they actually connect. People spend $50 per night calling, maybe more if they use two phones! And don’t get through! And they sit there with the easy puzzles not accepting calls, letting people call over and over, letting the money rake in, and RIGHT before they shut down the show for the night, they let one person get through and win a $500 prize or something.

    I feel like such a sucker and an idiot! Megan Fox apparently is a puzzle when you photoshop diamonds onto her dress and put her next to a real puzzle. Who knew?

  86. True about the Jan 16th show about the triangles,

    I watched the show in HD, and I also noticed that all the lines except for 1 were well connected on the puzzle. Giving them hidden avenues to have multiple answers, because that one line was not fully making contact, it looked like about 5 pixels, but clearly not connected; something your drafting instructor would take marks of on your drafting print out.

    As well (I did not make a picture, I hope someone did) I really could not count more than 25 triangles allowing for that “incomplete line” which counts for -3 triangles. Having them at 46 is outraging – why didn’t they make it 42, at least I would’ve said “Ahhh, just like the answer to ultimate question, Hehehe”; and didn’t attempt to call them to call host a F@G on live night television. So I pick up my cell dial the short number expecting to get on hold (There was no comprehensive explanation for the phone system at all by the host on the show; there may have been a legal print at the beginning of the show, which I have missed). The call is answered by a machine thanking me for calling, and goes silent; so I’m sitting there like for the next 10 seconds…then I took at my cell and what do you – it totally looks like the call dropped. So I call again and the damn machine tells me to keep trying and “you’re almost there =D”

    Trick me once, shame on you, trick me twice, …=(
    Keep posting your stories, I really would lik to see people bring this business down, same with TXT “subscription” services, but at least those give you the whole business model in 30 seconds.

    Play TV Canada will make $66 millions if they get every Canadian to call at least once, don’t let this happen!

  87. To HK who wrote January 16, 2010 at 4:01 am “So much discrepancy, why is this show even allowed to air?”…

    You ask a very interesting common sense question …

    The explanation is actually quite simple: This scam is just another version of indictable offense under sec. 206 (1)(e) of the Criminal Code. Now, believe it or not RCMP officers, government personnel, even personnel in the Tax Department – Revenue Canada, politicians, and even, we have found at least one Ontario prosecutor have conspired with international criminals and are perpetrating variations of these same gambling frauds from high end, hotel conference rooms, service club meeting halls, even from rented rooms in universities recruiting their victims. Billions are being illegally scammed from the unwitting the public.

    The police and government control law enforcement and prosecution: So, they simple steadfastly refuse to enforce the law or prosecute these offenders as you have obviously witnessed in this blatant and abhorrent scheme very thinly masked as a contest operating for years.

    In support of this conspiracy 1) We have a judgment from the Ontario Superior Court you can read on the CBC Marketplace website or our website . It is also available several places on the Internet. On the show you can watch the scam captured by CBC hidden cameras. 2) I personally have pictures of an RCMP officer in his red parade uniform and two uniformed Niagara Regional Police participating in one of these frauds and 3) In January 2006 MACLEANS magazine wrote a detailed story about Canadian fraud and the lack of enforcement by the RCMP. There is a picture of a Mountie, his back turned, and the caption… “The RCMP is turning its back on white collar crime ….and failing to snag fraudsters”

    (MacLean’s Magazine January 30 2006) [Click on the picture of the Mountie in red, left upper corner]

    Now, we have far more extensive evidence of the corruption of police and government that allows scams like “Play Canada” to exist untouched by authorities, but these three and the fact it out there on right on national television speaks for itself.

    dave – CBNow

    p.s. The opportunity for abuse is significant. Did anyone notice on the “Cat Game”….. for the bonus answer he holds a multi-page notepad, the answer supposedly on the next page he turns. So, why is it necessary to have a multi-page common note pad if their is only one correct answer?

    Suppose the next page happened to be the person’s correct birth date…. Like “dealing off the bottom of a deck,” all he would have to do is flip two pages or more to pass the correct answer.

    The whole thing is literlaly an absolute criminal fraud

  88. You will find this on the Play Tv Canada Website.

    “No Purchase or Payment Necessary To Enter or Win. Entrants must be 18 years of age or older at the time of entry to participate and be legal residents of Canada. Void where prohibited by law.”


    This of course is an outright lie. There is no way you enter and have a chance to win unless you pay a telephone charge out of which these international racketeers launder the money.

    The telephone companies knowingly or unwittingly are acting as “bookies” in this illegal gambling scheme.

    This would be a much easier case of illegal gambling to describe to a court than the Treasure Traders International – Business in Motion case.

    A classic case of international money-laundering and racketeering. And that is without consideration to the fraud within the game. It Is just that simple!!!

    dave – CBNow

  89. We have had the biggest insult ever! Last week playtv played a Matchstick Game for 3 hours – (imagine all the people who were redialing, and the ones who got through occassionaly) – we on our boards kept highlighting it…And tonight..Glory of Glory they resumed….And the answer was a scam (2185 move two matches) ANSWER (and of Course nobody won) 2^1 (very badly written looks to me like a badly written V)E5 …now where did that E come from and all the calls they got. And it was second time round also. Can say no more…

  90. Hi to all in this blog,

    I got a bill from Bell a month back for making 14 calls to playtv and managed talking to them to remove these charges as the calls were not made. They removed the charged and today I get a notice of outstanding amt. for 31.50 for making 14 calls in 20mins time frame. I called up the fastrack – global 1800 no. and talked to them and they say that these 14 calls were made from my bell phone. I tried to tell them that @ 1:30 am there is no one awake to make the calls, but they would just not listen.
    I’m very sure these calls were not made by me or any family members at 1:30am and do not want to pay this amt. of 31.50. It’s not a big amt., but why pay if I/we have not made any calls.

    Any help/ comments would really be appreciated.


  91. Sharing my information with others:
    I received my Bell bill with 24 calls to PlayTv on Dec 11, @ 3:00 AM in the morning and there was no one awake to call Play TV. More over my family members and myself didn’t even know what is Play TV. Now I know.
    Looking @almost $50.00 charge.

    Called Bell, managed to convince to get a credit of the amount. Hopefully they will not charge back on my next month bill.
    Also, requested Bell to block my 900 numbers.

    This is a huge ring and something need to be done before innocents customers gets ripped off.

  92. Neel,
    Do’nt be suprised if you recv a bill next month from Fastack Global regarding your outstanding amt. This is what happened to me. Totally agree with you and others that something got to be done. A big scam for ripping customers.

  93. Has anyone collected their winnings recently or ever? I called in once, never got thru, time was expired thou.
    Now is my number in their directory and be billed for not even calling like others? (Sat Jan 23 4:10am)

  94. Does anyone have a copy of the Jan. 9 “Matchstick” scam episode? I too complained to CanWest and received a standard looking, innaccurate reply letter which stated (among other blatant lies): “Please note there are crawls at the bottom of the screen in addition to verbal mentions made continually throughout the telecast informing viewers that once they decide to call the 900 number, they have 18 seconds to hang up without being charged.”
    I certainly don’t remember hearing or seeing anything about “18 seconds”, even if there was, it was not “continually” but it was late so perhaps I missed it. This was just one example of unbelievable hogwash in their letter – obviously whomever wrote the letter either didn’t watch the episode or is being compensated in some way by the PlayTV scammers. No other explanation.
    If you have this episode, could you please check this and let me know in this blog.
    Thanks in advance.

  95. I watched this show tonight and it does seem like a scam with all of the callers and stuff but i know this already that they just take from a pool and there its really really hard to get through…

    the one with triangles and the numbers inside them was pretty hard… tried to do it in my head during the show but didnt get it.. then afterwards, i drew it out, did it on paper and i got the right answer they had :(…

    oh well, who knows if i woulda actually got thru.. damn scams.. only like 30ish ppl get through out of thousands so i guess its not a real loss..

    but this one was not a pure scam as the way to get the answer is pretty easy when u actually right it out and do it…

  96. We should all make steps to getting this show banned.
    Why does the gov. license this?

    Why wouldn’t the gov encourage school or retraining or saving money instead of pilferring us, we would be stonger as people.

  97. To dan

    This is simply another version of an illegal scam in violation of the Canadian Criminal Code sec 206 (1)(e) re: illegal gambling, and section 380 CCC fraud.

    The answer to your question … “Why does the gov. license this?”…..

    The government does not license this… it is illegal! The government and police authorities simply refuse to enforce the laws prohibiting these scams…. which then begs the question…. “Why would they refuse to enforce the law?”

    And the simple answer to that renders this whole corrupt system abundantly clear; money – billions of dollars in illegal profits … Police and government personnel perpetrate their own variations of these very same, “ROB From Peter to Pay Paul schemes”.

    So you what you are are looking at now, Dan are the police, government and now, as you can clearly observe, the media blatantly involved in these frauds and being “paid off” by international money-laundering racketeers. It is just that simple.

    A detailed explanation of these various scams, the originators and perpetrators and why they persist, is revealed in this recent radio interview with Robert FitzPatrick of Charlotte North Carolina.

    dave – CBNow

  98. I phoned in On Jan 1 and won $120.00, I watch this all the time and only phone in when it is a easy answer or you can give a wrong answer. I got my $120.00 check in the mail and it cleared through my bank, Plus I have never been billed on my phone number for any calls. I think maybe I don’t get charged for the calls cause I use a land line from telus with free calls across Canada. Be smart don’t phone in to the puzzles with no real good answer. Tonight it is a picture with Penenope Cruz with a Triangle on the corner of it ,with little triangles in side the larger one, but if you really look hard her outfit is covered in Triangles and you have to quess how many triangles, it is impossible to answer, so don’t phone.

  99. All 900 numbers have charges attached to them. The person who says she won $120.00 and did not get charged with any calls is a plant by PLay TV Canada on this blog to get more people to call. That show is run out of Pennsylvania so the free calls in Canada does not fly. That show is a 100% rip-off and that is all there is to it. Anyone who is foolish enough to play their games deserves to lose. Only one call per show is actually an outside caller. It is the one at the end of the show when they take ten minutes to actually let someone thru. This show has to be absolutely boycotted.

  100. 8. Prizes/Bonus Prizes

    The prizes for each Quiz, the exact amount of cash prizes and the prize descriptions and retail values of non-cash prizes, will be announced by the Host at the commencement of the Quiz. No cash or other substitution, assignment or transfer of prize permitted for non-cash prizes except that Sponsor reserves the right to substitute a prize of equal or greater value in the event that an offered prize becomes unavailable. Certain Quizzes will also include a bonus prize that will be announced at the outset of any Quiz. Any Contestant who has correctly solved the Quiz, in which a bonus prize is offered, will be eligible to compete for the bonus prize in an additional Quiz (the “Bonus Quiz”) without any risk to the prize already won. The Host will administer the Bonus Quiz on air. If the Contestant provides the correct answer to the Bonus Quiz, the bonus prize for that Quiz will be awarded. If the answer is incorrect, no bonus prize will be awarded for that Quiz. Prizes will only be delivered in Canada. Any prize that is undeliverable will be deemed forfeited and the prize will not be awarded. Winner payments are processed within 4 to 8 weeks. All federal, provincial and local taxes are the responsibility of the winners.

    9. Winner Verification

    Prize winners will be required to complete and return an Affidavit of Eligibility and a Liability and Publicity Release (unless otherwise prohibited by law) within ten (10) days of attempted notification. Winners will be required to provide proof of identity, age and ownership of the phone number that was used to register. Mobile phones and landline phones may not be shared for purposes of entry into a Quiz. Once an online or text message entry has been received for any Quiz, all subsequent registrations will be counted against the monthly limit for that phone number. In the event of a dispute as to the identity of an Entrant, the authorized account holder of the phone number used to register will be deemed the Entrant. For purposes of the Promotion, the “authorized account holder” of a phone is the natural person in whose name the phone number has been issued and to whom the services are billed.

    WHAT A JOKE!!!!!!!!!!!

  101. Damn sure, its a scam. I tried once and after somebody picked up on the other side, announced that $ 1.99 will be charged from my phone bill, and just so the line cut off. Its just a shrewd way of making money. Somebody should stop this kind of scam.

  102. I think it is a sort of FALSE ADVERTISEMENT due to fact that I live in Ontario Sault Ste Marie and can not phone in. I called customer service as well and the person who answered said the line was busy when I was getting the recording This call can not be completed as dialed. So some one explain to me how it can be PLAY TV CANADA when people from Ontario can not phone in or just because their with a phone service of their preference. To me the show is all but FALSE ADVERTISEMENT!

  103. People need to speak out to the Press get this into the news papers and bring them to justice for costing others money when they can not get through….

  104. I’m glad to see that I’m not the only one who is pissed off at this f—ing show. Luckily, I ‘register’ online (for free) to try to get on the show…which happened once……ONCE. I didn’t win…but I think you could have guessed that.

  105. About that cat question! I watched that entire thing. Worked out the numbers, even though I will never call. The question was the same as above, but one of the cats had ran away (so maybe a slight variation on the question). Regardless of the ridiculous answer they gave, the answer was ODD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! 1329 was the answer. ODD???? It doesnt even make sense!!! They never mentioned a cat amputee or anything. I want to slit these guys’ throats!!!!!! Where do they film this shit? I dont know how they can sleep at night, honestly.

  106. J.R.Mebo, on 12th January post, has lots of Irish play tv pics.
    if you check in there you will see lots of our answers….our games are very similar to yours…

    Be great if someone at your end posted answers to your games as well….

    So someone will win. Hopefully before they find this site!!!

    It’s a massive rip off……

    We have had great publicity in the Irish papers…and lots of complaints upheld.. But people are still phoning in, amount hasn’t decreased. But must say they are very careful with their games now (for a few days) anyway…Also we had a voiceover detailing the complaints 3 times from the Broadcasting Authority a few minutes before the show came on.

    We are getting there!

  107. Well, I’d like to join the ranks of those who were fooled be the triangle scheme. It was on global tonight. Viewed it for the first time, and since I’m usually good at puzzles I tried a few times. Got through once but called several times with my revised answer when I saw my “mistake”. I would not have guessed 61 even if they told me the woman in the picture was part of the puzzle.
    Hope to see this scum visit Bernie Madoff and co.

    cc. global media (your there too)

  108. This is a huge scam….I called in numerous times with the right answer, and they told me I was wrong.

    DO NOT CALL THIS….huge scam….I mean, I thought Global would have better shows to air…apparently, they need the money to air this crap.


    This is as bad as those emails that tell you that you are going to get paid 1 triilion dollars if you give the company your account information.

    Also, I hate the girl who is on February 6th, she sucks, brrr!!!

  109. Everyone P.O. with this abhorrent scam call your local MP & MPP local police and the RCMP.

    But, dont go as far as burning down the office to the tune of 5mil like someone did in Mississauga Ontario a few days ago.

    dave – CBNow

  110. Hi
    from BC, Canada you cannot get through on a land line when trying to phone a 900 number. A message comes on stating that the number called is a blocked number. Same goes for Fido. So Shaw and Fido a big thank you for being “on top of the scam game”. A big ripoff.. The program should be cancelled.

  111. Gezz thats werid i won 500.00 last month and i received the money in less then two weeks! Maybe i was just lucky?

  112. Yes BOB you got paid in an illegal gambling scheme. Just like Chicago in the 30’s only now more subtle and involving a corrupted news media who should be exposing the scam not assisting in perpetrate it!!!

    dave – CBNow

  113. I do not play, nor do I intend on getting involved.

    I had the TV on late one night (morning) in mid January and this program came on. Knowing it’s a scam (C’mon folks, 900 numbers?), I jotted down the puzzle – one of the triangle counting games, and put it aside for later. I waited ’til the end of the program for the answer, which they showed as “76”. I put it aside for later to see if I could figure it out.

    I was up late watching the Olympics on Friday, Feb. 19 and switched over to Global to see if they had another puzzle I could mess with on my own, later. They repeated the EXACT same triangle puzzle from Jan.

    I had to wait for the answer just to prove how much of a scam this whole thing is. One caller said the answer was “76”. You guessed it, his answer was wrong!. At the end of the game they showed it as “72”.

    Now I ask you, how is this crap still on the air?

    Be advised – BEWARE!

  114. As regards person winning 500,000 – ignore. He is a plant.
    He probably got 50dollars out of it for allowing his number to be used. We have our plants here in Ireland too…and over the months i’ve copped two of them……


  115. Hi Willy

    Did you miss the posting above yours???

    You question….. “Now I ask you, how is this crap still on the air?

    This puzzle game is a gambling fraud sanctioned under the Canadian Criminal Code section 206 (1)(e).

    The government and police, from the RCMP on down in this country, along with many of the media, have become so corrupted and enamored with respect to myriad gambling fraud in their various forms being perpetrated across this nation under section 206 (1)(e) CCC that they have become, not only the enablers & facilitators of these various illegal and fraudulent gambling schemes; they have also become participants.

    From RCMP and police on down, government personnel, even within the Federal tax department, Corrections Canada, even the prosecutor’s office, and as an example of municipal corruption, at least one government employee on the board overseeing more then 70,000 low cost housing units in Toronto Ontario, and as you can see yourself a National Network, Global TV, are perpetrating a variation of this same gambling fraud. It is a persuasive and systemic problem.

    FYI, a Global TV personality and the wife of an RCMP officer were charged some years ago for perpetrating a pyramid scheme under this section of the law: Now the whole damn network is in it.

    So, enforcement of the law has simply been suspended by the police, the office of the prosecuting attorney, and government agencies responsible for ensuring such laws ARE enforced thus enabling & facilitating these fraudulent gambling schemes. Not restricted to the one example I pointed out, many in the media are involved in these schemes, and those not involved, obviously remaining silent on the issue refusing to publish an exposé on this violation of provisions of the Criminal Code (at least none that have come to our organization’s attention).

    Again, as in the 30’s in Chicago, illegal gambling flourishes here in Canada under the protection, through the lack of enforcement, by corrupt authorities. The authorities should be entering upon the offices of Global TV arresting those who are providing the facilities necessary to run this gambling scheme. But like Chicago in the 30’s where authorities had an unhealthy and it must be added illegal “respect” for Al Capone, the authorities in Canada have an unhealthy and it must be added illegal “respect” for Global TV and other media with many in positions of authority making hundreds of thousands even millions on the same frauds while the rest willfully turn a “blind eye” to the situation.

    Click on this link to the MACLEAN’S story on white-collar crime. Says a lot.

    “The Mounties give up

    The RCMP is walking away from serious investigations, and failing to snag fraudsters, drug traffickers and white collar criminals.”

    And after all, if government and police authorities were to go after Global TV, long before the charges were laid and long before their first court appearance, Global TV has the power and the facilities to immediately expose, nationally and world-wide, the private gambling frauds under the same sec. 206 (1)(e) CCC RE: pyramid/Ponzi schemes etc, of police and government personal let alone the lawyers, accountants, financial advisors, business people, trusted church ministers etc, perpetrating these same illegal gambling schemes and the fraudulent telemarketing all across this nation by police authorities and other badge organizations. Like many other illegal issues, and authoritarian corruption, it is all tied together with the tentacles reaching everywhere.

    A. It’s…. “you scratch our backs we’ll scratch yours” ….

    Q. “Now I ask you, how is this crap still on the air?”

    Note: It is unbelievable this forum can actually exist without comment, pro or con, from the media or authority. Simply ignored! Think about that folks!!! This is the truth …… This is reality.

    dave – CBNow

  116. I smell something fishy about this show. I’m watching it right now as i type this. The question is add up all the numbers in the triangles. The answer i got was 338 or 331 if you don’t include the written seven letter. Some callers got the same answer but they were wrong. I tried calling in once just now but it just said “this call cost you two dollars” and then it hung up on me, so I didn’t call back. This show is really suspicious. Good thing I didn’t call another time. Now as I am watching this, I suspect the callers are even fake. At one point the lady asked the caller, “How many times have you tried calling?” and then he answered “Only once !” By doing this, people would think it is easy to call in and people would try. I am so angry that they scammed two dollars from me. I know it isn’t much, but think how many people would call and times that by 2. Some callers have answers I don’t even know how they got it. IT IS A SCAM EVERYONE ! The lady keeps saying best of luck ! But why do you need luck when its a simple logic question. THIS MUST BE STOP IMMEDIATELY.

  117. im watching it too lol I figured it to be 338 or 331 until someone called in and got it wrong. i think i got it but i dont know. i dont want to get charged for not getthing thru.

  118. this is ridiculous. how can some callers have guesses such as 100, 131 and 3 when there’s clearly a 200. SUSPICIOUS ??

  119. I am watching it now too and it’s totally a scam. Hopefully the CRTC will shut it down as it gives puzzles a bad rep.

  120. 3 if you forget about the little triangle at the bottom with the 70, 3 is the only number in all of the other triangles

  121. I’m watching the triangle one too.
    If just adding the numbers straight, I get 1605, or 1577 if not counting the “seven”. If adding each digit, I get 1673.

  122. Hey Tommy Tam

    What a good idea…….


    Now, who will “step up to the plate” and …. “Tie The Bell ON THE CATS NECK”… and who will do something in support of that effort and in the process become a powerful force for social change!!!

    Complaining about the problem, and recognizing the self-evident, won’t get the job done!!!

    The cat in the story still roams around – no “Bell On His Neck.”

    What a classic modern portrayal of the old fable.

    dave – CBNow

  123. Hey CrimeBustersNow,

    For your information, I am just about to write a letter to Global to complain about the show. Just like what the other guy did in earlier posts.
    If everyone does it, it “might” be able to work. However, the sad truth is that I know not everyone is going to do it. But, its worth a try to shut this scam down.

    1404 = 5+28+25+70+3+200+seven

  124. You have to be delirious or in some sort of trance to even conceive that this show is for real. They take 2 calls a show and that’s it!! There is no random picking of calls. Every call you make will be billed to you whether they answer or not. The calls you make are actually being placed to Asia where something like this is perfectly legal. You are dialing a 900 number. WAKE UP!!!!! All 900 numbers are scams. Anyone who does not believe this should look it up on google. At least you don’t have to pay for that. All you have to do is read CONNED’s comment and look for the writing between the lines. It is such a blatently obvious scam. People really have to get smarter than this!!!

  125. “All federal, provincial and local taxes are the responsibility of the winners.”
    This is an excerpt from the rules of Play TV Canada.
    All LEGAL lotteries or games in Canada are taxed by the government. The tax is paid by the lottery or game provider. In this case it would be Global. The money you receive (like that would ever happen) would already have been taxed by virtue of the money taken in for said lottery or game. That is Canadian law. All lottery and game winnings are tax free to the winners. That one line is proof enough that this is a scam. If enough people just watch something else at that time of the morning they will be forced to take the show off the air. Canadians are smarter than this. Could you imagine having to pay the tax on your winnings at a casino? Not in Canada. Why do you think so many Americans come up here to gamble? Or paying a tax on the 3 million dollar home you just won on the Princess Margaret Hospital draw. Not in Canada. Don’t help make this a country of people that don’t know any better. Stop watching this show or better yet, boycott Global. That is the problem with a non Canadian owned company. You will never see a scam like this perpetrated by a Canadian owned company.

  126. Back at you TOMMY TAM

    I can assure you from 6 years of experience fighting economic fraud perpetrated by the upper echelon in this country; the corrupt RCMP, politicians, lawyers, accountants, doctors, prosecutors, school board officials, even church ministers and many of the media, that it will take more than filing complaints.

    But don’t get me wrong, play their their reprehensible stupid games, and file lots of complaints as a “recorded trail.” But it takes a lot more than that. I personally complained to authorities over two years ago about this scam.

    The game authority play is “stalling:”….. Stalling!!!…. Lots of “foot dragging” “Red Tape,” B.S. misinterpretation and maladministration of law etc; for years, and years, as has been going on with this particular self evident illegal Canadian fraudulent gambling game; all the while the crooks “clean-up” making millions and everyone’s “palm is greased.”

    It is just a deliberately devised and evolved corrupt system, to facilitate the transfer of billions of dollars to many corrupt upper echelon in this country, while the government “grabs” taxes on the billions in the losses of the unwitting public duped into these illegal activities….. So, why the hell would the government want to kill “the golden goose” and shut it down immediately, or at all for that matter???

    The government and police authorities take no initiative in closing these crimes down. In fact they won’t do a damn thing when the facts are shoved in their faces. The few scams they deal with, and those that collapse on their own are only dealt with after a huge public outcry, or complaints from foreign countries.

    Canadian authorities do little or nothing, allowing these frauds to continue; or by the time they do take action to close one down, the criminals have made enough money and have already devised another scam “ready to go” or simply “invest their illegal millions like any other lottery winner” and the cycle continues Ad Infintum.

    A prosecutor was quoted by a lawyer in the Toronto Star as stating…. “I am too busy with murders and home invasion to worry about white-collar crime”……. and that’s 10’s of billions in white-collar crime annually in this country. So, you should be able to easily sense the attitude you will ultimately come up against by authorities in this a scam.

    When dealing with the government and these international money-laundering crooks, it’s necessary to “head them off at the pass,” so to speak, not follow them into “box canyon” through their B.S., deliberately drawn out, complaints procedures.

    I have already been informed by the “toothless” CRTC that theirs’ is an “advisory role” and they are powerless to shut the scam down. And, Global TV is simply arrogant and willfully blind, but is, after all, making money on this illegal scheme.

    And again as I have been alleging for years the police aren’t interested in shutting down these scams because they’re running their own version of the same illegal gambling schemes.

    The problem is systemic. This Play TV Canada, an illegal gambling scheme, is only one of myriad symptoms of this systemic problem. That’s the truth…… That is the reality of the situation.

    God, I hate continually watching concerned, “right-thinking,” decent members of the public, for decades, continually put through this B.S at the hands of arrogant, ignorant, corrupt, international, money-laundering racketeering criminals, and equally arrogant, ignorant misleading corrupt authorities.

    dave – CBNow

    p.s. Check this link just in last night … it is all part of the same intertwined systemic illegal problem.
    In the nex link even the Queen of England’s own Guard was involved in the same illegal gambling system. That’s a real story: Security cameras moved to facilitate the perpetrating of the fraud, including supervisors as the enablers “played off” protecting subordinates.

  127. Welcome – WAKE UP EVERYBODY!!!!

    I would have to take umbrage with one statement of your otherwise great posting.

    “That is the problem with a non Canadian owned company. You will never see a scam like this perpetrated by a Canadian owned company.”

    The fact is, thousands of Canadian “shell corporations” under myriad disguises, are currently perpetrating versions of this same “Rob Peter to pay Paul” gambling scheme sanctioned under the same provisions of the Criminal Code…. sections 206 (1)(e) and 380 Fraud.

    dave -CBNow

  128. Dave is right. The biggest “shell corporation” is our government. More than half of the OLGC lotteries are pure scams.

  129. CrimeBustersNow,

    You know what. I couldn’t agree more with you. There is not much we can do, as the rich are the powerful members of this capitalistic society. Profit, profit and profit is the motto. This is plain ol’ capitalism folks. They can use their money to manipulate whoever and whatever they want. What we all need is a government that is not corrupt, but temptation of getting filthy rich always make them “cross the line”.
    So, What do you suggest we can do ??

  130. Our link here in Ireland – PlayTV for discussion only – has had quite a bit of success…Lots of complaints made to BAI were upheld. We recently had some articles written about it in our newspapers, and comments on radio. TV3 (opposition to RTE our national channel) is renting the 3 hours to Telemedia every night. It comes from Hungary with Irish presenters.

    Since the publicity calls had fallen fact at the end of the show a few nights ago there were zero callers. They must have phoned a plant to give them the winnings.
    Also they have a second chance winner, for all people who rang in regardless of getting through or not.. At 3am they have woken up quite a few people recently and they could hardly remember ringing in.

    It’s about a week since we have had newspaper articles…and the calls are starting to get higher.

    Cats on the Bus hasn’t been played for a long time…as a complaint was upheld against it…as it is an ambigious game.

    We have our plants as well here….

    I was reading a comment about Megan Fox and a triangle game on your site….and the same one came up on our PlayTV a few nights later. I posted the answer (46) and someone reading our site rang in and won 2000euro.
    So thanks to that person for his posting.

    J.R.Mebo has a link with all our puzzles on it (and solutions) It might be worth your while looking at it – the link is posted on January 12th.

    Last night one of our posters got the triangle question right..and said he was going to try and ring in. (Our posts are being read by the crowd in Hungary as we post). Before he got a chance of trying the game was pulled. They knew he would persist as he did before. What a scam.

    This is just to keep you in touch with what is happening here. You are not the only ones with this pyramid scam!

  131. Hello from Ireland,

    I think our PLAYTV is being axed. After all our boardies complaints, (to Broadcasting Authority Ireland). and most upheld, the news seems to be that TV3 are finished renting them the 3 hours each night. TV3 will then be fined. It took a lot of newspaper articles, our boardies with complaints etc. to finally get justice for the public for this rip off show.

    I hope you in Canda follow suit.

    Will be in touch with the final news…(we are not sure if tonight is last night or March 13th).

  132. Well PLAYTV IRELAND exited our screens for good at 3.15a.m. this morning.

    A lot of complaints were made to the appropriate authorities, and most of them upheld. We also got publicity on radio and in some newsapers.

    So I wish for all of you in Canda that you will see an end to this scam of a game soon.


  133. Mike, just a drop in the ocean, I’m afraid.
    One of the fruits of our labor was the broadcasting authorities decision about misleading and deceptive games. e.g. had an answer of 54 back in January. It was on again last night with the real answer of 27.

    Off topic: (you may want to move or delete)
    Just thought I’d mention a couple of books which I enjoy and can start reading them again now PlayTV has gone.
    1: The HAB Theory – A W Eckert
    2: Atlas Shrugged – Ayn Rand

  134. Quote from Irish Newspaper (7 March 2010):
    Plunge in calls killed off ‘Play TV’
    Ken Foxe, Public Affairs Correspondent

    THE number of people entering a controversial TV3 quiz show had dwindled so much that the station was forced to call back entrants who had entered the competition online.

    Play TV, which has now been scrapped by the station, had 26 complaints against it upheld by the Broadcasting Authority, and its predecessor the Broadcasting Complaints Commission.

    A decision was made in recent weeks to jettison the show and Play TV vanished from the scheduling. TV3 then made an official announcement that the service was being dropped following enquiries by the Sunday Tribune.

    One viewer, who had a number of complaints against the service upheld, said he had monitored the service in its final weeks and the number of calls being received, as posted on the show’s website, was in terminal decline.

    “The call levels had dropped from around 200 per minute to around 50 to 60 per minute for the first hour in recent times,” he said.

    “After the first hour, call levels were persistently below 10 per minute with periods where there were no calls per minute being recorded.

    “They had got to the stage where they had no callers at the end of the show so they had to call back people who had entered via the website.”

    In its early days, TV3 had been getting up to 200 calls per minute, which at €1.50 for each call, was offering potential revenue of up to €18,000 per hour.

    “The service was very popular with viewers but recently viewership to the service has declined,” said a TV3 statement.

    The Broadcasting Authority found that the operation of Play TV had been “misleading and unfair”.

    March 7, 2010

  135. What has been omitted is that it is illegal and these international crooks should be brought to justice not rewarded with thousands per hr. all the time they can get away with it, then free to move on with their millions to a new fraudulent scheme.

    dave . CBNow

  136. ->Dave:
    I suppose your comment applies to my post.
    I didn’t know you were knowledgeable in European Law and Irish law in addition to your own.
    PlayTV and their broadcaster partner were treading a very thin line which they adjusted to satisfy complaints. However we DID get them off.
    The newspaper article only tells a small part of the story.

  137. p.s. If the proceeds of crime are not seized and some kind of retribution imposed, these crooks simply start up another scam and use the victims money to pay high priced lawyers to attempt to pull off every “trick in the book.”

    Observe this trial only last Friday, and the games they play. The Judge in this criminal case, on her own, found the precedent setting decision of Judge Quigley I obtained when I was unsuccessfully sued for defamatory liable which I have mentioned here several times; the judge in that case referring to section 206 (1)(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code.

    This Canadian Crook corrupted his English cousin to join his scam and set up in London England, which was quickly shut down by the English Courts. His cousin pursued by authorities, left his family for the millions and the “fast life” of wine, women etc, his Canadian cousin had to offer and came to my corrupted country where authorities do little or nothing about international, white-collar, money-laundering cooks, liars, gangsters and racketeering thieves.

    He is now dead, his kids without a dad, and two of our innocent citizens crippled for life. And his single cousin, the fraudster convicted for criminal negligence causing death.

    Through our world-wide organization, I deal with the results of these crooks, and the sad stories from their victims every day. That’s the truth….. That’s the reality.

    Sentencing Delayed in Fatal Car Crash Case – Click>–sentencing-delayed-in-fatal-car-crash-case

    dave – CBNow

  138. Coming to a Canadian TV set near you

    Former Play TV Ireland. It appears Our presenters were also moonlighting on your version of Play TV.

  139. On March 8, 2010 at 7:55 pm squid wrote…

    “Coming to a Canadian TV set near you…”

    And along with myriad other fraudulent schemes ignored and even participating in by our corrupt police, government personal and main-line media…. That is the thuth….. that’s how it is.. That’s reality!!!

    dave – CBNow

  140. I’m watching it right now. its the second time I’ve seen it.
    It’s the same puzzle as last time and the answer is on the website… ” Triangle game: 1404 ” (from 27.02.2010)…

    I wonder if this is a straight up repeat?

  141. Not a repeat, im mistaken,. I wonder if they dump correct calls first? Do you have to answer b4 you are on the air does anyone kow

  142. This triangle puzzle seems to be twisted. There are a total 22 triangles, if you include the whole puzzle as one triangle, then there are 23 in total. There cannot be any more or any less. Both numbers have been called and she keeps saying that’s not a right answer!


  143. I have tried resolving similar triangles before. The way you do it is to number each small triangle. in this case from top to bottom there 8 small triangles. Then you try to different combination with the numbered triangles. That way you don’t mix up the triangles you find.

    If they include the white shades as triangles then I would call them dirty son of a bitches.

  144. remember that there are 3 triangles per triangle because theres is a white 1 behind the red 1 and a black 1 outlining it

  145. 23 normal, 8 smaller ones created by the white, and I am guessing the girls bikini bottom, the red triangle between her legs at the bottom of the screen, and she had a triangle tan line. 34, total BS.

  146. I am thinking of starting my own game and make some real cash! Canada seems like a good FREE country to do this shit on National TV and make money.

  147. I am suspecting Russell Oliver is behind all this fraudulent TV program. I had seen all those cash that the girl was holding on her hand in Russell Oliver’s annoying commercials!


  148. I watched the one with her doing the Triangle puzzle and after the show went off I noticed the same show came on 2 more times on two other feeds of the same channel. The first one had the same girl from the one with the triangle puzzle and the 2nd one just came on and it is a completely different girl

  149. I wouldn’t call discussing the answers “promoting” the game. At least it increases the chances that someone will win and put them out of a few dollars. And obviously even the people trying to play the game are frustrated with its bullshit.

    P.S. I think MAD is right. This is a vast conspiracy involving Russel Oliver, that guy with the question mark suit, and the Slap Chop dude.

  150. It’s like a casino Mike. They need winners to encourage more people to play. They won’t be “put out anything,” since all the proceeds come from those victimized.

    When things slow down, or appear to slow down, they offer $100 – $300 or more for a wrong answer. This cost them nothing as people flock to the phones for a “sure thing” (only a miserly few allowed to get through) and that of course; the pooling of this money to pay out a tiny fraction to the few “winners” is what makes this a “Rob Peter to pay Paul” illegal lottery under section 206 (1)(e) CCC that clearly (to those not brainwashed and confused) defines such schemes as PLAY TV CANADA and pyramid/Ponzi schemes.

    While many are attempting to solve the puzzle we are attacking the “game.”

    All the tricks and disclaimers to mask the fraud does not make it legal (basic principal of law … one cannot, even willingly, contract outside the law) i.e. The “trick” in pyramid schemes is to promote “a product” and call it network marketing, then generate a long and obfuscating contract full of conditions and disclaimers which when examined closely violate the law….. and properly debunked, the judge didn’t “buy” into that nonsense.

    The Judge’s ruling …….

    [13] …..He compared a schematic diagram of the operative marketing scheme used by TTI and BIM to other pyramid sales schemes that have been shut down. To all appearances, the schemes were substantially the same. Finally, Thornton drew the court’s attention to s. 206 (1)(e) of the Criminal Code….”

    That is as simple as these scams are Mike. What amazes me in this country is, that with this scam perpetrated openly on national television that there is no lawyer of conscience; not one, who will either take up this fight or even post a legal opinion backed up with his/her credentials: But there are any number of lawyers seeking out these scams and/or waiting and willing to set up these frauds, using false and misleading, obfuscating “legal” B.S., or directly participate in these fraudulent schemes…. Says volumes about our Canadian society.

    CNN and other U.S. media have no to such problem. Lawyers line up to give their opinions. But here in Canada??? Sad, very sad. As well victims of fraud in this country complain, but refuse to come together as a cohesive group to effectively fight against these schemes which are now perpetrated on even high school kids.

    But this is all part of the much larger picture. In the link below is what I have been trying to explain to my fellow citizens since 2003 when I first became aware of the destructive force of these “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” schemes that can, and will destroy the world: The common sense conclusion I reached after reading the account of the collapse of the country of Albania.

    This professional writer puts it all together in a comprehensive way I never could. It is a long, article by today’s standard of “sound bites” but relatively short, condensing as it does, years of information and study, and well worth the read. Again, that is the truth of the situation…..that, is in fact, the reality!!!

    dave – CBNow

  151. Fight bogus math, with real math. Didn’t they say there was a maximum, to the numbers of so called entries? Wasn’t it set out at $200.00 per month?

    That’ s a whopping $2,400.00 per person annually,and not really $2.00 in any real sense.

    If police don’t bust these corporations , with court ordered refunds to every single person scammed , then the politicians are backing it, for their 15% cut (in taxes.)

    Rogers and Bell Canada should be ashamed of themselves.So should their million dollared salaried CEOs. The Federal CRTC is asleep at the wheel. So is the Ontario Provincial Lottery and Gaming Commission.

    When I called thei Pay TV complaint/customer service line last weekend I was told thousands of calls per second were coming in . If that is so, this scam yielded :
    2000 calls per second x $2.00 =$4000.00 per second x60 seconds per minute=$240,000 per minutex60 minutes per hour=$14,400,000.per hour x how many hours ? Three hours?

    Upwards of $43 MILLION DOLLARS? Whats the government’s share at 15%?

    Jail time,people. Push for jail time …Rev Canada audits and serious jail time for the CEOs. Paying out $50.00 for goodness sake and making “winners “wait for even that much?

  152. irena de b wrote on March 14, 2010 at 12:33 am

    “…..If police don’t bust these corporations, with court ordered refunds to every single person scammed, then the politicians are backing it, for their 15% cut (in taxes.)……”

    You are absolutely right, irena de b, in your assessment of the situation….

    However ….. contrary to the statement …. “The Federal CRTC is asleep at the wheel. So is the Ontario Provincial Lottery and Gaming Commission.”

    I can assure you that in fact the government and police authorities are not “asleep at the wheel” and are fully a

  153. aware of what’s going on with these fraudulent schemes across Canada. They are simply arrogant. They have been told often enough especially in the last few years with the collapse of myriad fraudulent schemes. They know that Canadians, unlike citizens in other world countries will only complain, and they take advantage of that act: Canadians seldom take action especially against fraud, notwithstanding it is now being spread by unwitting students, even through our high schools!!!

    Scammed Canadians won’t even picket the politicians’ offices even though, for example, there are farm families who lost anywhere between $20,000 and over 1.5 million$ in the massive Ponzi scheme, Pigeon King International, many losing their farms, their children suffering, two on suicide watch and the police and government fully aware of the fraud for years. Personally I can’t believe what I witnessed in that abhorrent scam. It is the reason we do what we do. It also is mind-boggling that not one lawyer, in this this country will lend a hand and no media will investigate this obvious fraudulent scheme prying on the financially unsophisticated, and the financially desperate among others.

    dave – CBNow


    Follow the money. Rogers and Bell Canada are obviously the collection arms for this scam. They might argue that they are innocent in all of this fraud. Is that so ? Wouldn’t that be roughly akin to Revenue Canada saying that they have no responsibility for taxes they collect ,or akin to a hooker saying she has no role in a sex act? Contracts must exist with percentages/share values written down in a head office computer or file cabinet. This wasn’t a deal made on a handshake ..not in the millions of dollars.

    Bearing in mind the adage ,one criminal is a sociopath, more than one, is a conspiracy,lets follow the money some more…

    Here goes..BAIT AND SWITCH

    So,,,if a man negotiates a price with a hooker,and pays her, then she pays the hotel (bawdy house) a cut ,and her pimp another cut , can any party claim not to know whats going on ? Not in the real world they can’t . We pay Rogers , or Bell (the hookers) They pay Global TV (the hotel/bawdy house/host/enabler) and they pay the pimps (?somebody in government ? ) and there you have it.. we get a total f…ing. lol. Except we don’t at all . The hooker tells us” better luck next time.” The Rogers /Bell knowingly collect money for services not rendered.


    Then another point of law. By what daring do they blur the definition of “entry”? Can you imagine going to an Ontario Lotto booth handing them $2.00 with the expectation of getting an entry ticket (lotto ticket) and instead you face a recorded message saying OOOOHHHH you were soooohh close try again….? Were you entered into Lotto 649 , or were you bilked? Trying to enter, is very different from actually entering,Knocking on a door isnt walking into a room.


    Another technicality…. unlike games of chance where skill , education or talent have no bearing , suppose you tried to enter a qualifing race for the Olympics , or a spelling bee , something that is a real competition.. or lets say, a geometry quiz,….and you were regularly blocked from actually entering by a combination of failed phones and wrongfully programmed computers.. and billed for it? I found it interesting last weekend , that a lewd caller discussing genitalia got through, yet mathematicians couldn’t…

    I have entered pure games of chance where the luck iof the draw in a spinning charity run bin was the deciding factor. Occasionally , even there, idiotic ” rules ” surface. Sometimes you have to be present to win. Other times they have a “skill testing question” as sort of an afterthought.. Can you imagine winning a car ,and in the excitement of the moment forgetting that 2+ 2 is 4? What on earth has your math skills have to do with your luck? Or at the Exhibition (CNE) carny booths if after spending $80.00 to win a stuffed toy ?luck? they suddenly say you cant have it unless you solve some optical illusion/puzzle(?skill?)

    Blurring the rules and standards can only be intentional . And this is a classic case. If it were a real test of skill, each and every caller would either get through, or, reach a busy signal..(example radio call ins/5th caller/11th caller),with no charges added. If it were a real lottery, no skill test applies. They dont withhold 649 payouts to people who failed arithmetic.

    Thus, if its neither a game of chance nor a game of skill it is a con. If its intentionally blurred..its a con. And if they call it entertainment or amusement its a mean joke insult heaped right on top of injury. Only the CEOS of Rogers/Bell are laughing all the way to the bank.

    So the question remains…who’s brain child is this ? If we use the analogy of the hooker (Rogers and Bell Canada) choosing a prestigious hotel (Global TV) to do business out of, if you remove the hooker from the picture , there is no crime…just an empty hotel room/block of air time.


    I am forced to submit for consideration , that Global TV is less responsible for the rip offs than the cell phone carriers/money collectors. I see them as guilty of extreme poor judgement , and even continuing poor judgement as per some comments about their near bankrupt status. In fact, if Global/Can West is in financial crisis I feel sorry for them and hold Rogers/ Bell in even more contempt…taking advantage not just of john Q Public but also of panicked workers at Global / people worried for their jobs/kids/mortgages.

    I only lost $10.00 or so, with tax added at estimated $1.50 on top . But I’m still angry enough for others , including my friends who got suckered , that I’m looking for petitions to sign.


    I’ve heard there’s a web site called or… Mike…have you got any ideas? And thanks for opening this forum for us all. You sound like a good person.

    CrimeBustersNow is also very interesting read. Bravo , and thankyou to all survivors of this truly misleading and vulturous bunch.

  155. March 14, 2010 at 4:27 am irena de b wrote in part ….

    “Bearing in mind the adage, one criminal is a sociopath, more than one, is a conspiracy, let’s follow the money some more…

    So,,, if a man negotiates a price with a hooker, and pays her, then she pays the hotel (bawdy house) a cut ,and her pimp another cut , can any party claim not to know what’s going on ? Not in the real world they can’t . We pay Rogers , or Bell (the hookers) They pay Global TV (the hotel/bawdy house/host/enabler) and they pay the pimps (?somebody in government ? ) and there you have it.. we get a total f…ing. lol. Except we don’t at all . The hooker tells us” better luck next time.” The Rogers /Bell knowingly collect money for services not rendered.”

    Your analogy is “right on,” irena de b, but what I like most is your obvious focused anger and passion. Are you Canadian???…. I would suggest though, that the “prostitutes” here, just like real life, are “at the street level”; the apparent “airheads” on the show coerced, “bent” and bribed with probably more money than they could possibly earn at a real job. And the Corporations….. Global TV, the desperate pimps; and the phone companies with billions, the “cartel.”

    And you certainly are right about the intent. There is no way these well “lawyered” corporations can plead ignorance. Besides which they must certainly be aware of these comments all over the internet and the complaints filed with the CRTC, and more importantly very well understand, with their “battery of lawyers,” not only the “letter of the law,” and the “spirit and intent” of s. 206 (1)(e) CCC and s. 380 (1) fraud, but “duty of care,” and as a result this goes far beyond morality as you point out, this is blatant illegality.

    DUTY OF CARE (n.) – a requirement that a person act toward others and the public with watchfulness, attention, caution and prudence that a reasonable person in the circumstances would. If a person’s actions do not meet this standard of care, then the acts are considered negligent, and any damages resulting may be claimed in a lawsuit for negligence. (See: negligence, standard of care)

    DUTY OF CARE – Responsibility or the legal obligation of a person or organization to avoid acts or omissions (which can be reasonably foreseen) to be likely to cause harm to others. Duty of care is owed by an accountant in correctly preparing a firm’s accounts, by an auditor in confirming an firm’s financial statements correctly present its financial position, by a director to shareholders in husbanding the enterprise’s resources, by a manufacturer to consumers for the safety of product, and by every party to a contract to the other contracting parties….

    Now, as far as “online petitions” are concerned we have had little success with those; however, it is another forum for victims to voice their opinions and vent their rage, (although most Canadians tend to be “rage-less,” at lest against white-collar racketeers) and it also leaves an “electronic trail.”

    What I would like to see is victims and concerned citizens “chip in” for expenses and a “concerned” Canadian lawyer, a “dying breed,” if not virtually extinct, to come out of the “wood work,” accept the challenge on a “constituency fee basis” and willing to accept nothing if he/she loses and go after these corporate bastards that use any means THEY can think of, or any corrupt scam OFFERED to them by international money-laundering racketeers, to profit by “ripping off” anyone they can, especially the most vulnerable in our Society….. But hold THAT thought.

    This is an obvious abhorrent fraud and those responsible; every “hands on” perpetrator, every accomplice, facilitator and every government agency and government personnel who have the power to stop this, but like the U.S. SEC who “turned a blind eye” and did nothing to stop Bernie Madoff, should be held accountable.

    That’s the truth …… That should be the reality.

    And this is March – official “Fraud Prevention Month!!!” – Go figure!!!

    dave – CBNow


    p.s. We are “activists” anyone out their wish to join us and fight another just cause?

  156. Thanks and welcome, Irena.

    I don’t have the time or resources to look into this much further (especially into the larger conspiracies being hinted at here). Short of the legal actions that Dave suggests, I can only encourage writing more letters of complaint to Global and the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. Maybe Rogers and Bell, too.

    Many seem to believe that complaining had a role in this being shut down in Ireland, so it’s not entirely ineffective.

    Thanks again to everyone commenting here. There are hundreds of people finding this post every weekend (and more every week), so the word is getting out.

  157. Hi Mike

    For sure the more people finding this blog the better.

    And if enough people complain eventually these individual scams are shut down or victims stop contributing. It IS effective in “shutting them down,” no doubt.

    Unfortunately by then victims are defrauded of millions and scammers simply take those millions and move on to another scam, in many cases larger ones and involving more money until, like drug cartels, they have the money for expensive lawyers; are able to influence and/or “buy” politicians and law enforcement.

    We want to “prevent fraud.”….. Like a weed, allowing it to flourish, feeding it (with victims’ money), allowing it to mature, go dormant for short period of time, then allowing the “seeds” to be replanted, will not get rid of the weeds.

    They need to be “dug up” as soon as they sprout. The police and government in their propaganda continually promote “fraud prevention” but hypocritically in fact, do little or nothing about preventing it.

    The Waterloo Regional Police for example made it clear they won’t touch the scam until it collapses allowing these frauds to continue for years. In fact they will tell you it’s legal until it collapses????

    It is what they did in the massive Pigeon King International Ponzi scheme: One of the senior members of the Fraud Squad appearing on national television telling the world they could find nothing criminal in the obvious Ponzi scheme that was Pigeon King International.

    Now it has collapsed, police acknowledge that it was a Ponzi scheme and now under criminal investigation.

    This is “fraud prevention???.” Allowing a fraudulent scheme to operate right under their very noses for six years until it collapses???!!!!!!!….. Unbelievable!!!!! It makes no sense: Nor is it rational!!!

    But the problem I see in Canada is that most citizens will believe the police without question, ignoring common sense and rational thought.

    The same irrational thinking and confused “logic” “Network Marketers” employ to overcome common sense and rational thought when comparing their pyramid boards with the corporate structure of the likes of McDonald’s and General Motors.

    Police in Canada, like in any other regime in history, loath citizens displaying common sense and rational thought who dare to question authority. Unfortunately most Canadians themselves, who don’t understand, or haven’t the time to figure it out, will confuse common sense and rational thought, with actual paranoia, schizophrenia and conspiracy theories turning, through simple ignorance, on their fellow citizen… That’s the truth ….. That is reality.

    Some things simply haven’t changed for centuries.

    dave – CBNow

  158. RE: Your complaint concerning Play-TV Canada
    (CBSC FUe C09/1O-1132)

    We are in receipt of your letter via the CBSC regarding Global Television’s broadcast of Play-
    TV Canada, February 20th 2010, on Global Toronto (CIII).
    In your letter, you have expressed concerns regarding this show suggesting it may be a
    scamming game show, with no logical answers to impossible questions.

    Let me begin by saying that as responsible broadcasters, we are sensitive to the members of
    our viewing audience and we apologize if this program has offended you. I assure you that it
    is neither Global’s nor the producer’s intention to do so. As of March
    2010, our contract
    with Play TV will end and the show will no longer air on Global Television.


  159. Canwest
    Tuesday March 16, 2010
    Jeremy B

    RE: Your comp’aint concerning Play-TV Canada
    (CBSC FUe C09/1O-1132)
    Dear Mr. B:
    We are in receipt of your letter via the CBSC regarding Global Television’s broadcast of Play-
    TV Canada, February 20th 2010, on Global Toronto (CIII).
    In your letter, you have expressed concerns regarding this show suggesting it may be a
    scamming game show, with no logical answers to impossible questions.
    Let me begin by saying that as responsible broadcasters, we are sensitive to the members of
    our viewing audience and we apologize if this program has offended you. I assure you that it
    is neither Global’s nor the producer’s intention to do so. As of March 2010, our contract
    with Play TV will end and the show will no longer air on Global Television.
    Under The Broadcasting Act, broadcasters are required to provide a broad spectrum of
    entertainment and information programming for “men, women and children of all ages,
    interests and tastes”, Television programming is required to be diverse and appealing to a
    wide range of audiences. As a result, what one viewer might consider an interesting or
    informative program might lead another to turn the channel.
    Global Television adheres to the television rating system created by the Canadian Association
    of Broadcasters (CAB) and the Action Group on Violence on Television (AGVOT). This public
    rating system is intenaed to advise viewers of a program’s content in order to allow you, the
    viewer to determine a program’s suitability for your own viewing needs and desires. As
    required, an on-screen key airs for the first fifteen seconds of the program and matching V –
    Chip data is encoded into our transmission for the entire duration of the program.
    Play-TV Canada is rated 18+. Programming with this classification contains themes suitable for
    viewers (and possible participants) 18 or older. We also air the following advisory coming out
    of each commercial break, so that viewers can make an informed decision whether they wish
    to watch (or participate in) the program:
    The following program requires participants to be 18 years or older. Viewer discretion is
    Independently produced, Play-TV is paid programming which consists of’ a series of puzzles,
    riddles, trivia and other general knowledge and skill testing questions, (collectively, the
    “Quizzes” and individually, a “Quiz”) which viewers will be invited to solve interactively during
    the live broadcast of televised episodes of the television program entitled Play-TV Canada (the
    121 Bloor Street East
    Suite 1500
    Toronto, ON M4W 3M5 CANWEST & DESIGN is a traderoark of Catwest Global Corrrrrroticatiots Corp. Used orrder license.
    Please note there are crawls at the bottom of the screen in addition to verbal mentions made
    continually throughout the telecast informing viewers that once they decide to play, they will
    be charged $L99 per call regardless of if they are randomly selected to go live to air or not.
    Again, this is explained both on-air by the host and on the show’s website.
    For further information please visit the Play TV website at:
    According to the Producer of Play-TV, all puzzles have robust audited methodology. This
    audited methodology means that there is only one correct solution to the puzzle and question,
    and that this solution is checked and audited. Not disclosing the methodology, (having this
    formula for counting) does not mean there is any trickery or anything hidden in the puzzle.
    Everyone viewing has an equal chance to calculate the answer and all telephone and on-line
    entrants then have the same chance to be randomly selected to come live to air to answer the
    Where appropriate and applicable, the Producer’s puzzles are first checked and validated by a
    computer program, and the one and only answer is then checked again by the show director,
    prior to broadcast. The answer to the puzzle is then handed in a sealed envelope to the host
    and he or she opens it live on air, either (1) immediately if the correct answer is given by a
    viewer, or (2) at or near the end of the show if the correct answer is not given by a viewer.
    This ensures a fair and open process as the answer cannot be changed once it has been
    approved by the computer, double checked and placed in the sealed envelope. Please be
    assured our audited system is supervised and checked regularly. How the answer is reached
    is not explained because these puzzles often follow the same format – to explain how one was
    calculated is providing the formulas for many others; that would not allow all viewers to be on
    an even playing field.
    You, the viewer, are our valued customer. As such we strive to ensure that our viewers will
    continue to watch our programming. We appreciate open dialogue with our audience because
    communicating with our viewers helps us do a better job,

    cc. Solange Courteau – Correspondence Officer, CBSC
    Karen Clout – Manager Regulatory Affairs, Canwest Media Inc.
    Ace Mclean – EA Regulatory Affairs, Canwest Media Inc.

  160. Mike CONGRATULATIONS! At long last PTV Canada has come to it’s end. Am delighted. You have two more weeks of this.
    We got ours taken off within 24 hours. Better late than never!
    What a scam it was, with poor unfortunates, losing so much money. Fair does Mike for having this forum and exposing this scam and to all the people on it who complained. Our forum did the same for us.
    Again, Congratulations!

  161. Yes the Play TV Canada crap will shut down March 26 2010.

    Now, charges should be laid and the money returned to the victims and punitive damages awarded and fines assessed. But don’t hold your breath on that one!!! But we should keep complaining to authorities, including your Mps & Mpps.

    dave CBNow

    P.S. Good work people. If anyone want to assist on another scam a senior woman is Quebec has just been taken for $300,000 in an other scam many are being ripped off by.

  162. Oh wow! Pwned indeed! Thanks Jeremy, that is great news. Do you mind if I post that email reply in a follow-up post? I think all the mortals would like to know about your godly influence.

    I’m sure it will be justified as a financial move (like it was in Ireland), but the complaints and dedication of the people who have read this post and commented most certainly played a role in getting it off the air.

    Thanks again to Lisa for the updates from the other side of the world; this was an international effort. And thanks again Dave for your unwavering dedication to fighting this scam (and others). You’re right that more can be done, but this small victory is still progress.

  163. Go ahead and post away.
    I’m so happy that this scam is gone off Global.
    I should get a medal for being that one to shut this crap down.

  164. Sent an email to Call TV Canada this morning:

    I’m happy to tell you that I got you guys banned off of Global TV on March 26th.
    I’ll personally make sure you’re banned from Canadian Airways for good.

    I got a very detailed email from:

    Solange Courteau – Correspondence Officer, CBSC
    Karen Clout – Manager Regulatory Affairs, Canwest Media Inc.
    Ace Mclean – EA Regulatory Affairs, Canwest Media Inc.
    Michelle Medford,
    Viewer Relations Coordinator
    Global Television

    And I’ve also heard rumors from CBSC that there will be a lawsuit against you guys soon for your scamming game show.

    Tuesday March 16, 2010

    Dear Mr. Brillant:
    We are in receipt of your letter via the CBSC regarding Global Television’s broadcast of Play-
    TV Canada, February 20th 2010, on Global Toronto (CIII).
    In your letter, you have expressed concerns regarding this show suggesting it may be a
    scamming game show, with no logical answers to impossible questions.
    Let me begin by saying that as responsible broadcasters, we are sensitive to the members of
    our viewing audience and we apologize if this program has offended you. I assure you that it
    is neither Global’s nor the producer’s intention to do so. As of March 26th
    2010, our contract
    with Play TV will end and the show will no longer air on Global Television.

    Enjoy fuckers.

  165. Hello from (ex PTv land Ireland).. Am delighted with your success.

    I felt when our PTV was AXED 2 wks. ago that there was something else needed taking care of. And to hear that you have succeded (like us, due to Bond here) means so much.

    Well i’m sure you must be very proud of your success.

    Am just asking a favour from us here in Ireland. I’m sure someone will make a utube of the last night.. would love to see that…we’ve already experienced ours..(with 24 hrs. notice).but it would be very Interesting, and also very much appreciated.

    Good on you…now we have to tackle South Africa.
    (one of our Irish presenters, who also hosted your show from the same studio in Budapest) we need more info.


  166. Dave – Our union had received many complaints about this, and in March 2009, have complained both to the regulator ICASA and the National Lotteries Board in South Africa, who has been probing “SMS to Win” and “Game TV”.

    We have not yet received acknowledgement of our complaint from ICASA, and NLB did start an investigation, but after a year so far, have not reached a conclusion.

    I have now submitted this to a powerful lobby group comprising most of the stakeholders in Public Broadcasting, and have requested a unified position on this.

    You may follow that progress here:

  167. I just dont understand how they can do this, and get away with it . im watching the triangle puzzle I think the answer is 135, and no one can get that number?

  168. The reason they get away with it is that few will take the necessary steps to nail them.

    If you are really “ticked off” lay a criminal charge with police under section 206 (1)(e) CCC and 380 (1) fraud. If they refuse lay an information before a Justice of the Peace then lay a private information with your local J.P.

    dave – CBNow
    World-Wide Fraud Investigation

  169. the answer is 316 to that triangle puzzel. Aside from that this is a complete scam, most of the callers are older women making retarded attempts. The calls are set up, if it were real it would be drunk people coming home from the bar.

  170. I think it’s 38, but after reading all this I don’t wanna phone it. Besides how can I be assured to receive any money. How’d you get 316??

  171. Someone said it! I guess it is like the other time 46 if you count all the triangles in the dress. Haha can’t really see the dress though, I just think it would be funny if it was the same number and a different traingle puzzle.

  172. It is good to see people like you, Kev, finding these blogs and having second thoughs about participating,

    Many, unfortunately are still looking to play this illegal game??? Tsk. Tsk. No wonder the world is full of scammers with so many lined up to keep them in business.

    Authorities should start charging and jailing the willing participants; the facilitators and enablers of these illegal schemes, but then there are too many cops and government officials and media in this corruption as well.

    Just like illegal drugs. The money over the decades going to drug cartels; now they are taking over and controlling countries and killing innocent citizens everywhere.

    After reading and/or participating in this blog it should be obvious to anyone that what they are doing is illegal and that participating simply keeping these crooks in business. That’s the truth….. That’s the reality.

    dave – CBNow
    World-Wide Fraud Investigation

  173. Well I am embarrassed that I just wasted money making a call…

    Thing is, do the green qualify as a triangle? The white boarders outside the green area, or just the red lines…

  174. if this is unfair i want my credit given tome in high school in match we had these brain teasers and exam worth 40 percent of our mark that had 100 of these impossible answers and i got like 2 right so i failed the course

    where do i go to complain about that

  175. Government gets a 15% cut? Reverse that. In Canada, the Government gets 51% of the cut from any gambling or game. Are the people in Canada that misinformed? Take last nights bogus triangle game. The question is clearly, “Add up the “”NUMBERS””in the triangles. Seven or Six written out is not a number. Look at your computer keyboard and to the right is your numbers lock. Surely people know what a number is. We are a land of suckers if we continue to perpetrate this fraud. Yes, by picking up your phone and dialing their number you are actually a part of the fraud thusly making you a perpetrater. I am thinking of starting a business whereby I call people and charge them a dollar for information on how to lock out Play TV Canada on their televisions. I would actually save people money. I would have a limit of making 100 calls to the same number every month. Doesn’t that sound great! I would save potentially save each person $100.00 a month! I can’t miss, just like Pay TV Canada. This is not a misprint. I meant PAY TV!!!

  176. They can put up the same triangle puzzle next week and they will give you a different answer. Just like the school bus game. The “callers” on this show is a set-up. The show is purely scripted right down to the girl reading off a teleprompter. They only really take 3 calls in the 2 hours. People can’t be this blind. Anyone who thinks this is broadcast from Canada is really out to lunch. The more our dollar goes up, the more money you are putting in their pockets. Global has a signed contract from south of the border. The USA will not allow them to broadcast there. What does that tell you? In their world it is just another customer buying airtime. I bet all the people who play these stupid games really think that all reality shows are real. A land of suckers.

  177. Just finished watching a “Add up all the numbers in all the triangles” puzzle. I came up with 596, and the ‘correct’ answer was 599.


    Soo close…yet soo far.

  178. Pingback: Play TV Canada Pwned: Going Off the Air March 26th « Mike Battista’s Blog

  179. Congrats Mike, Dave and Jeremy. Also Lisa. Bravo. Answer to Mike/Crime Busters Now question , yes I am Canadian , born in Toronto . Of European heritage . And very alarmed at whats happening in my/our country .

    Like you , I am very disappointed in our legal system . No lawyer Ive met yet , in a half century , cares a damn about justice . All admit , that justice is for sale. Like candy in a store , if you have money -you can buy it Otherwise it doesnt exist for you period . Some Charter of rights… Some “equality “.

    I worked with both lawyers and police for many years and learned very quickly that too many are wolves in sheeps clothing , many , more corrupt than scammers here . Even today , police double dip into government/taxpayers pockets with impunity .

    Years ago I did some whistle blowing and was punished severely for it / crippled for life. Ive got toilet paper at home which was and still is much more valuable to me than the Charter/Constitution which was written by lawyers for lawyers and for crooks , not for citizen taxpayers and certainly not for people who have a conscience and refuse to lie under oath etc. I abandonned earned benefits and ran for my very life.

    Another thing to bear in mind..police are barely educated , not an overabundance of PHDs there . My former boss/provincial government was a double dipping ex cop/”retired cop ” who went apoplectic if a report I filed had a 3 syllable word . He cursed in the most foul street language about how he hated me and the ^%-@> dictionaries . He had the words HATE and LOVE tattooed onto his fists. Need I say more ?

    Dave ,you dont want to make enemies of the police . They prefer to go after the regular citizen who has no rights rather than go after crooks who enjoy charter rights and are equally armed like themselves.

    Did you like the double dipping story in the recent news where cops are filing for and collecting extra $ from the victims compensation board in Ontario ? As if their salaries and danger pay and bonuses and early pensions isnt enough? And double pensions? And triple pensions ? ????? Thousands awarded in” pain and suffering” for a broken toe was it ? Yet the man who’s young daughter was brutally murdered barely got enough money to bury her decently ? Victims comp said he didnt suffer enough ? Are these people for real ? A cop’s broken but intact (unamputated) toe is “suffering” , but a childs death isn’t ? To me, this is as uncanadian as anything could be. Yet there it is.

    Even “retired”, cops either have more money or have reach to way more money than you and I . I once saw big wigs at a government “hearing “bowing to my trainee who’d been catapulted into jobs way way over me within minutes of being hired. Turned out he was a 33 rd degree mason in a cop/judge/lawyer faction (the highest degree) , and his ring had more weight than any merit/hard work or justice in any form. That man could do no wrong. Jeremy might believe he is a god lol but until he’s got high priced lawyers and politicians grovelling at his feet, hes a nobody, just like the rest of us.

    Nobody in Ontario, not even senators get that kind of feeding of taxpayers pocket / the proverbial trough as police/masons etc. Theyre under educated and way way way overpaid . There’s no incentive to actually work at anything at all. Not with their unions/lodges protection.. They’re given quotas to collect taxes so they pull drivers over in binges (feeding frenzies) and make work/generate funds once in a while. Their job is to serve and protect who ? The banks , Rogers & Bell Canada, government workers , insurance companies , period , the end . The rest of us get lip service. Occasional drug busts with media coverage to give the illusion of “protecting ” the rest of us . But its only an illusion . 911 doesnt even exist in some city areas.

    Be careful Mike. Theyre “constructively dismissing”/firing the only Ontario Ombudsman who has ever done his job. As of March 31 2010 that job paying almost a quarter million dollars a year is a plum. Hope the departing Ombudsman doesn’t get blackballed . Wonder whose relative/ex cop will get hired instead?

    Dave you say Where are the honest cops /lawyers? Gone.

    I remember the days in Toronto where our area cop knew the names of the people on his beat , especially the kids. That cop, we all trusted. That cop, criminals feared.

    Its not that times have changed. Somebody’s changed the laws . And the lawyers . The old time moral cops and lawyers died off and were perhaps intentionally replaced with perhaps intentionally lower moral standards.

    Otherwise you wouldn’t get to enjoy the lawyer jokes:

    What do you call 500 lawyers at the bottom of the ocean ? A good start.


    Why have science research labs replaced experimental rats with lawyers ? Because there are some things that rats just won’t do . .. or my personal favorite :

    A preacher was dying and to everybody’s shock he summoned to his own deathbed his lawyer and his accountant . He asked them to sit at either side of his bed and nothing happened. After 15 impatient minutes the lawyer finally spoke up. Reverend why did you have us come here? You never really liked either of us while you were in good health so you dont want us here for our personalities. You must have some money issues We’ve come about your money. How can we help you. What do you want from us.?

    And the old reverend said “From you I want you to sit right where you are and be silent. It is my final wish to die just as my saviour Jesus Christ did 2000 years ago , in between two thieves . Thankyou .” Lol.

    PS The old preacher died with his final wish honored ,they stayed. The lawyer and the accountant then billed the estate triple normal rates , padded the rest , estate taxes/taxpayers got zip. The end.

    Do you remember a whistle blowers publication called Frank magazine (still in publication in 2003?) They used humour and sarcasm with some success to uncover cockroaches. Anybody know what happened to them? Think they were based out of Ottawa. Maybe we shouldn’t hire a lawyer maybe a cartoonist would reach a wider audience ? Bye for now.

  180. Hey, I saw that show the other night for adding up all the numbers in the triangles. I ended up counting 16 different triangles, unless you look at said triangle in a 3D perspective, at which I counted 34 different triangles. I was able to calculate 558 and 600 after 5 hours at work with my co-worker. (It was a slow day, no customers) Fortunately I didnt call in or anything, but I watched the show merely for the correct answer. People calling in with answers like 33 and 21, even just adding the numbers presented you could get 58, 42 if you dont count the written out word. Simply put, in the time they give you to solve such a question and very little to work with, its impossible to actually win with intelligence. I call it pure luck. Sounds similar to another kind of gaming doesn’t it? I think it’s called Casinos? What did we learn today kids? Gambling is bad, and only the poor do it because they’re desperate. If anyone has the equation to how in the hell they got 599 on that puzzle, PLEASE post it. I’m going nuts.

  181. Sorry to double post, but I forgot to mention all the numbers I came across. 134, 252, 330, 420, 470, 558, 599, and 600. At that point I stopped trying because I knew it was BS.

  182. TRIPLE POST. No edit button. I didn’t find 599, that was the answer. It was 598. (Damn laptop keyboard.)

  183. James (above poster) you won’t have long to wait till this is all gone on 26th.
    All this is due to Mike/Jeremy/Dave in the actions they took.
    We here in Ireland had ours axed 2 weeks ago.
    Our hero was Bond-007 who ran the forum for us…and I myself in May last year, when PlayTV started, did ring in and lost money. Was delighted to find Bond’s forum. So we have him to thank and after all our complaints it was withdrawn within 24 hours. It didn’t even make a full year.

    You are lucky you never rang in. And have only found this scam now.

    You might go to the 12th January post by J.R.Mebo. He runs a great little site with a lot of our games that we had, on it, with the answers.

    And just before we were axed we found out that Lauren (Irish presenter) (from studios in Budapest, Hungary) is also on the Canadian show..And we also think South Africa too. So your show is coming from Hungary.

    Well Farewell to it…….bring on Fri.26th..wonder will they mention it’s the last one…she did on ours.


  184. Jeremy

    Sorry to take the wind out of your sails.
    To claim that you were responsible for the removal of Play Tv is misguided.

    My complaint to the CBSC (CBSC File C09/10-0201) was filed in September 2009 and was to be heard in March 2010 (is it just a coincidence that it is cancelled in the month of the hearing ?) – it is my belief that they cancelled the show to avoid the hearing.

    A number of people on the blog have contributed to the demise – your recent correspondence is merely a reply resulting from the earlier groundwork of others – step down a notch!



  185. Yeah, all I really care about is the equation and logic behind that last triangle puzzle. So I’ll bookmark that guys site and check it day to day, alongside youtube. Thanks for the heads up.

  186. Dave: Sometimes posts with a lot of links are held as spam until I approve them. However, this time I don’t see a comment from you anywhere, so it must have been lost in some technical glitch.

  187. It gives you an error message? What does it say?

    I’ll keep an eye on my spam/pending folders in case anything comes through.

  188. I realized after I posted that i should have put it in ” “. That’s what it Mike simply.. “discarded”

    there are 6 direct linkes to news stories starting with http//:www


  189. Hi Irena

    Love your posting. The facts and the black humour. I am so glad to see another person who really has a “handle” on the reality of our society rather than brainwashed with the “perception” which is so often quoted as the concept by authorities including some judges.

    Also that you are bold enough to express your views publicly. Unfortunately your warning…. “Dave, you don’t want to make enemies of the police . They prefer to go after the regular citizen who has no rights rather than go after crooks who enjoy charter rights and are equally armed like themselves.”….

    Thanks, but too late Irena!!! I have been exposing their pyramid/Ponzi gambling schemes and other fraudulent activities for some time, including the Ontario Police Association’s “Fishing With Cops” scam, and last Sunday received a pile damning evidence in another matter.

    Here are some interesting links and Google searches… The former Ontario Safety Minister… Search Monte Kwinter Russian Mafia.

    And another… The Green Machine Scam aka “THE GHOST IN THE MACHINE”


    “Former Ottawa police chief Brian Ford was hired by the company in 2001 to be its government-liaison officer, where his main responsibility was to organize product demonstrations. But when employees told him that Ace wasn’t manufacturing its products, he paid a visit to the plant and inspected the Big Green Machine……

    [CBNow – Question in logic – Why would a crook, running a detectable scam hire a former police chief and former politicians to “unwittingly” perpetrate his fraudulent scheme as they claimed??? Honestly now; would a crook not find it difficult to sleep at night surrounded by, what should have been to his scam…. three “lose cannons.”…. And what was the former chief’s job description ???….. quote – “to organize product demonstrations.”….. No kidding!!! And it would not occur to the crook that simple human curiosity would not lead, at least the former chief of police at some point, to ask questions about production methods or watch the company’s “manufacturing process”?????? Really!!!!! This is one good read]

    cont…. Ace was also developing connections in high places. The same summer it went public, the company appointed former Ontario premier Mike Harris and former federal cabinet minister Brian Tobin to its board of directors. In return for their services, Mr. Harris and Mr. Tobin were granted options to buy 100,000 Ace shares. Ace said the men would help form a “blue-ribbon” board.”


  190. And Irena, like the majority of the world – Love lawyer jokes: MY favourite …..

    Q. what is a difference between a lawyer and a catfish.

    A. One is a slimy, scum sucking, bottom feeding, parasite……. the other a fish.

    And here is someone else with the highest of credentials who agrees…… a lawyer himself… “Lawyers are Rats”

    Read comments… you will find me posted there as well.

    I have had several “double-dealing” shyster lawyers in my time; been the victim of police harassment, brutality, false arrests, lies, trumped up evidence and outright perjury: Been in front of some terribly corrupt, fascist minded, arrogant and ignorant judges in the battles against corruption and the quest for justice, not only for myself and my family, but justice for victims of financial and other crimes, particularly those who have no one to advocate for them. One judge even arrogantly deleted her callous outrageous, inflammatory and illegal threatening remarks toward a civil jury from the court transcript after realizing the implications……. However, I have also been before a hand-full of thoughtful and decent judges…….

    One of whom, Judge Quigley of the Ontario Superior Court, Milton Ontario who ruled in the failed $10 million libel case brought against me, is, without reservation, the epitome of everything one could imagine a judge should be….. and that reflected in his eighteen page, in-depth, very thoughtful decision which was written over a six month period, released November 30, 2006, posted on our web site and finally published by CBC three years later.

    Now you say you we’re born in Toronto. Do you still live there, and if so to would you be interested in attending the sentencing of a pyramid scheme artist in the Brampton Ontario Court this April 1? This is a very sad, but very unusual an interesting case, how his pyramid scheme has now became interwoven with his criminal negligence causing death conviction.

    As we continue the fight against white-collar crime we need dedicated people and resources to make us more effective. A cartoonist, as you mention, would be an asset. I have been attempting for some time to recruit at least one for our cause.

    We all certainly did a great job on this forum considering what we had to work with….. That’s the truth …… and it is now the reality.

    But, a conscionable lawyer would have been a great asset.

    And because of CBNow’s exposure and being carried on many blogs such as this we are now “on top” of scammers before they even begin adding credibility to our chosen name…. CrimeBusters-NOW. Here is one NOW being created with lawyers and a doctor not even ready to fully “launch” but already posted to our website.

    Wait for further comment….

    dave – CBNow
    International Fraud Investigation

  191. Did anyone see a final episode? I taped some infomercials on Friday night, but there was no PlayTV from what I could tell. Maybe we got it out of there quicker than we thought.

  192. My guess is like they just wanted us to think it was done on the 26th but in fact it was done the week prior since the “scrutiny” was obviously getting very high. Wow, still find it hard to believe that this obvious fraud went on for so long without even a peep from any law/government/broadcasting organization. We think Canada is a great, safe, law abiding country to live in – I think we should get our heads out of the sand. No doubt this PlayTV scam will probably pop up on some other station – although I can’t imagine any being as ignorant as Global.

  193. ->Dave
    re S. Africa: some useful links would be helpful. Not SOS Groups; they seem to be more political/racial at the moment.

  194. This show is a bloody scam and I think Global finally took it off the air. I called in thinking it was a legitimate game to the tune of $42. They showed triangles within triangles having numbers in them and you had to guess the total.

    An Irish tart with nice cleavage (but still a dirty, stinkin’, lyin’, cheatin’, filthy, slutty whore of a con artist) cons you into calling and is always soooo disappointed that callers have the wrong answer, then goes on about how someone should have had the correct answer by now. When it comes time for them to show you the answer, they do NOT prove how they got their solution. It’s a scam and I hope it’s off for good.

    I believe this show is broadcasted from Hungary. I have seen various hosts and none of them have Canadian accents or Canuck lingo. The Irish slut always refers to the Pound Sign (#) as “hatch”; as in “Call us from your cell phone on Hatch 5656.” How Canadian is that????? LOL, I am surprised anyone called! I only knew what a hatch-symbol was thanks to an Australian friend.

    ***Now the SUPER GOOD NEWS that will help you, but tick off a lot of cellular phone companies.***

    ***By law, you can get a refund if, and only if, these calls were your first calls to #-Numbers/900 from your cell phone.*** I got my $42 refunded!

    *** Telecom Decision 2006-48-Paragraph 31, known as: FIRST TIME WAIVER FOR 900/# CALLS. Google it or contact the CRTC; but the jist of it states: Amounts on phone bill should be waived by provider. *** (CRTC was helpful and friendly when I spoke to them)

    I got Fido to waive the charges, although it took 2 calls and 2 managers to do it.

    I believe that the Telephone Companies bear some responsibility to whom they give 900/# numbers—if it’s not legit, then the company didn’t do their homework or signed a bullshit contract with the TV show to collect the $2 from their telephone subscribers.

    If cell phone companies are forced to refund money, then hopefully they won’t allow these buttholes to scam their subscribers. I know we got duped and have some responsibility, but telephone companies are NOT completely innocent in this scam in the quest for revenue themselves.

    ***So, if you were a first time caller of #-numbers from a cell, then call *611 from your cell phone for customer service and demand a refund as per: Telecom Decision 2006-48-Paragraph 31; like mentioned… I got it and I have learned my lesson!***

    Most cell phone companies will re-rate your bill from 3 – 6 months ago. (Don’t let them tell you that it is too late.)
    Sorry for this being so long, please tell everyone you know who called “PlayTV Canada Scam Show”

    Please tell everyone you know who called in and let us know if you got your refund.

    Thank you

  195. I have gotten back thousands for the likes of victims of “12 Daily Pro” Ponzi scheme on their credit card. But this I did not know. Thanks for the info Burt.

    If everyone demanded their money back it would be uneconomically viable for these international crooks to continue.

    I would be inclined to demand your money back regardless of how many times you called and how long it has been, simply on the bases this is a criminal fraud; international racketeering; a criminal conspiracy to defraud.

    Thanks again Burt.

    dave – CBNow
    International Fraud Investigation

  196. Burt and Dave at CBnow have some VERY good advice!

    All I can say is that I have spoken to many people regarding this affair, both with PlayTV in English Canada and Call-TV in Quebec. If you did call the number on the screen – get in touch with your telephone provider and cancel those calls right away. Don’t call again because you can only cancel 1-900 charges ONCE. Also remember that according to the same CRTC rule, the service provider (in this case Fastrack Global Billing Networks for Play-TV Canada) cannot come after you to pay the cancelled charges to them directly – although they have been bullying people in Quebec to do so, saying that they will ruin their credit rating if they don’t pay up. If this happens, cite the CRTC rule in a letter, keep a copy for yourself and get in touch with the provincial consumer protection agency.

    If text messaging was involved, get in touch with the Commissioner for Complaints for Telecommunications Services (CCTS) which deals with complaints about cell phones. Check about having the Play-TV phone number blocked from your telephone, because the company has been known to send text message to cell-phone customers AND CHARGE THEM for each message. Best to avoid that possibility all together because as far as I know, cell phone providers are NOT responsible for the crap people sign up to receive, and it will be a problem getting rid of that charge.

    If you didn’t get the money you won, get in touch with your provincial consumer protection agency ASAP.

    If you think the show shouldn’t be on the air, contact Global or the Canadian Broadcast Standards Council. They can’t make Global take it off the air, but official complaints are meaningful.

    However, the 2 bottom lines are these:

    1. Stations actually care about the shows you watch (or they wouldn’t give a damn about ratings). If you let them know what you want and don’t want – they will change eventually.

    2. If something sounds too good to be true it probably is. Call consumer protection, stay away and warn your friends and family!

  197. Hurrah! Now we need big bold blog headline somehow /somewhere pitching this refund information refund info .

    I’m barely computer literate so I am unqualified. Any ideas out there folks ?


  198. I have now had a look around – its quite a big scam!!

    I am contacting the regulatory services and lets hope we can stop it in south africa and the rest of the world.

  199. CrimeBustersNow

    We are doing what we can Chris. I am glad that ordinary citizens are beginning to comprehend the extent of these world-wide frauds and questioning them. And this one is only a part of a world-wide massive network of fraud perpetrated by huge “shell corporations” being backed and/or condoned by many corrupt politicians, government and police agencies and as everyone can now witness, and I have maintained for years… many corrupted media. There are at least five media in South Africa sympathetic to this fraud, wanting to cash in on it from the credible information coming into our organization from South Africa….

    Please read the account of Albanian in the late 1990’s: It foretells today’s corruption and the ultimate results. It’s a long read, but the first 5 – 6 paragraphs will open anyone’s eyes to what was foretold and now happening world-wide, including the participation of corrupt media, and what ordinary decent citizens are up against if they, like the citizens of Albania remain ignorant of the situation, and brainwashed, inadvertently assist the criminals in destroying society instead of fighting back.

    This is a serious issue: Do not be misled and distracted by some of the nonsense posted by a couple of “cute” posters playing “fast & loose” with the truth and twisting facts here and pretty well anywhere we attempt to enlighten ordinary citizens.

    I have personally just wrapped up an interview with a South African reporter, Chris, but the story won’t be published until the June addition.

    I also have a number of strategies that should create a real controversy in South Africa and world-wide if anyone is interested in participating and wishes to contact me. I am sure these strategies could find their way to CNN and world-wide exposure.

    Anyone interested please contact me 905*963*3389.

    dave – CBNow

  200. The following is a copy of the Broadcast Standards decision in relation to my complaint of Sept. 29, 2009
    re: Play Tv Canada.

    The complaint was followed by a decision not to renew the program.

    Global must make on air statement re: the decision.

    CIII-TV (Global Ontario) re Play TV Canada
    (CBSC Decision 09/10-0201+)
    Decided April 1, 2010
    H. Hassan (Vice-Chair), R. Cohen (ad hoc), J. David, J. Doobay (ad hoc),
    M. Hamilton, G. Phelan (ad hoc)
    Play TV Canada was a contest program in which viewers were invited to telephone the
    numbers provided in order to win cash prizes by solving quizzes, puzzles and problems.
    In order to participate, viewers had to either telephone the program, for which a fee was
    charged (for each connected call), or enter on-line, at no cost. According to information
    stated by the host, calls were selected at random to go live to the studio to solve the
    puzzles. Information about the cost and other contest rules appeared in a red box at
    the bottom of the screen throughout each episode:
    $1.99/CALL + TAX
    Entrants must be over 18 and legal residents of Canada.
    The following textual information also scrolled across the red box:
    Call in to have your chance to solve the quiz or puzzle for cash prizes. Callers will be
    picked at random for the chance to go on the air. A maximum of 25 entries are allowed in
    each show from any phone. A maximum of 100 entries are allowed in each month from
    any phone. Customer service 1-877-241-1612 or email No
    purchase necessary. Entrants must be over 18 and legal residents of Canada. Entry
    prohibited from Quebec. There are three ways to enter. Call 1-900-526-5858 from your
    land line phone. All land line calls cost $1.99 + tax. Dial #5656 from your mobile phone.
    All mobile calls cost $2 + tax. Telephone charges will appear on your next phone bill or
    will be deducted from your mobile pre-paid credit. Enter for free or see our full terms and
    conditions at
    A puzzle or problem would appear on screen and the question related to the puzzle also
    appeared in words on screen. The type of puzzle varied; there were word-, numberand
    image-based games. An on-air host would also state the question orally,
    periodically recite the contest rules, and encourage viewers to phone in to win. In each
    of the three episodes reviewed for this decision, the host was a young man named
    James. The prize money would begin at a certain amount and then incrementally
    increase as the episode progressed. A variety of music and sound effects were used to
    heighten the excitement or suspense.
    The program aired on various Global Television stations across Canada from July 2009
    to March 2010 very late, post-midnight, on Friday, Saturday and Sunday nights. The
    CBSC received a total of 42 complaints about Play TV Canada, originating in different
    parts of the country. Eleven of those complaints did not provide sufficient information
    for the CBSC to be able to pursue them and one raised issues that fell outside the
    CBSC’s jurisdiction. Of the remaining thirty complaints, only three complainants filed
    Ruling Requests asking for a CBSC adjudication and all three of those related to Global
    Ontario (CIII-TV). Global Ontario broadcast an 18+ icon at the beginning of each
    episode as well as the following viewer advisory in both audio and video format:
    The following program requires participants to be 18 years or older. Viewer discretion is
    Each of the three complainants identified a particular contest on a particular episode
    that concerned him. The first complainant mentioned a mathematical problem
    presented on the September 29, 2009 episode, which aired from 1:00 am to 2:00 am,
    (the full text of this and all other correspondence can be found in Appendix B to this
    decision). He wrote that “All callers were informed that they had incorrect answers.
    The show would not reveal the correct answer until the end of the show. The answer
    presented was 1238 without any explanation. This type of show generates
    considerable revenue and should be conducted in a fair manner. […] I believe that
    shows of this type generate large revenues while depriving the viewer-participant of a
    legitimate chance to win.” That complainant also noted that the CBSC had ruled
    against a similar program broadcast in Quebec under the name Call TV.
    The mathematical problem was presented on screen as follows with the question being
    “What is the total of all the numbers in this puzzle?”:
    James took calls from a total of 49 viewers, informing all of them that their answers
    were incorrect. James periodically reminded viewers of the cost per call and made
    statements, such as the following (more complete descriptions of each episode can be
    found in Appendix A):
    It’s not a trick question. It’s not number one. I need you to recount and have another
    Everything you need is on screen. Everything is there. I have one correct solution to this
    game. One possible answer.
    He also highlighted the potential winnings with comments such as “We’ve got five
    thousand dollars that is now guaranteed. Guaranteed cash. Yes, guaranteed. Yes,
    you can win five thousand.” James took calls for this contest question until 1:47 am
    without a successful caller. The second game on that episode featured multiple images
    of a Daffy Duck-like cartoon character. Callers had to determine which image was
    different from the others. Not a single call came through for approximately ten minutes,
    but one caller was finally successful during the last few moments of the program. After
    that call, James revealed the answer to the previous problem, namely, 1238, and then
    quickly concluded the episode.
    The second complainant referred to a different mathematical problem on the
    December 12 episode, which aired from 2:00 am to 4:00 am. The problem was as
     4 girls are travelling on a bus
     in each hand they hold 4 baskets
     in each basket there are 4 cats
     each cat has 3 little kittens
     one cat gets away
    How many legs are on the bus?
    James assured viewers that “Everything you need is on your screen. Everything you
    need to give me the correct answer is on your TV screen.” He also mentioned that “You
    do only say your answer when you’re live on air. We have no idea what you’re going to
    say until you are live on air. So the next person can always be the winner.” This time,
    James took calls from 98 different people, all of whom were told their answers were
    wrong. At a point during the game, the previous caller’s answer appeared on screen so
    viewers would know which numbers had already been guessed incorrectly. With no
    correct callers, James eventually opened the envelope containing the answer and
    revealed that it was 1359.
    The complainant’s concern was that this answer was illogical since humans and cats
    have legs in multiples of two. He explained that he was not so much concerned with the
    precise answer as he was with the fact that the answer was an odd, rather than an
    even, number.
    The second game on the December 12 episode was another “which picture is
    different?” puzzle. Eighteen minutes and 27 seconds elapsed without any calls coming
    through. As the program neared its conclusion, there were alarms and other sound
    effects and James excitedly encouraged viewers to call in because time was running
    out. A caller finally got through with only seconds left in the program and won the
    The third complainant mentioned the January 10, 2010 episode, which aired from
    2:00 am to 4:00 am, but complained more generally about the “obviously totally
    misleading and fraudulent program”. He wrote that “Viewers are enticed to call in to
    solve an obscure puzzle and charged for the call regardless of whether they get through
    or not. The ‘quiz’ is probably never solved (in this show the presenter didn’t even
    understand the answer) plus the clear fact that the answer they gave was not even
    The puzzle in question involved a numerical equation formed out of matchsticks. The
    first equation was “9+4=1” and viewers were required to move one matchstick to create
    an accurate equation. The first caller through won by moving a matchstick to turn the 9
    into a 3 and the 1 into a 7 so the equation read “3+4=7”.
    The second matchstick problem simply presented the number 4865. Viewers were told
    to move two matchsticks to create the “highest possible” number. James eventually
    obtained some matchsticks himself and moved them around in an attempt to solve the
    puzzle while he accepted numerous incorrect guesses from viewers. He also bantered
    with his producer (unseen and unheard by viewers, but speaking to James via his
    earpiece) about where she had obtained this particular puzzle. According to James, the
    producer told him she had seen it on a university post-graduate program entrance exam
    and that she herself had achieved the correct answer. The puzzle went on until
    3:40 am with no successful callers. When James opened the envelope, he revealed the
    answer to be 4862=236196. The graphic showing the original number also shifted to
    show that the 5 became a 2 and the 2 was an exponent. As he held up the envelope,
    James quickly said, “Okay, guys. The number that we needed … okay: Four, eight, six
    to two. Okay. That’s the correct answer on that one. Right. Let’s move on.”
    The next game was another “which picture is different?” challenge. Again, it was easily
    solved by a caller, who did not get through until the last few minutes. At the conclusion
    of this episode, James again showed viewers the piece of paper on which the answer to
    the matchstick problem was written, 4862=236196. He commented, “This is the solution
    for the previous game. Showing you once again. The previous logic game. That was
    the answer we needed: two, three, six, one, nine, six. Four, eight, six to the power of
    two. That was the previous game”; he then used his own matchsticks to demonstrate to
    viewers how the puzzle was solved.
    Global Ontario sent slightly different letters to each of the complainants (the full text of
    each of those letters can be found in Appendix B). Generally, Global pointed out that
    Play TV Canada’s contests were open only to Canadian (but not Quebec) residents
    aged 18 years or older and that this information, as well as the information about the
    cost of calls and the apparently random selection telephone system, was explained
    during the program. The station added that “all puzzles have robust audited
    methodology”, which involved verification by a computer system and the program
    director, and there was only one possible solution. The methodology was not revealed
    on-air or, apparently, even to Global because “to explain how one [puzzle] was
    calculated [would be] providing the formula for many others; that would not allow all
    viewers to be on an even playing field.” But this did “not mean there [was] any trickery
    or anything hidden in the puzzle.” Global also noted that the correct answer was placed
    in a sealed envelope and revealed by the host either after a caller gave the correct
    answer or the game ended with no correct answers.
    As mentioned above, three complainants were dissatisfied with Global Ontario’s replies
    and requested that the CBSC investigate further. They argued that Global’s
    explanations about methodology and auditing did not alleviate their concerns about the
    fairness and transparency of the contest questions. One of the complainants also wrote
    back directly to Global to further detail his issues. Global responded a second time to
    that complainant addressing his concerns about the random selection telephone
    system, the auditing system and the disclosure of the methodology. The station
    reiterated that the puzzles went through a “rigorous checking process” including
    independent verification by “a leading auditing company” but that “[r]evealing
    methodology would remove the element of skill and prevent any similar game from
    being played in the future.”
    Global also sent the CBSC a document from Play TV Canada producers, Telemedia
    InteracTV, that outlined their “procedures to ensure openness, fairness and to maximise
    viewer protections.” That document indicated that Play TV Canada would repeat the
    contest rules, including cost per call and free alternate website entry, on air more
    frequently. It also noted changes that would be made to the Play TV Canada website
    for better clarification. It described the random selection telephone system and it
    identified the name of the auditing company. As well, the document provided this
    explanation about the disclosure of methodology:
    One or two viewers have asked for Play TV to reveal the game methodology, and we
    wish to explain why this is not possible. Firstly, game methodology is the IP of the show
    in the same way that the recipe is for Coke. Also, by revealing the methodology, it would
    prevent Play TV not only from playing any game twice, but also from playing any similar
    game, to the detriment of the enjoyment and participation of the audience. Lastly, and
    possibly most importantly, having a real and provable element of skill is a fundamental
    legal requirement in Canada. By revealing game methodology, you take away any skill
    element and reduce games entirely to chance, making them illegal.
    Despite the efforts by Global and Telemedia InteracTV to alter aspects of the program,
    Global informed the CBSC that Play TV Canada would no longer be aired after March
    26, 2010.
    The Ontario Regional Panel reviewed the complaints under Clause 12 of the Canadian
    Association of Broadcasters’ (CAB) Code of Ethics, which is entitled “Contests and
    Promotions” and reads as follows:
    All on-air contests and promotions shall be conceived and conducted fairly and
    legitimately and particular care shall be taken to ensure that they are not misleading,
    potentially dangerous or likely to give rise to a public inconvenience or disturbance and
    that any prizes offered or promises made are what they are represented to be.
    The Ontario Panel Adjudicators read all of the correspondence and reviewed the three
    challenged episodes. The Panel concludes that Global Ontario violated Clause 12 in its
    broadcasts of Play TV Canada on September 29 and December 12, 2009, but not in the
    case of that of January 10, 2010.
    Puzzle Answers and Methodology
    The most consistent concern of the complainants related to the presentation of the
    unsolved puzzles without any plausible explanation. The mathematical problem
    presented on the September 29 episode was such a case. A total of 49 viewers took
    their chances on air, all without success. The answer was simply stated as 1238. Full
    stop. No explanation was provided. Not only was none of the 49 participants able to
    guess, but none of the Adjudicators, with the fullest benefit of both time and reflection
    and no pressure regarding the moving hands of a clock, was able to arrive at that
    solution. The point is only that the answer was far from evident. Nor was the second
    mathematically-oriented problem (on the December 12 episode) any easier; 98 on-air
    callers apparently got it wrong, as did the Adjudicators, who were again relieved of any
    time-related pressure. And the second complainant’s scepticism about the solution of
    1359 legs on the bus was, in the Panel’s view, well-founded. How, he wondered, could
    the number of humans’ and cats’ legs be anything other than an even number?
    There were, in other words, answers generated by the producer and aired by the
    broadcaster in both cases. Answers, but no explanation or rationale. As the Quebec
    Panel stated, in dealing with a similar contest program, in TQS re Call TV (CBSC
    Decision 08/09-1834 & -1856, August 11, 2009),
    While this has of course raised doubts in the minds of the Adjudicators as to the
    legitimacy of the foregoing puzzles, what is more important to them is the inherent
    absence of transparency for the audiences. Audiences ought to be able to know or
    understand the rules of a contest and the transparency of the outcome, particularly when
    they are being asked to spend money to enter them. The rule can be the seeking of a
    particular fact or piece of information, in which case the disclosure of the verifiable fact or
    information is the transparent element. The rule can be the guessing of a number, as in
    Government-run lotteries, in which case the revelation of the numbers falling out of a
    basket is the transparent element. The rule can be that a disclosed committee of
    individuals will judge the dancing, singing or other skill set of an individual or group. And
    so on. Where, contrary to the reasonable and customary examples of the foregoing
    contests, the inherently dubious outcome is neither evident nor explained, the Panel
    considers that the absence of transparency renders the conduct of the contest neither fair
    nor legitimate, as required by Clause 12 of the CAB Code of Ethics. Nor does the Panel
    consider that the host’s repeated explanation that “we might come back next week with
    the same game” constitutes a justification for the failure to be transparent.
    In the matter at hand, the Panel encountered a far more transparent result in the case of
    the two matchstick contests, both of the move-a-matchstick (in one case, two
    matchsticks) and create an accurate equation or a larger number variety. In both these
    cases, one easier and one more difficult, the transformation from matchstick setting one
    to matchstick setting two was clear. The viewers were treated to the physical displacing
    of matchsticks. They could understand. The exercise was transparent. Even though
    the solution to the more difficult matchstick problem was so unexpected that no-one
    might have gotten it with a quadrupled allowance of the time, the answer was explained.
    It proved that an answer could be provided to the audience, with the effect of
    legitimizing the transparency of the contest.
    The broadcaster’s arguments and explanations about methodology and auditing do not,
    in the view of the Panel, dispel the absence-of-transparency concern. As the Quebec
    Panel said, “Audiences ought to be able to know or understand the rules of a contest
    and the transparency of the outcome, particularly when they are being asked to spend
    money to enter them. [Emphasis original.]” The Panel does not agree with the
    broadcaster that “to explain how one [puzzle] was calculated [would be] providing the
    formula for many others; that would not allow all viewers to be on an even playing field.”
    If one of the results of providing such explanations would have been that the producer
    would have had to put its creativity cap on to devise more unrelated contests or better
    methods of dissembling the appearance of related contests, that would simply have
    been a cost associated with broadcasting such programming. The bottom line is that,
    even if disclosure of methodology did have the effect of facilitating contest-solving, the
    Panel is of the view that the producer (and, inferentially, the broadcaster) needed to
    take that step to legitimize the contests as a function of Clause 12.
    As mentioned above, Global also submitted a document on the issue of methodology
    disclosure provided by the Play TV Canada producers. The producers contended first,
    the equivalence of game methodology and the recipe for Coke. Second, they argued,
    they would be prevented “not only from playing any game twice, but also from playing
    any similar game.” Third, they posited that “having a real and provable element of skill
    is a fundamental legal requirement in Canada.” The Panel disagrees with each of those
    arguments. On the first point, the Panel considers it is fanciful to argue any similarity
    between Play TV’s game formula or recipe and that for Coca-Cola. While it is true that
    the producers would likely be prevented from playing the very same game twice, on the
    assumption that there are constant viewers of the program, the Panel merely views the
    need to find slightly modified games as one of the costs of broadcasting such
    programming. As to the argument regarding skill level, the Panel finds nothing
    convincing. If choosing between Daffy Duck-like images necessitates skill, then no
    modified game will lose its skilful component because another similar, but not identical,
    game has previously been broadcast on Play TV. In any event, the foregoing
    arguments miss the point of concern for the Panel. Its issue is the absence of
    transparency. And none of the arguments in this paragraph displaces the need for
    transparency to legitimize the contests.
    The broadcaster itself added that the failure to reveal the methodology did “not mean
    there [was] any trickery or anything hidden in the puzzle.” The Panel agrees with that
    statement, but trickery and underhandedness are not the issue. The issue is, as stated
    immediately above, transparency. Its absence means that the Ontario Regional Panel
    concludes here, as the Quebec Panel did in the Call TV decision, that the foregoing
    contests were not conducted fairly and legitimately and were consequently in breach of
    Clause 12 of the CAB Code of Ethics.
    Viewer Information
    The Panel notes the presence of the viewer advisory and classification icon at the
    beginning of each episode. Neither was required by any of the CBSC-administered
    Codes. Nonetheless, the Panel much appreciates the intention of the broadcaster in
    providing potentially helpful viewer information without any codified requirement to do
    so. It is a reflection of Global’s desire to ensure that the viewer has whatever
    information the broadcaster can provide, particularly in circumstances where the viewer
    is paying something to participate in the program he or she is watching. The Panel also
    notes the constant supply of additional information scrolling across the screen relating
    to participation in the on-air contests.
    Broadcaster Responsiveness
    In all CBSC decisions, the Council’s Panels assess the broadcaster’s responsiveness to
    the complainant. In the present instance, the Panel finds that the broadcaster extended
    considerable efforts to be responsive. In the first place, they ensured that the letters to
    each of the complainants were expressly tailored to respond to the particular focus of
    the letter of complaint. Second, though, the Panel recognizes the major effort that the
    broadcaster made to ensure that the Global incarnation of the Play TV program and
    structure took into account the problems raised in the decision of the Quebec Regional
    Panel in TQS re Call TV (CBSC Decision 08/09-1834 & -1856, August 11, 2009).
    Global then followed up with a document that specifically explained what it had done to
    ensure that the producers’ new version of the program respected the problems of the
    Call TV broadcast. That the program did not succeed in all respects resulted in the
    finding regarding the non-transparency of the explanation of the contest methodology.
    On the issue of broadcaster responsiveness, though, the Panel acknowledges Global’s
    efforts. Global has amply fulfilled the CBSC membership obligation of responsiveness
    on this occasion.
    CIII-TV (Global Ontario) is required to: 1) announce the decision, in the following terms,
    once during prime time within three days following the release of this decision and once
    more within seven days following the release of this decision during the time period in
    which Play TV Canada was broadcast, but not on the same day as the first mandated
    announcement; 2) within the fourteen days following the broadcasts of the
    announcements, to provide written confirmation of the airing of the statement to the
    complainants who filed the Ruling Requests; and 3) at that time, to provide the CBSC
    with a copy of that written confirmation and with air check copies of the broadcasts of
    the two announcements which must be made by Global Ontario.
    The Canadian Broadcast Standards Council has found that Global Ontario
    violated the Contests provision of the Canadian Association of
    Broadcasters’ Code of Ethics in its broadcasts of Play TV Canada on
    September 29 and December 12, 2009. Clause 12 of the Code requires
    that contests be conducted fairly and legitimately and must not be
    misleading. The CBSC found that some of the mathematical contests on
    Play TV Canada provided dubious or incomprehensible results. The
    CBSC considers that Global Ontario failed to provide transparency in the
    revelation of the methodology of the contest outcomes to the audience.
    This rendered the conduct of the contests in question neither fair nor
    legitimate, and thus in breach of Clause 12 of the Code of Ethics.
    This decision is a public document upon its release by the Canadian Broadcast
    Standards Council.

  201. Lies are easy: Truth takes explaining.

    Thanks for this Robert.

    Sure took a log time while victims were being ripped off for 100s of 1000s, perhaps millions. Much of this report is pretty good and fair but do not be taken in by the obfuscating “smoke and mirrors” part of the report: Also realize there exists enough evidence here to individually or collectively sue Global TV.

    Now, I disagree with some of the findings of this report: Some are “glossed over” some “masked” some misinterpreted, some ignored or overlooked… i.e. the number of correct answers that can be applied to the some of same mathematical questions posed.

    For me, and our organization, the big issue is that, in my view, this is simply a criminal violation under the Canadian Criminal Code. This, like any other lottery is a pooling of money from which relatively infinitesimal prizes are paid out. This is not a registered lottery, therefore on that basis it is illegal and all the disclaimers, in my view, irrelevant. The method of distributing SOME of these prizes make that, without reservation, or argument, abundantly manifest.

    There is an attempt to circumvent the law with so called “skills testing” questions (puzzles) and indeed these puzzles exist. The question: does this format then legalize, what is in fact an otherwise pure, and admitted by Global TV, an unquestionable, illegal lottery, save for these “smoke and mirrors” games and puzzles Global TV asserts makes this “contrivance” legal?

    Now, examine closely the statement in that report: Below, at “6” in their defense, these crooks and scam artists at Global hosting this scheme, clearly acknowledge….. “Lastly, and possibly most importantly, having a real and provable element of skill is a fundamental legal requirement in Canada. By revealing game methodology, you take away any skill element and reduce games entirely to chance, making them illegal.”

    Remember, their words, not mine. First, getting through to these schemes is, by their own admission, by “chance.” Secondly, Global TV clearly acknowledges that the absence of a “real and provable” element of skill is a fundamental legal requirement in Canada:”….. Without it the scheme or contrivance is illegal in their submission.

    So, by their own admitted criteria the segments of the show that award the next “lucky” caller with a prize even if the answer is incorrect or ridiculous, (remember by their own criteria), renders at least that part of the show admittedly and indisputably an illegal game of chance. And how many victims of these schemes, one might question, rush to the phones in that segment because it is simply by chance, including those whose I.Q. may render them incapable of solving any puzzle.

    Now, you will find this comment in a Criminal Code with respect to section 206. EXCERPT:

    “the legitimacy of a business is not a factor to be considered if part of its operation is a lottery scheme. Furthermore, the key to this offense is that a participant shall become entitled to receive from others under the scheme an amount larger than his investment, and accordingly it does not matter whether that larger amount was in existence in the scheme before or after he joined it. R. v. Golden Canada Products (1973), 15 C.C.C. (2d) 1, 43 D.L.R. (3d) 251 (Alta. C.A.)

    So, sue away, victims of this scam, and receive the compensation you deserve, and hopefully also the publicity these scams, and those behind them deserve.

    Sue in Small Claims Court. Depending upon jurisdiction, (Ontario $25,000), ask for punitive damages for unwittingly being drawn into a criminal scheme and as general deterrent in the public’s interest to protect society against such multi-million dollar white-collar abominable, and unconscionable racketeering schemes and scams, or sue in higher court in an individual or “class action” lawsuit asking extremely substantial punitive damages in order to prevent these illegal schemes from completely permeating our society.

    That assertion can of course be easily demonstrated, in that many of these “mask schemes” under section 206 (1)(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code already exist and “exploding” exponentially in this country and worldwide.

    Just do it!!! You deserve it and the sophisticated cooks the racketeers who hire some of the most highly qualified but corrupted professionals, such as psychologist and lawyers to devise and perpetrate these illegal scheme deserve to be exposed and punished and made to pay. Simple!!! And that, essentially, is why we have laws for the protection of society.

    dave – CBNow
    Worldwide Fraud Investigation

  202. Thanks for that Robert.
    I’m surprised that only 3 of you took the matter all the way.

    A point of interest though: the answer to the matchstick problem was not the highest. It was just ‘a drop in the ocean’.

  203. hey. have you heard? They actually found out its a scam. According to Clause 12 global tv investigated it and took it off the air. supposedly all winners were workers and mathmeticians even guessed the right answer but were always told their wrong when someone calls in with it. anyways, thank god its off, the annoying guy and girl with british accents were stupid. also the countdown they put on and fighting the producers like said above..thats funny i remember that and they would even do that for the first 5 minutes when the show is on for a whole hour. it says maximum 25 calls a day and i did do 25 calls in one night, i was charged the $50 so i did lose crap but i knew it was fixed the entire time.. lol

  204. oh yeah. i remember that kitten puzzle. and the answer was an odd number. so one of the girls was one-legged or the kittens only had 3 legs. that really pissed me off.

  205. Now, is Global TV going to return the money scammed by their actions as they should???

    They were told for long enough this was a scam. They had no obligation to continue until an illegal contract (a contract that violates the “law of the land”) was completed.

    All it meant was that they knowing continued to scam victims until the contract expired. They had an obligation to “put the fire out” when they were informed and before the damage was complete.

    That’s the truth……… that’s the reality of the situation. And the G.D. @#$%^% corrupt government, police and the rest of the main-line media are closing their eyes to it all.

    dave CBNow
    International Fraud Investigation

  206. Now, is Global TV going to return the money scammed by their actions as they should???

    They were told for long enough this was a scam. They had no obligation to continue until an illegal contract (a contract that violates the “law of the land”) was completed.

    All it meant was that they knowing continued to scam victims until the contract expired. They had an obligation to “put the fire out” when they were informed and before the damage was complete.

    That’s the truth……… that’s the reality of the situation. And the G.D. @#$%^% corrupt government, police and the rest of the main-line media are closing their eyes to it all.

    dave CBNow
    International Fraud Investigation

  207. The Canadian government should be pressured to do likewise.

    EXCERPT form the news article:

    “Yesterday, it said Play TV did not operate within the terms of the authorisation it received in May 2009. Two programmes were investigated and found to contain misleading and unfair questions.”

    The question that needs probing is…. “Why would a scheme like this get any kind of approval except possibly as a charity fundraiser.”

    The only way for promoters in these schemes to make massive corporate profits contributing nothing to a countries GNP, is to amass a huge pool of money from participants then pay a tiny few, randomly selected contestants, an infinitesimal amount of “prize money” from that pool.

    With respect to licensed gambling, in most countries, at least for example, Canada and the U.S., about 80 to over 95% or more of the pool of money these games generate, even those with the worst odds, must be returned as winnings to the participants.

    Play TV is nothing more than a massive international money grab by money-laundering racketeers our Canadian Government seems unconcerned about; nothing more than another obvious “money circulating” “Rob Peter to Pay Paul” scheme, detrimental to the social-economic health of a nation…… That is the truth…… That is the reality. As in all these frauds, simply….. “FOLLOW THE MONEY!!!”

    dave – CBNow
    International Fraud Investigation

    BTW, Under the Federal Competition Act it requires 6 concerned Canadian citizens over the age of 18, and very importantly not necessarily involved in the scheme to file a joint complaint…. The complaint must be then be properly investigated by the Federal Competition Bureau; at least according to law.

    That news story from Ireland is powerful evidence. Thanks for posting that Brian JM I have forwarded it to a South African journalist who is attacking the Play TV scam there.

  208. TLN originally aired the show in Canada before Global and is currently airing the show again nearly every day. Tonight’s show is “find the difference between the pictures” so we’ll think they’re all winnable games. I wouldn’t be surprised if callers chosen for those games are on their staff.

  209. Yes I noticed it was on at 1:00 am this morning.

    This scam makes so much money it’s unnecessary to use a member of their staff as a winner.

    These scammers would love nothing more than to defend against that allegation diverting attention away from the real truth; prizes notwithstanding, the simple fact that this is an illegal gamling scheme under s. 206 (1)(e) of the Canadin Criminal Code.

    The prize money is insignificant vis-a-vis the 100’s of thousands scammed on the telephone calls.

    On screen they claim “no purchase necessary.” However, if victims did not “purchase the phone calls” the scheme would simply collapse. That is the only real source of the illegal “pool” of money this scam operates on.

    Incidently since my last posting my years of allegations that gambling schemes particularly pyramid schemes are run out of Canadian government offices by government personnel has finally been confirmed under the “Freedom of Information Act” and this “Play TV” is nothing more than a massive “pool”…. Check it out

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  210. *** REFUNDS ***

    I can NOT believe that this show is back on the air in Canada on TeleLatino (TLN). How do these unconscionable people sleep at night?

    How do they get away with ripping people off publically and get away with it?!?!?!?

    I am going to call
    • TLN
    • CRTC
    • Canadian Broadcasters’ Standards Board
    and give them an earful.

    I am going to contact Silverhawk and/or Goldstein to bring this SCAM to the attention of Torontonians via television.

    It sickens me that people are calling in hoping for a large jackpot when they have no bloody chance of getting one red cent and will get a phone bill for $100s.

    I have to once again remind people that if they are a First Time Caller to a #-Numbers or 1-900 Numbers, then they are eligible for a REFUND for all calls made on an occasion per:

    * Telecom Decision 2006-48-Paragraph 31, *

    known as: FIRST TIME WAIVER FOR 900/# CALLS. The jist of it states: Amounts on phone bill should be waived by provider.

    …By law, you can get a REFUND if, and only if, these calls were your first calls to #-Numbers/900 from your phones.

    Call you telephone company and don’t ask, but demand a REFUND per


    Since these telephone companies are probably getting a fee or some sort of compensation for collecting $2/call from you, then they are COMPLICENT in this scam and have given out a #-Number/1-900 in their quest for greater revenues for themselves; they are negligent and have no respect or regard for their clients.

  211. Good morning Burt,

    We got these bastards off the air once, we can do it again.

    I’m going to research the parent company of TLN and those of their advertisers.

    I need sleep right now but I’ll post contact information later – advertisers don’t like being associated with scandals

    A few dozen emails should stir things up!

  212. It has become a joke. They rake in 10s thousands an hour. The complaints come in. Authorities “investigate” dragging their feet. Finally after ripping the country off for millions, it is closed down for a few months then starts up again.

    No arrests, no fines little if any money returned. That’s the way it’s done. That’s the system with this and pyramid/Ponzi schemes. That’s the truth …… That’s the reality!

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  213. Earlier in the week, it aired at this time but something called Video Italia is on tonight. Their site says that it airs Mon, Tue, Thur, Fri 1am: 2am Eastern, so I’m waiting to see if it airs at 2am and see if they’ll allow free online entries. I’m not holding my breath because I know they’re all about scamming others and that each time I’ve tried to enter for free this week, it says: “Sorry, today’s show is over”.

  214. They are now bold enough to perpetrate this abhorrant criminal gambling scheme, on TLN, in the middle of a Saturday afternoon.

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  215. Hi All,

    Lisa from Dublin, Ireland, here again.

    Am shocked to see that this PlayTV Scam is on again.
    I just hope you all continue with your complaints to the Broadcasting Authority. At least we are free from it now!

    Just wondering are any of our presenters on it now? Derval was doing it before it shut down first time. Is there a Fiona, Aoife, Lauren? Would love to see a couple of clips if they are still at it.

    Dave you must be rightly pissed off with this turn of events.


  216. BTW, another pyramid scheme that has spread globally, and in Ireland as well, Lisa, and operating for years and still being perpetrated only a few miles from where I live has finally been shut down by the Central Bank of Solomon Islands (CBSI) and the Solomon Islands Financial Intelligence Unit (SIFIU) and also seized and under investigation in by South African Police.

    And Africa…..

    CrimeBustersNow is here at #3 on the Google search I just entered..

    This is also in Ireland, as I mentioned. These guys are perpetrating this scam even in the high schools with teacher actually involved. It’s abhorrent.

    Would appreciate, Lisa, if you would add a comment to the S.A. news report in the above link.

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  217. Not once has my online entries counted since TLN started broadcasting it again. It still says “Sorry, today’s show is over.” after I enter my information. By law, they are supposed to offer a way to enter for free or donate a portion of their earnings to charity, as the lottery corporations do.

  218. Where do you get the idea that….. By law, they are supposed to offer a way to enter for free or donate a portion of their earnings to charity, as the lottery corporations do.”

    These guys are operating a “Canadian 206” unregistered gambling fraud. They put up these B.S. “disclaimers” like “you have to be 18 to enter” to give the appearence of legality. 5 or fifty the scam is illegal!!!

    That’s the truth … that’s the reality of Play TV.

    Anyone P.Oed enough to picket Rogers, government, or city hall. This is election year go after the politicians.

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  219. Because that is the only reason they are giving the illusion that they are offering free entries. Right now, they hope someone who attempts to enter online and gets that error message will just give in and call instead. The lottery corporations don’t offer free entries to their draws but they donate a portion of their earnings to charity, as they’re required to. They would certainly keep it all otherwise but Play TV is doing so anyway.

  220. It is all B.S. They are running a criminal scheme that once again corrupt Canadian authorities are deliberately turning a “blind eye” to. That’s the truth…. That’s the reality.

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  221. Wow, just noticed this scam on tv again and checked back in with this blog. What do we have to do when we see absolute blatant scamming and law breaking as plain as the nose on your face and Canadian authorities do absolutely nothing about it? What do I pay taxes for? I’m truly embarrassed as a Canadian – again.

  222. I haven’t seen it since Monday night as I’ve been tired but I caught the end of it tonight. Guess what? They’re back to the “how many legs are there on the bus?” “puzzles”! Again, they have no winners for nearly the entire show and they then offer $200 for a wrong answer in the final few minutes. Then, they reveal their answer (2,570, if I recall correctly) with no explanation. I knew that wouldn’t take long!

  223. CrimebustersNow

    I am fed up. I called 911 tonight and told them there was an illegal gaming scheme in progress. Of course I got the “run ’round” from my local police department to the OPP; to the Toronto Police. I told them if they could get to a T.V. set they could see the scam in action: Totally disinterested.

    Police used to raid “gaming houses” etc, and that is all this is; a gaming racket perpetrated out of a TV studio.

    I bet if dozens of people called 911 when this show was running authorities would do something. And if they want to charge a group of very concerned citizens for the “misuse” of 911 for reporting millions in ongoing fraud targeting the unsophisticated, the poor, the financially desperate, stay at home moms and desperate dads, it would make a very interesting case for sure. What is the difference in Play TV vis-a-vis or a gambling scam perpetrated out of a hotel or a “back room” like organized crime in the ’30?

    And here is our law enforcement stating the obvious but a decade-&-a-half behind the times and can’t even shut down a Canadian “206” fraud operating openly on TV, or RCMP officers and cops on down, corrupt lawyers, accountants, politicians, government personnel, particularly in the Tax Department, school board officials, teachers, even church ministers etc, openly perpetrating pyramid fraud from “high end” hotels and community halls. Unbelievable but true. That is the truth…. That is the reality.

    Check out this latest news report on scams…

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  224. I am back on attack Monday with phone calls – CBSC first off since they just ruled on this show a few months ago. At least I did notice that that the actual answer to the quiz this time made a bit of sense 2568 plus the driver is 2570 legs – but that’s not the point. I will also call Bell Canada, the show actually says in a graphic “$2/call Bell only” during the broadcast. I actually feel like taking the time to become an OPP officer just to call on these criminals!

    CBSB: 613-233-4607 or toll free at 866-696-4718
    (who ruled on the scam when it aired on Global):
    Ontario Regional Panel
    CIII-TV (Global Ontario) re Play TV Canada
    (CBSC Decision 09/10-0201+)
    Decided April 1, 2010

  225. CrimeBustersNow

    Play TV is only a symptom of a much larger problem of government and police corruption. That’s the truth…. That’s reality.

    Phone Busters, Crime Stoppers, the propaganda on the Federal Competition Bureau website, political rhetoric etc, are all simply perception. They are all but absolutely useless as anyone can witness with the phone calls CBC Marketplace is seen making on their investigative program. Check it out.

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  226. Has anyone complained about the fact that they offer free web entries on the air but when you actually enter that way, it says that the show is over? It has done this ever since the show has started airing on TLN.

  227. Glen wrote…. “I actually feel like taking the time to become an OPP officer just to call on these criminals!”

    The truth Glen, is that the “high brass” would quash your efforts.

    BTW what law dictates, or what policy allows the police from the RCMP an down to “slough off” and refer serious complaints on international criminal money-laundering to Crime Stoppers; a private non-profit organization thereby giving many complainants the impression the organization is a branch of official law enforcement when in fact some of their top people have been involved in theft and some chapters of Crime Stoppers actually use the notorious Xentel telemarketing fraudsters to raise funds by calling little old ladies and the like asking them to sponsor non-existent handicapped and underprivileged children to magic shows and circuses that do not exist for them with the fraudulent telemarketers pocketing over 85% of the gross donated proceeds.

    So of course any complaints directed at these fraudulent telemarketers and the likes of Play TV end up ditched in the “round file.”

    They are simply part of the same “dirty game.” That’s the truth…. That’s the reality.

    “Crime Stoppers Now A Criminal Organization? Top Officers Arrested
    A 51-year-old former OPP officer has been charged after an investigation into fraud at the Upper Ottawa Valley Crime Stoppers Board after police received a tip from auditors.

    Check it out:

    EthicScan PSR on Xentel DM Inc:

    Xentel Fraud:

    “…..raise money for public service associations like local law enforcement, firefighters, and other cause-related service groups (like Shrine Circus, Missing Children, Big Brothers, and Crime Stoppers)”

    Xentel Fraud:

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  228. Hi… Please note that the airwaves in Canada, whether it be Radio, Television, Cell Phones, etc. are under the juristiction of the RCMP.

    Do not call 911, Metro Police, OPP, etc.

    * Call the RCMP *

    Please contact the RCMP concerning Play TV Canada, or whatever it’s called now. I intend to do it. My father’s friend contacted them concerning the Nigerian 419 Scams.

    1. Go to RCMP Website:
    2. Click “English” or “French”, whatever you speak.
    3. In the upper panel, click on “Contact Us”
    4. Then in left panel, click on “Scams & Fraud”
    5. Go from there.

    Or you can call their General Inquiries and talk to someone live.

    If enough of us contact them, then maybe something will finally be done.


  229. Hi Burt wrote

    “Hi… Please note that the airwaves in Canada, whether it be Radio, Television, Cell Phones, etc. are under the juristiction of the RCMP.”

    The idea of calling 911 was in protest not a matter of jurisdiction.

    That’s the way it is supposed to work. I tried it and it doesn’t, but still do it as a “paper trail” (email rail phone trail whatever.

    Even CBC Marketplace could not get them to answer. Check the video.

    And check the icon of the RCMP in the upper left corner of the cover of Macleans Magazine in this link – the caption says it all….

    “THE RCMP GIVES UP – Proof that the Mounties are letting Criminals walk.

    Story line:

    The RCMP is walking away from serious investigations, and failing to snag fraudsters…. And white collar criminals.

    These are the answers as to why these frauds are perpetrated openly in Canada. That and the fact police, government personnel, politicians etc, are participating in, or being paid off by these fraudsters, and of course the media, which is obvious when it was perpetrated on Global TV and now through Rogers where I live on the TLN Network. Again, that’s the truth….. that’s reality; the stuff being fed to us by police and government is simply perception…… in common language B.S.

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  230. Hi… I didn’t know that.

    I think I will do the same and leave a paper trail as well. I had faith in the RCMP, but they’ve been involved in a lot of scandals and funny business lately. I am still going to call them and see what they advise.

    Thank you

  231. CrimeBustersNow

    We have files on all manner of fraud especially in Canada and links to evidence, reports, news stories etc, supporting our findings.

    If you watch this CBC Marketplace Video you will see how CBC attempted to reach the RCMP and the Canadian Federal Competition Bureau. If CBC is ignored and they don’t have the “clout” necessary to reach these overpaid bureaucrats with their questions and information what chance do you think the average individual Joe or defrauded high school is going to have.

    I personally worked on two cases with an investigator of the Competition Bureau. I had years of investigation on one of these particular frauds going back over 20 years. It involve a lawyer running it, police officers a college teacher who is also a provincial prosecutor and others high up. Ironically this investigator was a former student of that college teacher. Until we received a complaint and shut them down, like Play TV, this scam was “hiding in plain view” operating in the open, signs and all, on the main street of Woodbridge Ontario for over 6 years.

    This young Comp. Bur. Investigator, only recently hired, an excellent and dedicated individual even chasing down my leads throughout the Labour Day weekend was able to confirm our info and developed an “air-tight” case against these crooks.

    What he didn’t realise is that he did far too good a job. Both files were taken from him. He sent me an email stating … “I have resigned from the Competition Bureau for reasons better left unsaid.” Now that’s our government; that’s what we are fighting constantly and that is why the likes of Play TV continue perpetrating an obvious illegal money-circulating gambling scheme in clear violation of s. 206 (1)(e) of the C.C.C.

    The media is suppressing these facts steadfastly refusing to inform the public what is truly going on. Again if you watch that CBC Marketplace report, at the scam we are picketing there is an active (not retired) RCMP inside perpetrating the fraud belying the “line” touted by CBC Marketplace…… “WHAT ONLY MARKET PLACE WILL TELL YOU.” It is us at BCNow telling you what Market Place is in fact now suppressing. I have left several messages with Tiffany Foxcroft the latest this morning. She no longer returns calls, not even to simple say “please don’t call anymore.”

    That’s the truth…… that’s the reality of what is going on in our Canadian Society.

    An interesting side note unrelated to Play TV…. The story of Judge Lori Douglas of Winnipeg caught up in a sex scandal was covered on CBC. CNN would have been all over a story like this in the U.S. airing public opinions etc. This CBC story is once again “Closed to Comments.”

    Are Canadians treated as “Sheeple” told only what police, government authorities and the media want us know vis-a-vis the whole truth or many times any part of it??? Something to think about.

    Dave – CBNow
    International Fraud Investigations
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  232. Anoymous wrote….

    It looks like they took it off the air. There’s no sign of the show in TV listings and the website is down.

    And in the meantime when these crooks “pitch” this scam to the media I believe in one of their pitches they claimed they take in about $40,000 per hour. So, no legal action has been insituted against these scammers in years(welfare moms are prosecuted and sometimes jailed for shoplifting – “theft under”).

    Play TV was on the corrupted Global Media for something like a year or whatever, (so why would we expect exposure of fraud from those participating in it) and now the 10s of thousands perhaps millions Play TV defrauded individual Canadians and the Canadian economy out of as they were again allowed to operate on TLN while authorities continued to turn a “blind eye.”

    Now, as anyone who has read our website will know, we have been pursuing fraudulent schemes particularly these “Rob Peter; Pay Paul” schemes for over half a decade while Canadian police and government officials disseminate false and counterproductive propaganda against us pursuing me personally with lies, “strong arm tactics” etc.

    Well my friends, during all this time we have maintained that these frauds are all basically the same… “206” Rob Peter; Pay Paul” Canadian fraud; larger ones leading to massive losses and even suicide by both the unwitting victims and the perpetrators. But the stupid, as well as the vicious in authority refuse to listen and refuse to take action to shut down, and more importantly prevent these schemes.

    This has been a really busy couple of weeks for CrimeBustersNow Now; court appearences etc, – Does anyone believe in karma…. or “what goes ’round comes ’round” or poetic justice?….. It’s all here; the massive losses, a least one suicide, the shame, the stupidity etc, as a result of a 20 year Ponzi fraud we could have figured out in 20 minutes had these “bone heads” in authority consulted with us as other countries have….. As one fraud officer now laments publicly….

    “…..Many are embarrassed, knowing full well the irony of a federal agent, trained to spot frauds, being robbed blind.”

    And this…..
    “The government’s silence on the question of how McLeod was able to conduct the fraud is frustrating to some of his victims, and some wonder privately if their employer is concerned about its liability.”
    So, how does it feel Boys & Girls in “Blue; you with the badges and the power of arrest???”…. That’s what “common victims” of these Affinity Frauds experience daily…. especially financially unsophisticated high school students when they complain to “government investigators” and their parents get arrested on false charges for trying to get their kids money back and expose the fraud. Check it out…..

    And now the investigative unit of the Solomon Island Central Bank (SIFIU) have used the information from our CBNow website to arrest and shut down Canadian Diamond Traders in the Solomon Islands … read the account…. [Please note: The media mistakenly called us Crime Busters as many even on this site refer to us. But the exact quotes come directly from our website.

    And check us out on Google, there you will find an Irony as well…. Check on the list for “CrimeBustersNow – Front for Extortion” writen by Canadian Diamond Traders.

    Well, like I always say, sometimes …. That’s the truth…. that’s the reality….. and the rest is the authoritarian feeding of the “sheep” with “perception” vis-a-vis the truth and brainwashing B.S.

    Dave – CBNow

    International Fraud Investigations
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  233. CrimeBustersNow

    I have just sent an email to Tiffany Foxcroff, CBC Marketplace. Lets see what, if anything results.

    dave – CBNow

    International Fraud Investigations
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  234. Just called TLN and they said “They are done, their contract is up.”
    PlayTVCanada on web is also gone.
    Bye bye again PlayTV scammers, hope it stays off the air longer this time.

  235. its Not a scam , or im the luckiest s.o.b out there
    I called the show once , Won the puzzle about 3 weeks ago on t.v and this morning I got a check for that fake $500 bucks your talking about

  236. I never said anything about fake bucks. The scam is in the implication that there is a unique solution to each “puzzle”, and in the insistence that nobody is calling. Both are false. If you were indeed one of the rare people, of many, who got through, and managed to guess at the semi-random solution, then yeah, you are a lucky S.O.B.


  237. Hi Jennifer

    The $500 need not be fake. That’s weere the confusion comes in. Many suspicious people think the “prize” is fake. It the distraction. It’s what Magicians do to distract you from the real trick. The real trick is how they exchange 500 dollars for 40 grand or more .

    If you were paid $40,000 in an hour you could easily give someone else $500 out of the “loot” you didn’t even invest, and they could, after spending from only $2 as you claim or say $25 getting through and “winning” $500, claim to the world…. “IT WORKS!!!.” It is not a scam!!! BECAUSE I …. the key word, “I” came out with $475.

    It is gambling, and unless it is santioned by government and certain rules governing the fairness of the requirements to win and the percentage payed vis-a-vis the amount kept, strickly adheared to… It is ILLEGAL gambling… a “206” fraud….. – 206 (1)(e) Canadian Criminal Code.

    That is the truth of this abhorrent scheme…. that’s the Reality.

    dave – CBNow

    International Fraud Investigations
    Exposing Government & Police Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  238. Guess what? The site is up again and the scam returns Friday night at 1 am and Saturday night at 2 am, this time on CHCH.

  239. The host has mentioned that you can enter on the website a few times during tonight’s show. She even said that method is free once. However, the website once again gives you the message: “Sorry todays show is over.” after you submit your information. You might recall that it was like that throughout most of the last run on TLN. As always, the pay methods are displayed in large print with “$2/call” in very fine print underneath and the free method is listed as “alternative entry” in very fine print at the bottom right corner of the screen.

    They just revealed the so-called “easy” answers to the first game “what is white?” after 20 minutes. Notice I didn’t say after taking calls for 20 minutes. That’s because whenever the few times they supposedly put a caller through to the studio, they said nothing. Oh, the “easy” answers were “mascarpone”, “buttermilk and “milk”. Of course they were! How could I have missed that? I say that sarcastically, of course.

  240. this isn’t a scam, its a well thought out business that is worldwide. Check out this in the nytimes

    this is also the video call in stuff you see on much music

    they are also on facebook

    the software etc is here

    own a tv station need revenue use:

    the website above will give you an idea as to how big this company really is

    don’t waste your money but if you buy a tv station …

  241. The size and revenue of the organization has nothing to do with whether it is a scam or not. The NYTimes article pretty much confirms its scamminess; it explicitly mentions the psychological tricks they use to maximize call volume. It also confirms that it’s little more than a lottery disguised as a game of skill.

    Taking money from people through trickery and dishonest, no matter how successful it is, is a scam.

  242. CrimeBustersNow to anonymous “intime”

    That you can possibly read this N.Y. Times article and interpret THAT as an endorsement of legality is mind-boggling at best and a confirmation of a serious worldwide problem of mass “brainwashing” leading to the condoning of the defrauding of the poor, the ignorant, the financially unsophisticated, the financially desperate, and of course, from a number of obvious callers, the intoxicated.

    It is easy to see by the Facebook link you provided, “intime,” how these perpetrators are brainwashing and corrupting the minds of desperate young people teaching them how to criminally “rip off” the world. This is the “new wave:” Clever criminals now able to quickly amass millions and even billions of dollars in these corrupt schemes, enough to corrupt the youth, “pay off” and corrupt politicians, many media, including unfortunately, the mainstream media such as Global TV, TLN, and now CHCH TV, again adding “an air” of legitimacy, not to mention the power to stave off warranted law enforcement.

    And there in that very article you quote of course is the proof of a lottery scheme: They brag they can receive 100,000 calls in a one hour time slot. At $2.00 per call, that is $200,000 from a one hour time slot. And pay out what??? …. 3 to $4000 at best. Some shows with ambiguous answers sometimes only a few hundred dollars.

    That in Canada (my country) is illegal gambling under section 206 (1(e) of the Canadian Criminal Code. And now CHCH TV is engaged in it as not only as enablers and facilitators, but participants in the “payoffs:” No different than an illegal “gaming house”.

    Further, in that video these crooks claim “everyone is a winner.” THAT obviously is impossible and of course untrue.

    Even someone as “brainwashed” as you appear to be, “intime,” would have to agree…. THAT is nonsense.

    Just another case of an “Emperor Without Clothes.”

    dave – CBNow
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  243. -> ‘intime’ I get the impression that you’re associated with Telemedia but we don’t mind.
    I agree that “it’s a well thought out business”, but that doesn’t excuse deliberately taking advantage of the majority of viewers. Successful ‘crooks’ often have things well thought out.

    Extract from an article in the Irish Times: “Last January, the Broadcasting Authority found Play TV had engaged in “misleading and unfair” practices”.

    The NYT article is rather old. What would they say today?

    Mike & Dave have covered other points (thanks guys) I was going to make so more from Irish Times: “Play TV did not operate within the terms of the authorisation it received in May 2009. Programmes were investigated and found to contain misleading and unfair questions.”

  244. CrimeBustersNow

    It appears CHCH TV is simply going to take advantage of the corruption in law enforcement and the Ontario Government. these are the latest corespondence.

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    P.O. Box 16027
    Maple Grove
    Oakville, On
    L6J 6V9

    Hamilton Ontario

    Att: Ruth Boyde

    Re: Illegal Gambling re: Play TV.

    Dear Ms. Boyde:

    Further to our conversation October 20, 2010, these are the details surrounding the game show, “Play TV” currently being aired on CHCH TV Friday nights at 1 am and Saturday nights at 2 am.

    “Play TV” was being perpetrated on Global TV for many months but closed down, with a public apology after repeated complaints. Some weeks ago “Play TV” was airing on the TLN network. Again after complaints it was discontinued.

    This scheme, masquerading “under the radar” as “advertising,” sadly has cropped up on CHCH TV.

    This, from the NY Times, certainly adds confirmation to our allegations of a fraud under s. 206 (1)(e)…..


    Depending on the response of callers, Mr. Torocsik and his team of producers adjust the games and the financial payoff to maximize the number of calls. For this reason, some critics call it a form of TV gambling.

    His studios run round the clock. On a busy day, a one-hour show could get more than 100,000 calls.

    Now, we understand when one examines the incompetence of the FBI and top security in the U.S. in detecting these frauds and law enforcement themselves being fooled and “ripped off” for $43,000,000 in a 20 year Ponzi scheme, that by the same token, “Play TV” may have “slid under the radar” at CHCH TV. But, for CHCH TV, who warn of scams, it would be indeed embarrassing (as it has for the FBI etc, and the Queen herself, for that matter) to have to admit this fraud was perpetrated for months or years under the noses and watchful eyes of CHCH investigative reporters.

    These are the stories of the Queen’s Guard actually perpetrating a huge Ponzi scheme and law enforcement officers in the U.S. that were “ripped off” in that huge Ponzi scheme. We could have told the FBI in less than 20 minutes it was a Ponzi scheme; and in about two days, have found the evidence to prove it. That is what we do.


    Wayne McLeod: The Life and [Suicide] Death of a Mini-Madoff

    He gave seminars, handled investments, and ran a Ponzi scheme for an unlikely group: law enforcers

    CrimeBustersNow non-profit organization has the expertise of being able to quickly spot these scams, and in that regard currently “batting 1000” with the exposé of the Pigeon King International Ponzi scheme out of Waterloo Ontario that we actively participated in shutting down, and the successful judgment in the Ontario Superior Court in defence of a $10,000,000 liable “SLAP” suit and an attempt to obtain an injunction to shut our website down; the Solomon Islands Central Bank using our information to identify and shut down a diamond scam still operating out of Mississauga, unbelievably with the full knowledge of the Peel Police.

    Canadian Diamond Traders fraudulent scam Mississauga:

    And now, having brought this abhorrent “Play TV” scheme to the attention of CHCH TV we would trust CHCH TV would immediately shut it down, considering of course, that it is a criminal money-laundering scheme perpetrated mainly on the financially unsophisticated, the financially desperate, the poor, and as one listens to the callers; the seriously intoxicated. This “Play TV” scheme is contrary to s. 206 (1)(e) CCC, and, as a criminal conspiracy to defraud the masses, qualifies as “international, organized, money-laundering crime.”

    We realize, that, as with Pigeon King International, there is always a conflict between the advertizing department in a quest for sources of revenue and the integrity of the news department to expose these schemes.

    It is, therefore, our sincere hope that CHCH TV is nothing more than an unwitting accomplice to this illegal lottery scheme and not, like many others, even in government positions, perpetrating similar “206” fraudulent schemes, merely taking advantage of the fact that no one in authority has any intention of dealing with it, or shutting these schemes down; that is, unless there is a “public outcry” or a high profile conscionable individual with legal clout; i.e. lawyer or politician (hold your breath in that respect) or a responsible news media speaks up.

    Again, we call upon CHCH TV to immediately take the “Play TV” scheme off the air and perhaps possibly air a news story with respect to just how damaging these fraudulent schemes are to society, especially the poor and the unsophisticated; the damage these schemes cause the nation’s economy and how easy it is to become an unwitting accomplice as a result of the way these schemes are slickly packaged, smoothly “pitched” and perpetrated.

    You may also wish to peruse this blog of concerned and thoughtful citizens worldwide expressing their views on the subject of “Play TV” ….

    I look forward to a reply from CHCH TV.

    Yours truly,

    David John Thornton
    President – CrimeBustersNow
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time.

  245. CrimeBustersNow

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Ruth Boyd (CHCH)
    To: ‘david Thornton’
    Sent: October-25-10 9:11 AM
    Subject: RE: PLAY TV “GAME” SHOW – CHCH TV

    Hello David:

    Thank you for taking the time to report and provide this information. I am forwarding your email to my manager asking him to bring to the attention of the senior management team.

    Best regards,

    Ruth Boyd
    CHCH News

    From: david Thornton []
    Sent: Monday, October 25, 2010 1:03 PM
    To: Ru th Boyd (CHCH)
    Subject: Re: PLAY TV “GAME” SHOW – CHCH TV

    Thank you Ruth. Will wait to hear back.

    dave – CBNow

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    P.O. Box 16027
    Maple Grove
    Oakville, On
    L6J 6V9

    —– Original Message —–
    From: Ruth Boyd (CHCH)
    To: ‘david Thornton’
    Sent: October-25-10 1:28 PM
    Subject: RE: PLAY TV “GAME” SHOW – CHCH TV

    Hello Dave,

    My managers has confirmed that your email along has been forwarded to the President and C.O.O. and C.E.O.

    Thanks again,


    —– Original Message —–
    From: david Thornton
    To: Ruth Boyd (CHCH)
    Sent: October-25-10 2:40 PM
    Subject: Re: PLAY TV “GAME” SHOW – CHCH TV

    Thanks Ruth. Glad to see it is moving along.

    dave – CBNow

    —– Original Message —–
    From: david Thornton
    To: Ruth
    Sent: October-31-10 4:52 AM
    Subject: Fw: PLAY TV “GAME” SHOW – CHCH TV

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    P.O. Box 16027
    Maple Grove
    Oakville, On
    L6J 6V9

    Hello again Ruth

    Further to this matter I see from CHCH TV programming this week that CHCH TV continues to air the “Play TV” illegal lottery scam forbidden under section 206 (1) (e) CCC. This is indeed unfortunate. It would appear that CHCH is merely taking advantage of a lack of enforcement of this section of the Criminal Code to defraud its own audience in this abhorrent scheme which was already cancelled by Global TV & the TLN network after a public outcry.

    CHCH TV investigative reporters should be investigating and exposing this scam for what it is as they have many others, but it would seem that because this fraud scheme benefits CHCH TV they are willing to split the proceeds of international money laundering crime.

    With the media involved in these frauds lending “credibility” to crime, who will expose and protect the public from it? With police officers running myriad “206” illegal schemes, involving as well, corrupt lawyers, accountants, provincial prosecutors even school board officials, teachers and church ministers and with police perpetrating fraudulent telemarketing with no apparent desire on the part of anyone of authority or the media to investigate any of these schemes or shut them down, certainly “paints a abhorrent picture” of an “unholy alliance” of criminal power in this country. Does integrity no longer exist; anything for corporate profit?

    I would have thought, due to the prima facie criminal nature of the “Play TV” scam, that CHCH TV would “err on the side and of caution” immediately shutting down this criminal fraud pending an in depth investigation considering “ignorance of the law is no excuse;” particularly feigned ignorance, considering CHCH TV’s immediate access to legal advice. Questions could easily arise “who knew what and when did they know it” and being a news media what did CHCH know or ought to have known about this scam considering what was readily available on the Internet and news media in other countries where this scam was shut down for defrauding their citizens.

    To hide crime behind the “mask” of “advertising” CHCH TV is no better than the scam artists CHCH exposes perpetrating other types of fraud.

    It is noteworthy that the U.S. has slipped to 22 from 19 in the list of the world’s least corrupt countries. These observations in the excerpts below would certainly appear to apply to the corruption of CHCH, the police and our government, but Canadian corruption, for the most part is so well suppressed.


    “There was a vacuum of enforcement that allowed people to do bad things. The problem is widespread as many countries have regulations on the books but don’t enforce them, either because the state is captured by interests that don’t want them enforced or because regulatory bodies don’t have the resources to do their work.”

    And this ….. “The TI index is the most commonly used measure for corruption in countries worldwide, though it has received criticisms over the years. The principal criticism stems from the difficulty in measuring corruption, which by definition happens BEHIND THE SCENES”.

    dave – CBNow

  246. Hi Mike

    My last two postings consisiting of email exchanges with CHCH TV are being held up for quite some time with the message ….. “Your comment is awaiting modeation.”

    Is there a problem?

    dave – CBNow

  247. Hi Dave. Thanks for the updates (and the shout out to my blog in your letter). I’m glad they’re at least responsive.

    Your comments sometimes get held in moderation because they have a lot of links. Feel free to keep reminding me if I fail to get to them in a day or two.

  248. Thanks Mike for getting the posting through.

    We must demonstrate to corporations and government that there are members of the public that are not going to simply sit back quietly while corporations government and police not only refuse to enforce the law, but actually profit in these criminal frauds while ignoring the public’s interest, persecuting and prosecuting victims and whistleblowers.


    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  249. Yes I thought they should be officially informed of your blog Mike, so not only can they peruse what is written here, but also to prove that they were given formal notice of these comments and the links provided by citizens of other countries to media reports and their governments’ condemnation and legal actions against these international racketeers.

    It is not simply not good enough for a reputed responsible media to play semantics trying to hide behind a claim of “advertizing” to mask what essentially is a virtual “gaming house” in which they profit by others in our country being defrauded in what is not only illegal gambling, but rigged and unfair gambling.

    That’s the truth …… that’s the reality.


    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  250. —– Original Message —–
    From: Ruth Boyd (CHCH)
    To: ‘david Thornton’
    Sent: November-01-10 12:58 PM
    Subject: RE: PLAY TV “GAME” SHOW – CHCH TV

    Hello David.

    Confirming receipt of your email and that it has be forwarded directly to the attention of the C.E.O and C.O.O.

    Thank you,


  251. CrimeBustertsNow

    Very disappointing: They are still at it on CHCH Tv as of last week, but it appears the opposition here is waning. That’s how these international fraud artists and racketeers become accepted as part of a society; lack of law enforcement and finally, out of frustration, lack of public opposition from the “sane.”

    And along with this final participation by, not only the obvious crooks but also their brainwashed followers, coupled with the capitulation of the “sane” & previously concerned, comes the ultimate harm they do to a society.

    Once again, just take some time to read the results of what happened in the country of Albania in the latter part of the ’90, with these “Rob Peter Pay Paul” scams when, in their myriad forms these schemes displaced legitimate businesses destroying the entire economy of the country.

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

    BTW, I am please to announce that Amway Corporation we have always maintained is an illegal pyramid scheme, notwithstanding a member of the DSA, BBB and American Chamber of Commerce just a couple weeks ago settled the largest lawsuit in history against an “MLM” alleged pyramid scheme.

    Three members of our U.S. senior affiliate, Pyramid Scheme Alert provided the expertise that assisted in this successful Class Action law Suit of $100,000,000 dollars. Though historically huge, remember only a few short years ago under the Bush Administration, Amway was granted a $280,000,000+ tax break. Now they intend to pressure the FTC to investigate Amway criminally: And so it should be!

  252. CrimeBustersNow

    It’s Sunday 2:00 am. CHCH is still at it.

    Illegal gambling schemes have become the “new wave;” the norm of “business” in this country and growing exponentially enforced by threats, assaults, trumped-up charges in a conspiracy by both criminals and corrupted authorities against active victims and whistleblowers.

    And who will uncover the corruption; the media corporations who participate in it and profit from it???

    Something to think about. That is the truth…. that is reality.

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  253. Last week, it was reduced to one airing per week, so CHCH will probably stop airing it once their contract is done. If and when that happens, I hope that stations that these scammers try to sell their show to research it online before signing a contract.

  254. CrimeBustersNow

    Play TV is a criminal offence in Canada. It is like bank robber contracting with the Mafia to rob banks saying “I’ll rob banks just until my contract expires.”

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  255. CrimeBustersNow

    CHCH may just choose to ignor the law after reading this news story today.

    “Accused Ponzi schemer won’t be prosecuted”

    Unbelievable! It is the corruption in government I have been trying to expose for years; now they hand us the truth on a “silver platter.”

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Fraud at a Time

  256. Dammit. It’s still on. I used a different TV guide which said that a movie airs now. Oh, they’ve gone back to the “count the triangles” game. The host said that they haven’t played it before but it’s one of the games they had when it aired on Global which has multiple correct answers but they only accept the one in the envelope.

  257. Yes, this fraud continues, hopefully someone involved in law enforcement will get a chance to stay up late one of these Sat nights and watch this “show” and instantly see the blatant scam. Wishful thinking but you never know.
    1-888-495-8501 is the RCMP phone number for fraud complaints – long wait – but I did get through – said they’d look into it and gave me a case number.

  258. Wishful thinking at best. The case number would be a matter of routine.
    If the game is run along the same lines as it was here then proving fraud would probably be impossible. They push (stretch) the law as far as possible and if any complaints are deemed valid then they make minimal modification(s) as required.

    “Anonymous”: you mentioned triangle puzzles which have more than one answer. Makes me think that if you can show that a puzzle has been used before (anywhere) and had a different answer, then you have a case, because they usually claim that puzzles have a unique answer. Formally complaining to the licensing authority is probably your best bet and it takes lots of complaints.
    They may not be ordered off air, but modifications could lead to loss of revenue and end of program.

    We had them on 3 hours a night, EVERY night. I eventually started posting puzzle images/answers at

  259. I forgot to mention that last week, CHCH aired the movie they had scheduled in place of Play TV. It appears to be over again, hopefully for good this time.

  260. If there is anyone still out there…. It has been announced on TLN that they will start this scam up again on Monday 14, 2011.

    dave – CBNow

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time

    BTW, Business in Motion of Mississauga Ont.,( protected by the corrupt police there) we pursued since 2003 had 12 of his top people arrested by Manitoba RCMP Jan. 13, 2007; one a teacher, one a banker. Kippax himself already in Jail for Criminal Negligence Causing Death….. so far nothing has been said or done with respect to the many RCMP and other cops across Canada, the politicians, lawyers, accountants, doctors, CRA (Income Tax Personnel) etc, in this fraud with him. The mainstream media is doing another excellent “bang up job” of suppression.

    The Pigeon King, Arlan Galbraith, was arrested in Kitchener Dec. 2, 2011 charged with fraud: At least one OPP officer in that scam.

  261. I won $250 on 12/5/2009, and my name was on their website. I didn’t get a cheque, but whatever – it was only two bucks. Sad that people are still falling for this scam.

  262. Those “2 bucks” Liz, add up to some $40,000 per hour going to and supporting a network of international white-collar crime and racketeering. This can be used to pay off police, politicians and the media controlling the news.

    And a couple of bucks a “joint” etc, supports “drug lords” who, over the decades, by bribing police, military, politicians, paying corrupt lawyers etc, have set up a world-wide network taking over countries, legitimate business, intimidating, threatening, harassing, terrorizing and assassinating opponents and “whistleblowers.”

    And when local media, such as CHCH TV Hamilton, Global in Toronto etc, get involved in the profiteering though payoffs from international crime, who will give a voice to expose these frauds and international money-laundering racketeering except blogs like this?

    How much are we being told by the mainstream media NOW about these frauds pervading our country when the media rakes in billions from these various crooks to promote and advertize their scams and in some cases actually participate in them?

    When a crook can make 10’s of millions in a 2 to 50 dollar worldwide scam they accumulate the mllions to set up their own criminal organization hiring the best lawyers, accountants, psychologists, web-masters to better design and mask their complicated frauds, stave off prosecution, manipulate police into jailing their opposition on false charges destroying their lives, or simply exterminate them. This goes on in Canada.

    Here is a crook still operating but now on a larger scale after running a scam on the main street of Woodbridge involving police, lawyers, even a provincial prosecutor; a teacher at Humber College, defrauding students for six years. We exposed them. They simply grabbed the money an declared bankruptcy. Neither police nor government took action to close or arrest them. They went from making millions nationally by defrauding students for 3 to $5,000 to 10’s of millions internationally; a women calling our organization from California says she has been scammed for over a half million dollars from these people…. This is example of the the M.O….

    Pyramid Exposure “Summed Up” as Death Threats.

    “My daughter and her friend were involved in what we perceived to be a pyramid scam called The Sum-it Club located in Woodbridge, Ontario, Canada. They both laid down $300.00 one evening with a promise to come back the next day to authorize them to withdraw $120.00 a month for the next 2 years.

    The whole focus of the evening was to recruit other people and then get paid $400.00 for each recruitment.. After several phone calls asking for a refund of her deposit we were told she was out of luck as she had signed a non-refundable deposit form.

    The man who was also their “in-house lawyer” told us basically too bad and I am going to enjoy spending your daughters’ money. I called them several times and informed them I would expose them for the scam that they were. Low and behold, I get a call from the police and I am arrested for saying that I was going to kill them. So with two signatures (the lawyers and a women I spoke with), I went from being the accuser to being the one accused. Can you think of anything to help my case?” – Marian S., Oakville, Ontario.

    That’s the Truth …. That’s reality

    Now, how are we going to stop this Canadian “PLAY TV” scam this time around?

    dave – CBNow

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time

  263. Well it looks like we still have a few individuals interested in seeing this scam shut down once again. Hopefully we can get another “wave going” better learned from our previous experience.

    It is amazing we cannot get any mainstream media, or magazine to expose this multi-million dollar, “off shore” fraudulent scam, the people behind it, the authorities who turn a “blind eye” and politicians who remain “wilfully bind” and through their inaction, the very “facilitators and enablers” of international racketeering and money-laundering, notwithstanding Prime Minister Harper himself admitting “Canada is soft on crime.”

    Right!!! – which crimes???…. Seems he didn’t include his friends in white-collar crime according this C.U.P.E blog. in 2008….

    Harper soft on white collar crime

    Sep 26, 2008 09:46 AM

    Stephen Harper has no problem sentencing 14 year-olds to life in prison. As for his gang of merry corporate supporters who have fleeced hardworking Canadians for billions? They have a better chance of getting locked up in the U.S.

    It is way beyond “Cracks in the System:”…. It’s looking more like the Grand Canyon.

    That’s the truth….. That’s reality.

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time

  264. Correction that sentence should have ended with…. Harper claims to be “tough on crime”… notwithstanding later admitting “Canada is soft on crime.”

    Again….. Which Crimes???

    dave – CBNow

  265. PlayTV scammer’s site says it’s on TLN Euro World Sport, Rogers 425 and TLN E. And guess who owns TLN and Euro World Sport? Corus Entertainment which is run by Shaw which also runs GLOBAL TV. So way back when Global apologized for airing this PlayTV crap all they’ve now done is an end around and moved it to another one of their stations.

    Corus by the way is, “Corus Entertainment Inc., a Canadian-based media and entertainment company. The remaining shareholders of TLN include prominent members of the Italian Canadian business community.” Does anyone else smell organized crime here?

    The only good news is that both those stations are going to be pay stations, they are only free preview until Feb. 28. If I see it anywhere on stations I pay a small fortune to Roger’s for after Feb. 28, I’ll be calling them immediately and saying not interested in being your customer since you air this obvious fraud. Simple. From what I can find out, Bell only carries the standard TLN and not these secondary TLN scam stations, so I’ll switch.

    This absolutely amazes me how our law enforcement turns a blind eye to this, if I had ANYTHING to do with law enforcement, broadcasting or even the government I would be ashamed and embarrassed that I was sitting on my ass doing anything about these PlayTV crooks.

    I guess all we can do is keep complaining but at a certain point – which is now – I realize that people involved in the airing of the show (and perhaps those who would have the power to stop the broadcasting from a Canadian law perspective) are getting compensated. No other explanation in my eyes anymore.

    Also an interesting note on the Ireland PlayTV here:

  266. Hey Mike, what’s up, I’m not having much luck with a post, I didn’t swear or anything in it so what’s the prob?

    (posted many times before)

  267. Sorry about that Glenn. I think long posts with links are automatically held for approval and I don’t get any notification, so it can take a while to notice them. It’s up now.

    Also, free free to swear all you want. 🙂

  268. I was looking through the decisions made by CBSC. It would seem that only three complaints were taken all the way, one of which was not upheld. There’s umpteen more ‘complaints’ on this blog.
    I wonder how many of the writers also complained to the broadcaster?
    Maybe the initial response from the broadcaster has been phrased in a way that suggests there is no valid complaint, but if you don’t go all the way, then enjoy the show!

  269. It’s back on regular TLN and they now call the show Game Time, so that new viewers can’t check up on the show. They promised a “guaranteed $1800” to “add up all the numbers you see!”. It grows after each wrong answer, which as you know, happens often, due to the fact that they pick a random number as their answer. The screen shows 9 + 9 + 7 X 0 – 16 – 7 + 5 + 3 – (4 + 5) + 32 = ? If you’re watching, you’ll notice in the number 16, the 6 is slightly bigger than the 1 and in the number 32, the 2 is slightly higher than the 3. She mentioned there are roman numerals involved. Their new website is .

  270. This is unbelievable. It’s funny, but I was just thinking about this bloody game the other day and figured it would be on TV again soon in Canada.

    What is TeleLatino doing? Surely they know it’s a scam, are they complicit?

    Everyone contact TeleLatino and bitch at:
    Toll Free: 1-800-551-8401

    Also, they’re advertising that they’ll be on Rogers Channel 780 during the week… so call Rogers and bitch to them too. Wonder if Ted Rogers is rolling over in his grave.

    Rogers: 1-888-764-3771

  271. They revealed that the “correct” answer is 462. They showed how they came up with that answer with small, blurred numbers and symbols and they quickly took it off the screen.

  272. For all of you who LOST money by attempting to call in, please remember if these are your FIRST calls to a:

    1) #-NUMBER on your cell; or your first calls to a
    2) 900-NUMBER on your landline telephone

    then remember that all the calls that you attempted to make are REFUNDABLE by your phone company.

    ***By law, you can get a refund if, and only if, these calls were your FIRST calls to #-Numbers/900 from your phone. (*I got my $42 refunded – see April 7, 2010*)

    *** Telecom Decision 2006-48-Paragraph 31, known as: FIRST TIME WAIVER FOR 900/# CALLS. Google it or contact the CRTC; but the jist of it states: Amounts on phone bill should be waived by provider. (CRTC was helpful and friendly when I spoke to them)

    So call your phone company and tell them that you demand the FIRST TIME WAIVER FOR 900 and # calls… do NOT take “no” for an answer.

    The phone companies are complicit in this scam as they are collecting and forwarding your $2/call and they’re earning a percentage in this scam; so don’t feel too sorry for them.

    If enough people call for the REFUND, maybe the phone companies will reconsider participating in a scam.

  273. Thanks for the info everyone.

    I’ve updated the post with the new name, so that anyone Googling the show may still find this post and know what to do.

  274. Just got scammed by these guys also. Last night I called at least 80 times (3 different phones). The answer given which nobody won was simple and animal with the letters AGOT. which is clearly a GOAT. they showed the answer which nobody won as a GOA?!? this animal doesn’t even exist on a google search. The reason u might ask I called so many times is because on the previous contest (same night) they let me through many times and so I didn’t know they were going to suddenly block all callers, which is why nobody except 1 person was given the chance to guess and was obviously wrong. It’s a massive scam and a lie on Canadian television.

  275. So now what you do is sue them for unwittingly misleading you into participating in a section 206 (1)(e) criminal scheme sanctioned by the Criminal Code of Canada.

    You ask for millions in punitive damages to protect fellow citizens and teach these criminals a lesson. That is what punitive damages by law, are designed to accomplish.

    Worldwide Fraud Investigation
    Exposing Government, Police & Corporate Corruption
    One Abhorrent Fraud at a Time

  276. Hey Rob,

    I too watched the April 5, 2011 midnight show. I think I saw the one just before yours.

    The one I watched was Carbrands with the letter “O” in them.

    Of course people were calling in with normal answers like Ford, Volvo, Oldsmobile etc. I was thinking Lincoln because I didn’t hear anyone else saying it.

    The answer of course was “HOLSMAN”. Of course, the Holsman Automobile built in the early 1900’s by a man named Holsman in Chicago.

    Why didn’t I think of that?

    Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, shame on me.

  277. Hi there I just saw this game show for the first time tonite and we wanted to call in so bad and we tried but the phone wouldn’t let us go through not sure if we will get dinged on our phone bill but it said this call was not completed! and i tried txting but what do u text? like most lagit places say a special word and the # to txt too! but this didn’t but i was wondering if i will get billed for uncomplete calls??? and on my cell it came up error!

    thanx for giving my husband and I the heads up on this scam show!!!!!

    i used to watch the american one and wishing it would come to canada but now i think about it and it’s NOT worth it!!!!!!

  278. i won yesterday. and i don’t know what process to go through here. they called me for my info and i sent it to them and they haven’t spoken since.. but i was on tv and everything so i think its pretty legitimate

  279. Hi All, Can’t believe that this Play TV (as it was called here in Ireland) is still in existence in Canada. I did write a few times over a year ago hoping to help. We got ours taken off air after many complaints…and they aired the complaints on tv. This is a SCAM SHOW…and they are making a fortune out of the ordinary punter..and it just looks like a fairly normal answer..NO…they give false and unusual answers..SO YOU ARE JUST WASTING YOUR MONEY. Those phone calls are expensive and very addictive.

    Dillon as regards to the money you won…I think you will get it if you have given them your address..It usually took, over here anyway, about 30 days to receive the cheque. And they did phone back after you were on air to get that info.

    Hello Mike and Dave…You have done great work. Hope you are both keeping well. Just a question : The presenters that we had have disappeared, no sign of them on tv, or an odd the paper. Am wondering if they are the presenters on the Canadian show.. I know Dervla Mellett was doing your one alongside our Play TV till it ended March 2010. There was also red haired Fiona and JG Murphy. Please let me know if they are presenting in Canada.

    All the best,

  280. Congrats Dillon. I hope you get your money. I don’t doubt that it’s legitimate on the off chance that you do win. It’s just very hard to win, or even get through, and they are misleading about how hard it is.

    Lisa: I haven’t been following it closely enough to know who the presenters are. I know that some of them are from other countries though; I think others have mentioned this to me. And they do have accents (to us). Thanks for stopping by again!

  281. And mike yeah i got on the air and the answers were pretty easy not gonna lie it was 3 differences to find in a picture and the host said id won and then i went through the painful process of waiting for 30 days starting yesterday

  282. On TLN again tonight. 8-4+3×9-6+2-3-8+(5×7)-1=? plus a pic of a chick wearing a Mick Jagger that says DIXIE, then she says there are Roman Numerals. D=500, etc. and you should come up with 588, two contestants called this in and it was wrong. Bull….Don’t know why I’m watching this drivel…the chick rambles ON AND ON AND ON and you feel bad for the poor saps who are calling in, not to mention the THOUSANDS who are getting sucked into this utter SCAM.
    Wonder what TLN/Global’s cut is…..must be very lucrative.

  283. I got 888

    1) T-shirt:
    D = 500
    I = 1
    X = 10
    I = 1
    E _____

    2) Then there were 4 “L” surrounding the puzzle (cleverly hidden):
    ┌ ┐
    └ ┘ L = 50, and there are 4… so: 4*50 = 200
    ► 200

    3) The openning bracket they showed was very exagerated, to me it looked like it could be a C. (Remember, she said numbers come in all shapes and sizes)
    The bracket is in the (5 X 7) part of the puzzle. C = 100
    ► 100

    4) Then, the actual puzzle that you’re originally focused on… total comes to 76
    (incluced the two X’s which count for 10 each)

    Thus, 512 + 200 + 100 +76 = 888

    Someone near the end called in with 888, but the Scam Artist said “Sorry, try again.”

    I proved how I got my solution to this ridiculous puzzle in this Scam TV Show… why can’t the CRTC or another Ministry that our taxes spend millions for, make them prove their solution????

    (We were always told to prove our solutions in any Math Course in H/S)
    They got a solution of 1,987. How??? Do the curve’s in the chick’s elbows count as C’s too??? I don’t get it!!!

  284. This show is on again!

    DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME… it is a bloody scam from the get go. It’s broadcasted from abroad, therefore you have no course of action against them and they WILL RIP YOU OFF!!!

    GAME TIME is scam!!!

    Rogers Channel 780 (Toronto)
    Early Saturday Morning… from 1am to 2am,

    DO NOT PLAY THIS GAME… you will NEVER have the right answer!!!

  285. It is Saturday morning, Oct 16, 2011 and on TLN it is time for scam time

    The game has a chart of 200 letters, like a wordsearch. The first challenge was to find an animal exactly four times in the table. The host was pîssed off with the production saying that this game is impossible. I doubt she`ll be back next week.

    Anyways, a man calls in and gives dog as the answer. Somehow he was correct when they highlighted the word dog four times, all spelled horizontally, but there was dog also spelled vertically, therefore it would have been wrong because the word dog was in the chart FIVE times.

    Then the second challenge was to find another animal spelled five times. The answer is obviously bear, as the host gives you the first three letters, but in the chart bear is spelled four times horizontally, and once vertically, just like dog.

    The host, who is a different girl from the usual blonde, is getting pissed off with the production arguing back and forth while live on air, very professional. The production actually cut her mike off for sometime, when she said all these guys do is sit in the backroom and make up stupid games on their computer. She then says I think production will be happy if I stay silent for a bit.

    I tried to actually call in awhile back before I knew it was a scam and lost 40 bucks, but I must say I do find it entertaining watching how easily these people are making money with dumb games and dumber hosts. It astounds me when 15 minutes of this show can go by without a single call, the host just stares at the screen saying nothing other than call the show, and some stupid music is playing in the background. This could possibly be the greatest show ever made throughtout the history of television.

  286. I finished my previous post by 1am, and it is now almost 2am, and no one has called in, or been SELECTED to participate in the show.

    I`ve always noticed the last game they play is find the one different picture, and then they wait until the end of the show and someone finally gets through and gives the correct answer, just as the show ends.

    It is amazing how the show was on for 2 hours, and yet they only had five winners, with the last winner at the end. FIVE PEOPLE!!!

  287. I see that they are getting a little bit more generous with letting people win with super easy puzzles… WOW… 5 people win $50 or $100 when they’re raking in $10,000/hr…

    Why don’t they let the phone ring when people are actually dialing instead of having 5-10 minutes without a single call?

    Then 1 minute before the top of the hour, the phone suddenly rings and the host rushes the winner to answer before the show ends. It’s so funny, I see how they work and am surprised that these scammers are allowed to continue.

    I also noticed they had a French-Canadian babe on tonight, no more Europeans … she seems to speak both English & French… no doubt she hosts the French version too and they have no need to hire 2 people when 1 can do it! Less sharing of the ill gotten $$$ amongst them.

    I can’t help but watch this show if I am up, it’s like a train wreck… you don’t want it to happen but can’t help but look.

    Please do NOT play this game EVER!!! It is a scam.

  288. ‘E’

    The host and production arguing is a global tactic to encourage you to ring in and prove one or both of them wrong.
    That also applies to production saying the game is impossible and is worthy of an official complaint.

    O.K. it’s only a gimmick but if they present a game and say it’s impossible then invite you to offer solutions and charge you for the attempt then they’ve crossed the very thin line between legality and illegality.

    These guys are also clever about the wording of their complaints replies.
    I believe there have been numerous complaints to the broadcaster(s) which were not followed through to CBSC.

  289. October 24 2011

    The game is Give us a 5 letter word that does not contain any letters in the columns fromk the previous words. Here are the words

    G A M E S
    P I A N O
    A P P L E
    C R O W D
    B E G I N
    S W E A T

    You must figure out the seventh word that does not star with G P A C B S and end with S O E D N T and so on. They have been playing this game for the past 45 minutes. No one has called in, the host is arguing with production saying this is impossible, the production continues every 10 minutes raising the cash value by 10 bucks, it is hilarious.

    I love when they point out the obvious scam when they say EVERY CALL IS CHARGED BUT NOT EVERY CALL IS SELECTED. The show is about to end with the countdown clock and sirens and flashes going off and the host is screaming this is not good, we can`t end the show without an answer.

    Then guess what happens….. someone calls in at the end and solves the game, with the word WORTH…. ironically a word that is defined as value, or importance, something that this show is clearly not lol. I love this show.

  290. (theme from ducktales)

    Life is like a hurricane, here in scamburg
    Landline, mobile, texting, it`s a scam-blur
    Might solve a mystery, or rewrite history

    Scam Time (oooh oooh)
    Everyday they`re out there making
    Scam Time (oooh ooh)
    Tales of daring do bad and more bad
    Scam Time (oooh oooh)

    Sorry it`s late and while watching this all I can think about is scroodge mcduck swimming in money in his vault.

    Well the game is like a crossword puzzle, finding animals. They planned on having 10 different rounds, with the first round being solved in the first ten minutes of the show. It was 6 different animals with some letters already on the board as a type of clue. I was surprised at how easy the first round was and thought maybe the show found some morality. Then came the next round.

    The next round has lasted 50 minutes with the money up to 6200 dollars and yet no one is calling in.

    Then right at end someone calls in and got the answer wrong. How could you guess monkey when the answer is ZONKEY. Or why would you guess horse when the obvious answer is ZORSE. I guess zebras will screw anything that walks with four legs. Now all I`m thinking about is how cool it would be to own a zog and a zat.

    So in the hour that the show was aired, one person was a winner, while 50 minutes later the only other caller lost 6200 because he didn`t know that a zonkey and a zorse are the answers they were looking for, at 2am on a sunday morning.

    They changed the host again, back to the blonde girl, probably because she doesn`t spaz at the production about the games difficulty and lack of callers like the previous girl. They also played the requiem for a dream song, which is seriously scary when you are trying to fall asleep to it.

  291. TLN has taken it off the air again but CHCH picked it up again. They’ve gone back to calling it Play TV Canada but the website with free entries is the same as when they called it Game Time. I find it interesting that they encourage callers from Quebec because I’m sure they’re not allowed to do that.

  292. Are they starting to REPEAT these shows?

    The show on CHCH on Dec 10, 2011 at 2AM looks like a repeat!

    The one where the final answer is “Camel Cheese”

  293. They don’t repeat shows but I did notice repeat puzzles. Don’t consider this to be an advantage, though. If this is like another call-in show in which I participated, they ask for your answer before putting you through to the studio. If you have the so-called “correct” answer, they will not put you through. I also noticed on tonight’s show that the website for free entries shown scrolling in the bottom left corner is but the website in fine print at the bottom right corner is

  294. BTW, both websites said “Sorry, today’s show is over.” when I tried to obtain free entries while the show aired live.

  295. My question is … if people are trying to call in and they get a busy signal and never get through to anyone or even a recording are they still charged $2 per call somehow?

  296. Do NOT call in to this show, you’ll NEVER win!!!

    Re: December 27, 2011 game at 01:00 a.m.
    I have concluded that:

    “L” in each corner may count as a 7 and/or the Roman numeral of 50

    “*” are the Roman numerals of X and I (note: I can’t copy the star they use which consists of 3 overlapping, intersecting lines.)

    “(“ count as Roman numeral C

    “)” count as Roman Numeral C (an upside down “C”)

    “+” count as the Roman numeral X

    “-“(subtraction symbol) count as the Roman numeral “I”

    “?” is made to look like the Roman numeral C

    “=” counts as an 11 and/or is the Roman numeral “II“ which 1+1 and/or 2 per their scamming game

    BUT, I still do NOT get 944 per their solution, though I have come close. Does anyone get 944?

    By the way… it’s not a solution since they do not prove it; and when adding… you find the SUM!!! Their English even is a scam or plainly sucks.

    L = 50 and/or 7, also 50 for them is also 5+0=5
    ┘= 50 and/or 7
    ┌ = 50 and/or 7
    ┐= 50 and/or 7
    ( = 100 and/or 1 (1+0+0=1)
    ) = 100 and/or 1 (1+0+0=1)
    * = (X+I) 11 and/or 2
    + = 10
    Subtraction symbol ‘-‘ = 1 (but do you count it twice since it may be the Roman numeral1 too?)
    = is 11
    = is also 2

    Their sum/solution is NO SOLUTION… a solution requires PROOF; they’re just adding numbers willy-nilly.

    I bet if they got a Supermarket Receipt or a Dinner/Bar Bill for $944, they would be the first to complain that they don’t understand it and would DEMAND AN EXPLANATION. Why don’t viewers get one???

    Please do NOT call in to play this scam game.

    Thank you and have a nice Christmas / New Year Holiday!

  297. Just wasted an hour tonite watching bloody “Game Time” on TLN (1-2am Sunday morning).

    The “puzzle” was to add up the weights, with weights of various colours/weights on the screen. It was fairly obvious that there were weights “behind” the weights, inferred either through the showing of partial weighs exposed or by the actual colour scheme as you looked through the hole of the top-most weights.

    This was accompanied by a photo of a rather luscious young lady. I would have given my eyetooth to be the lucky caller to go on air. I would have asked if the young lady’s t*ts were to be included. I’ve actually heard some callers do that, but I guess at $2/call and the odds of getting through, you don’t want to dick around.

    The solution was bizarre. They said there were 4 purple weights in total. I could only figure on a couple. I guess there were more layers of weights. What a scam!

    And the hostess? Oh man…why do I watch this train wreck? She was bitching CONSTANTLY to someone named “Production” about the puzzle, how hard it was, how late it was. STFU!! I don’t know if it was her constant chatter or the bloody accent she had that was driving me nuts….yet I could not turn this thing off!

    I almost wait for this thing week after week. Like a bad reality show. Guess I enjoy listening to all the goofs who are calling in with their wrong answers. Guess I wonder how it must hurt when they pull the hook out of their mouths.

    THIS IS A BLATANT SCAM. Don’t call in. Really….but saps still do and it’s cheaper than renting a movie.


  298. I’ve noticed that the comments on here are becoming fewer and farer inbetween.

    Hopefully this is an indication that fewer are watching this scam-show and that it’s losing interest and won’t be broadcast for much longer!

    Shame on TLN, CHCH, Global for even broadcasting this scam.

    I hope Revenue Canada goes after those broadcasters for taxes uncollected on the “revenue” of PlayTV; and for more than likely operating without a Business License.

  299. I stumbled across this “game show” on Saturday nights at 1:00am on TLN and watched a couple of shows. After being baffled by the bizarre “solutions” of a couple of shows, I turned to the internet and found this site.

    My curiosity and desire to expose this as a scam made me conduct the following test. Since this show airs on TLN at 1:00am, I wondered if the TLN West feed would also air it 3 hours later. So I recorded the 1:00am Eastern show and also the TLN West show at 4:00am.

    The next morning I compared the two shows and THEY WERE THE EXACT SAME SHOW! So this means that anyone watching or trying to call in at 4:00am Eastern or 1:00 Pacific have no way at all of winning as they will never get on air!

    The puzzle on Feb 11 was to name a car brand with the letter O in it. After a long while she gave a clue that the O was the second letter in the answer. The prize reached $2500 with no winner!! Near the end another letter was added: the third letter was L! One final caller was taken and guessed VOLVO which was wrong.

    The answer in the envelope was COLDA.

    Huh? I had to search Google and Wikipedia provided these two sentences:

    The Colda was a French automobile manufactured from 1921 until 1922. The company was based in Paris; the cars were built with an 1847cc four-cylinder engine produced by Sergant.

    Of course everyone knows about this car brand now!

  300. Lol, a colda? At least the show provides some form of education, even though it comes at the expense of drunk people calling in at 1am trying to give an answer.

    I was fine with the show being aired at 1am, because anyone playing a scam at this time deserves to have their money taken from them. It’s no different then buying drinks at a nightclub, when the drink’s prices are not advertised, therefore bartenders can just make up prices and take your money.

    I do however, have a problem with TLN airing this filth at 5pm on a Sunday, when children can just as easily be seduced as drunks, thinking they can win $600 by simply calling (or texting???) the show and solving a stupid game such as trying to find the two differnt ducks out of the 72 ducks shown.

    I figured out the answer and found both ducks within 3 minutes of tuning in. The game has been going on for over 45 minutes, with NO ONE CALLING IN. The male host almost sounds bored towards the end, as if he is hosting a game that no one is playing, or is ALLOWED to play, yet they will still take your money since……


    It’s like going to a restaurant and everyone pays for their meal before they get it, and then the restaurant has the choice of who gets to eat and who doesn’t,
    and they also have the option that no one can eat, and they’ll just take your money and then say time is up, restaurant is closed.

    But of course the show must have some morality, therefore guess what occurs at 5:59pm, someone calls in and finds the 2 ducks. Then the host thanks everyone for playing, tune in the outro music, and they’re gone.

    Isn’t there someone who has a job that makes sure garbage like this never airs, or are there any journalists who would like to break this story to the news media to inform everyone about this scam? Or at the very least a university communications student could do some research about this show and find out how many people have actually had their money stolen from them.

    I always thought gambling was illegal and addictive, but according to this show, if you are willing to pay $2 for the chance to be SELECTED to win $600, it’s okay. And if you are not chosen the first time you PAY, you have the option of PAYING them 20 more times, just for the chance to be SELECTED to play, not guaranteed.

    If gambling is illegal, then this scam must be breaking some rule of law, because when you gamble you at least have a guaranteed chance of playing the game.

  301. And the following is why these frauds continue which is what we at CBNow have been exposing for a year short of a decade. The Federal Competition Bureau, RCMP and Provincial Police are responsible for the enforcement of laws governing illegal pyramid/Ponzi gambling schemes. But instead …. “More of the same”… EXCERPT:

    “In an email to CBC News, the Competition Bureau says it could ask a judge for an injunction to stop ETS and the other companies, part of its operations.
    When asked why it hasn’t done that yet, a spokesperson said the bureau had no comment on the subject while the case is before the courts.”
    Officials from the Competition Bureau declined the CBC’s requests for a formal interview.”

  302. Repost

    Jan 28/2012

    I just seen this show on TLN and was immediately suspect of it.

    I think the prize started at $1500

    The question was “What is white”
    One of the clues was “it is in your kitchen”

    Another clue was “it is edible”
    Final clue was “it is a dairy product.”

    Answer was “CHEESE” but not just “CHEESE”
    It was “Reindeer Cheese”
    If someone answered with “cheese” would they of won,i doubt it. Even if the host said “what type of cheese” most likely the caller would say “Mozzarella,feta” or maybe goat or cow….but REINDEER LOLZ

  303. They did pull out this puzzle before with the “white”, “In the Kitchen”, “edible” and finally a “dairy product” clues, but the “answer” wasn’t REINDEER CHEESE but the much more common BUFFALO CHEESE!!!

    I was actually surprised this time as this game went on for 30 minutes or so and the host finally pulled the plug and revealed the answer so he could move on to a new game (find the one different picture out of 50). Thought he would definitely “milk” everyone with the something white puzzle. Instead he let this puzzle drag on for the rest of the show and only took a call in the last minute to let someone “win” $600.

    I watched again on Saturday/Sunday and the host kept saying that the first person to answer the question correctly “LIVE on air” would win. But since the show is definitely taped and re-broadcast then it is NOT LIVE, and nobody can win!

  304. Hi All, I can’t believe that this scam is still going on in Canada. We got rid of ours here in Ireland, almost 2 years ago, with complaints to the Broadcasting Authority…and it was very quickly taken off with apologies screened on tv.
    I did make comments before on this site…I see they are still using the What is White one…one answer for this was frosting. They also had a version on Northern Irish tv called Branbox…but that was pulled about 6 months after ours in the Republic. People weren’t phoning in as they had realised what a scam it was.
    Lisa, Dublin, Ireland

  305. Canada is only beginning to wake up to the massive fraud and corruption in this country suppressed by police authorities, government, prosecutors, the judiciary and the media. And it is many within the police from the RCMP on down, government personnel, judiciary who are participating in these fraudulent schemes and making untold millions doing it. Again just click on this link even if you only read the headlines.

  306. We had in Croatia same show like yours, from the same production company (Telemedia interactv) from Budapest (Nova lova). It was on air every morning for 3 years, until our goverment had forbidden them to charge more than ordinary call.
    After that, the Telemedia changed the show to esotheric rip off and it is stll on air.
    We had situation that they put on the triangles counting game and gave the wrong solution (they were counting triangles that wasn’t there) . All the viewes who said the right answer got 1200 kn (around 180 €). You have video here: . Same situation happened 1 year later but they didn’t have any consequences(

  307. ? ? ? ?? ???? <— Cut off line

    The first question was "which animal is written exactly 2 times?". The answer is KOALA but the K in the top left vertical KOALA is cut off. They scrapped it and went to "which animal is written exactly 3 times?". LION is correct based on what is displayed on screen but they told a caller who guessed LION that she was wrong.

  308. I’m watching it on TLN right now and have been since 1am. As the person said above me the top row of the word search is cut off or not even there. I would never call in for this but I did try and guess the answers and wait for the calls. When no one got it and he revealed the answer they were looking for was Koala and highlighted it I died laughing and was enraged all at the same time. How can u have an answer when there isn’t even the letter K above OALA cause the top row of letters is mysteriously missing. I can’t believe this shit is still allowed to air. Started off with a $50 cash prize and is now at $400 plus a $5000 bonus. This is really irking me right now. And one caller guessed the animal OX(which was shown 3 times in the word search which was what they were looking for) and the host says FOX…sorry that is the wrong answer. This shit is pissing me off right now!!!

  309. Being “pissed off” is only step one and will go nowhere without action. We are victims of corruption in the Canadian Government; the scope of which it seems, most Canadians are totally oblivious to or simply don’t give a damn. And here is the media getting a relatively small “cut” off international organized money-laundering crime in this ridiculous illegal lottery masked as a game show “selling out” its fellow citizens to these international criminals. So, with the media being “paid off” who will expose the fraud???. The situation is dire and this fraud is merely the “tip of a gigantic iceberg” of corruption involving the mainstream media, RCMP on down, CRA (Income Tax) personnel etc, etc, operating similar schemes all of which violate section 206 [1][e] C.C.C.
    I am currently on trial on ridiculous trumped up criminal charges in retaliation for my exposure of these schemes and those of position and power perpetrating them and the facilitators and enablers of them. I was arrested on the trumped up charges in front of the Oakville Trafalgar high school warning students who are unwittingly being recruited into these frauds by the likes of RCMP officers, police on down, politicians, government agents, their own teacher, church ministers, and as you can see, the mainstream media.
    This discloser contains a mix of prejudicial remarks and the actual truth; the truth, written off as “delusional” by the prosecutor in court. It was withheld until almost the very end of my cross-examination of the last prosecution witness… It reads…..
    “On the above mentioned time, date and location, [June 18th 2010] the suspect was on the sidewalk in front of the Oakville Trafalgar High School preaching about pyramid scheme(s). The suspect was not on school property and was not interfering with school activities. Police spoke with the suspect and learned he is somewhat of a conspiracy theorist and is passionate about educating the youth about being targeted for these pyramid schemes. He believes the police are also involved in luring children into this, stealing their college tuition. On this date, the subject was not engaged in any criminal activity and was permitted to preach his message. The suspect was on the site engaged in conversation with students for approximately 20-30 minutes before students became bored and left.”
    NOTE: Keeping students interesting in anything for 20-30 minutes is a feat even their teachers have difficulty performing: Besides a lot of info is exchanged in that time.
    So far I am unable to find anyone even interested enough in fighting these massive frauds in coming to my trial continuing June 19, 2012 @10am at Milton Court. Of interest is the fact that, Unbelievably three days after my release on bail Canadian Press (CP) under the “Access to Information Act” uncovered corruption in the (CRA). The first paragraph of their news story reads “Internal reports show an average of 85 employees a year are disciplined for wasting their work days surfing the web, setting up sports pools, sending chain letters, promoting “illegal substances,” and running pyramid schemes” ….. The very warnings the writer was explaining to high school students when he was arrested.
    This, unbelievably is what is going on in Canada!!!
    dave CBNow

  310. I must agree with Dave’s first sentence, esp. “will go nowhere without action”.
    The rest I skip through.
    Expressing a view here may enable a release of anger but does not get anything done.
    You have to complain to the broadcaster who will probably reply with a carefully worded script which will tend to make you think you were wrong to complain. At this point most people give up.
    You must then contact CBSC with your complaint. They need to hear from YOU.

  311. You can write to the corrupt government and these media corporations “until your fingers fall off.” Observe what has happened in the past. This fraud is It taken off one station (accompanied with a hollow apology) only to appear on another.

    There exists a fundamental culture of corruption, a status quo under section 206 (1)(e) to “Honour the law in the breach rather than the observance thereof.”

    This scam is a violation of Canadian Criminal Law and it surprises me that there is not one lawyer or politician in this country willing to come out against this corruption. We can hardly expect a public mainstream media to uncover and expose this particular fraud when they can profit by it. Besides which this game show fraud is so intrinsically tied to other such widely accepted fraud under section 206 (1)(e) of the C.C.C. that to make “too big a deal” of this fraud masked as a “legal contest” would open a “Pandora’s Box” of these frauds involving billions of dollars and payed off police & politicians.

    Our government has now been forced to officially admit what others including international criminals have known for years; that Canada is “soft on white-collared crime.” The fact is that among international criminals they know and brag that Canada is the best country in the world to “pull off” billions in fraudulent schemes vurtually untouched with low penalities adding up to merely a “licence fee”.

    Focusing narrowly on this particular fraud blinds you to the “Big Picture” and the very reason this fraud exists unabated for years. The key, that you seem to miss is section 206 (1)(e) C.C.C. and credible allegations that politicians and police are involved in and paid off in these fraudulent schemes.

    Take some time to Google “Montie Kwinter (former Ontario Safety Minister) Russian Mafia” and see for yourself the corruption and observe how it leads you to other politicians in this country.

    Also you may wish to read the lasted news I received (last evening) from Pyramid Scheme Alert quoted in Business Week. It takes it all the way to the top. And as I point out, this scheme is indeed serious and it is huge, but only a relatively small icicle on the edge of a huge iceberg of corruption that is affecting our economic health, needlessly helping to depleting our natural recourses and destroying our society. That’s the truth – that is the reality.

  312. Applies equally to Canada – This is a very serious conspiracy of corruption between government and multi-billion dollar international corporations costing individuals and society billions of dollars, bankruptcies, ruined lives, and suicide.
    From our affiliate Pyramid Scheme Alert
    Business Week EXCERPT: Maryland Attorney General’s office, has prosecuted many work-at-home schemes and says victims pay hundreds or thousands of dollars and then the sellers disappear or the business turns out to be worthless. “The stories tear your heart out, especially with elderly people who are lonely and vulnerable and should be honored in our society,” says Cantone.

  313. What does make this fraudulent “game show” particularly repugnant is the fact it is “in your face” crime broadcast widely on a popular TV Network and has been on Global, even CHCH TV, where I personally registered a complaint. And again, as I point out, it just keeps “going the rounds” in blatant public view.

    Where are the politicians, and where is at least one lawyer in this country who will lead a crusade against this damaging frauds. And would of each of you “pissed off” individuals or victims of this fraud be willing to put $20 each in a fund to hire a lawyer to prosecute a case against these international money-laundering white-collared scam artists and the media they corrupt? Would a group of you be willing to file criminal charges under section 206 (1)(e) toC.C.C. That is action!!!!

  314. Re: June 19, 2012 @10am at Milton Court.

    I am not so sure that the police and government are involved in Play TV. However, I do believe that the TLN, Global, CHCH, etc. should be held accountable, as well at Cell Phone Companies and Landline Companies for collecting the $2/call (whether answered or not.)

    This is simpy out and out FRAUD, not necessarily a pyramid scheme since we are not being lured in by those seeking money from us, nor are we luring others in.

    I live in Toronto and would be interested in attending your trial, but need to check my diary.

    Are you taping episodes of Play TV Canada as proof?

    What about calling MarketPlace (CBC), or Silverman (CITY TV) or Goldhawk (CFTO) or someone like that? They have connections and may be able to bring attention to the population and organizations that are supposed to BUST/Expose these shiesters.

    As one person, it’s hard to stop, but en mass, it will be easier. Just a thought.

  315. I’ve noticed “Play TV Canada”-Scam no longer has International Hosts;

    They now use bilingual French-Canadians (Québécoises) Hosts for this show broadcasted from Hungary to Canada.

    I wonder if these “hosts” can be charged with an offense upon their return to Canada?.

  316. Hi Burt – You are certainly right about “en mass.” But again it seems the big picture is lost. This $2 per call scam makes millions. However it is only one of thousands of similar international fraudulent schemes operating in Canada. It is simply the same “Rob Peter; Pay Paul” “206” scheme. But consider the massive scope of these frauds when instead of $2 a hit, most involve $1000 or more and many in the ten’s and hundreds of thousands even millions of dollars “a hit.” So, based on that, the massive scope of these prolific frauds becomes quite apparent.

    Corrupted authorities know exactly what I am talking about and trying just about anything to silence me. Now, the semantics as to whether Play TV is a bona fide pyramid scheme really is a moot point; a distraction from the “raw” fraud as I proved by the judgment in Treasure Traders International & Business In Motion v. David John Thornton. The product, service or “vehicle” employed to perpetrate “206” fraud is irrelevant. It is the accounting method facilitating the money flow that defines a fraud under section 206 (1)(e) C.C.C. And play TV fulfills that scenario.

    Judge Quigley EXCERPT @ Page -7- [12]: Further, in his responding material, Thornton asserts that the definition of a pyramid scheme contained in section 51.1 of the Competition Act, exactly describes the manner in which TTI & BIM’s alleged distribution business operates. EXCERPT @ [13]: “In his argument, Thornton explained to the court how the TTI & BIM participatory businesses adopt the exact model and mechanism of other pyramid schemes that have if been investigated and shut down by police authorities. He compared a systematic diagram of the operative marketing scheme used TTI & BIM to other pyramidic sales schemes that have been shut down. To all appearances, the schemes were substantially the same. Finally, Thornton drew the court’s attention to s. 206 (1)(e) of the Criminal Code, which states as follows: [omitted for brevity]

    And again you’re right Burt when you state, “This is simply out and out FRAUD”… so that when this system is shown to be a “2O6” scam which covers pyramid/Ponzi schemes and essentially any “Rob Peter; pay Paul” scam it then also qualifies for a charge of Fraud under s. 380 C.C.C.

    And as a final note, though I have no indication police are directly involved in the “Play TV” the fact is that every one of these fraudulent schemes we have investigated and shut down have police involved as direct perpetrators of these schemes or being paid off and certainly their “Willful Blindness” and that of others of authorities does in fact meet the criteria necessary to justly branding the lot of them as the facilitators and enablers perpetuating these fraudulent schemes. That is the reality.

    As far as contacting MarketPlace (CBC), Silverman (CITY TV) or Goldhawk (CFTO) we have contacted them as have victims. They steadfastly refuse to expose these frauds and the people of position and power behind them, besides which, the mainstream media make untold millions advertising these scams.

    As you know CBC Marketplace did do a show on TTI & BIM, but with the arrest of two individuals, one a teacher and one a banker and notwithstanding emails from victims and whistleblowers implicating the RCMP and high up government officials they refuse to do a follow-up: Many of these mainstream media “heroes” are simply “Champions of Safe Causes.” And in our investigations we find that most of the millionaire and billionaire scam artists behind these frauds “hob nob” and cavort with police, politicians, the mainstream media and their celebrities, especially in connection with “charity events” that most of these clever crooks now set up themselves or sponsor such as the likes of “golf tournaments,” children’s charities etc. It is truly a “rat’s nest of corruption.”

  317. You may want to update the blog’s title again. They omitted the intro and went straight into the first “game”, rather than giving the show another new name. I assume they do this to make it hard for people to research the show online and find this blog. I suggest re-naming the blog “TLN call-in game show (PlayTV Canada aka Game Time) is a Scam”.

  318. They cut the end of the show off before the title “Game Time” appeared in the closing. I’m sure the host made no reference to the title throughout the broadcast as well. The show’s website, containing the title remains the same but is still in fine print in the bottom right corner of the screen.

  319. Thanks for the heads-up Anon, and thanks everyone else for the updates. I’ll update the post with some new stuff. The latest development from my end is that Telemedia notified Youtube to have my video taken down for copyright infringement. They certainly have a right to do so, but I doubt they’d be doing it if I was saying nice things about them. 🙂

  320. Mike, if your clip is taken down it will be interesting to see how many of the other clips are taken down, and there are a lot.
    Compared to what we were posting, this thread is rather mild.

  321. Update
    One of my clips is down. I haven’t gone past the opening page yet so there may be others. I’ve still got my originals, if needed.
    I’m surprised it’s taken it’s taken so long.
    Someone must have really upset them.

  322. As expected, they’ve gone back to the name “Play TV Canada”, changed their landline and mobile numbers and website.

  323. Ironically, in the promo which aired immediately before the show, they still called it “Game Time”.

  324. For fuck sakes, the differet frogs are B2 & D6. I guess that puts me in a leauge with Einstein.

    if I live in Toronto, why do I have to dial “1-416” if it’s a local call, are they using MagicJack?

    Bunch of thieves. SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM, SCAM

    Going to go split an atom now.

  325. They charge $2 if you call the 1-900 and 1-416 numbers no matter where you are. Neither are local calls.

  326. I doubt these shows are live. They are pre-taped at their convenience and broadcasted later.

    The SAME episode is rebroadcasted on TLN-West at 1am MountainTime. People calling then have a 0% chance of winning but are still charged $2/call for a repeat broadcast.

    Notice how they stopped asking where the callers are from?

    The callers are probably fake, just mates of theirs in kahootz with them.

    What happened to the other 17 games the Lying-Thief had on tap for the evening?

  327. To those who filed a complaint, did you point out that at least one of each night’s two airings is pre-taped? TLN would be forced to provide copies of the exact show which aired in both time slots and it will prove there’s no possibility to win.

  328. Another thing I’ve noticed is that they literally add thousands of dollars to the prize. On screen, it will say something like “$300 + $5,000” and below that is “which animal is written exactly 2 times?”. Based on that, you should expect to win $5,300 ($300 + $5,000 = $5,300) if you are put through to the studio and guess the animal which is written exactly 2 times. Not so. Near the end of the show and after several people have called for the chance at winning $5,300, they mention that if you guess right, you play the jackpot game for the additional $5,000. This is also impossible to win as they can digitally alter the jackpot board, so that no matter which 4 numbers you pick, you won’t uncover all 4 jokers. I complained about a jackpot game played the exact same way on a similar show years ago called Play2Win Canada. Soon afterwards, they had a jackpot “winner”, whom I assume worked for the show. It was obvious they did it just to shut me up.

  329. They have changed their strategy in the last month to get “winners”. Usually they’ll play the word search game where you have to find an animal or car brand in the grid of letters a certain number of times. This is actually a game where the answers can actually be found fairly easily (except for the puzzle with the missing line from above).

    They’ll start off giving $50 for finding something in the grid twice and there will be a winner in about 5 minutes. Then they’ll go up to $75 for a word written only 3 times. This will be “solved” in about 10 minutes since this is supposed to be more difficult. The third game will be for $100 and will have to find one word 4 times. This can sometimes take 15 minutes before they put somebody “on the air” to win the prize. The next game will start at $200 and require a word found 5 times. The host will complain to the production that this is too hard, so the prize money will start to rise and they’ll add in a “bonus” prize in the thousands of dollars. There will usually be over 30 minutes of this without a single call being taken so when the last 5 minutes of the show come up the prize will be $500 guaranteed and a bonus of $4000!

    You can see how this can get people to play as the answer is pretty obvious and no one is calling in!!! And as Anonymous stated above with the Bonus game, since it’s done electronically they can easily manipulate the squares to show what they want.

    It’s just like those radio contests where you open safes to win money. You can stop whenever you want but if you hit the alarm you lose everything. Here they can manipulate whats in the next safe whenever they want. Jane was won $1000 and wants to continue? Oh so sorry, you should’ve stopped since the next one was the alarm. Bill has got $500 and wants to stop. Congrats, but lets see whats in the next box if you continued Bill. Wow! It was $5,000!

    They should have 16 envelopes stuck to a board brought out and the host open the envelopes when the winner calls out the numbers. But this would legitimize this part of the game and why would they start now since they never intend to do so from the start!

  330. Find exactly 3 animals! We don’t recommend you play this game if you are a first time viewer, it is too difficult! LOL

    Every week they come up with new psychologic crap to con new viewers to call in over and over again… to the tune of hundreds of dollars.

    A few weeks ago, the hostess claimed to have 20 games that were going to be televised; but gosh darn it… those games were so hard that she only got to televise 3 games! Of course the phone hardly rang because everyone was stumped and couldn’t find the answer that’s staring them straight in their face.

    Their phone always rings at 1:57 a.m. (Eastern) and surprise, the caller has the correct answer. I don’t doubt the caller is a mate of theirs.

    Why are all the hosts now French-Canadians?

    Please do NOT PLAY THIS GAME… IT’S A SCAM!!!

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  332. Funny how in a game called “find the two different pictures” that there are actually 4 pictures which are different. There should only be two because it says “find THE two different pictures”, not “find two OF THE FOUR different pictures”… and of course, they never mention there are more differences. Even when they do games like “which animal is written exactly 2 times?”, they stress that they are looking for the one written EXACTLY 2 times, not once, three or four times, as if we can’t read.

    Also, they are definitely checking up on this thread because the host is now stressing the show is live.

  333. It is 2:27am in Calgary (4:27am in Toronto)… They are broadcasting the very SAME “episode” on TLN-West that was on 2 hours ago on TLN-East.

    I have a preminition, the “different cat” game will come up and there will be 4 different pictures that are different! LOL

    What a bloody scam! Those watching now have a ZERO chance of having their calls answered, but I bet that they will be charged $2/call.


  334. Anonymous is correct…here in Ireland we had a thread going on Boards and we all commented as anything underhanded was going on…and we realised the had started reading our comments. After many complaints to the Broadcasting Authority it was taken off..and a few apologies came on air before some of the last shows. Like some of the above comments they would not take a call for a long time, and just before time up, the answer would be given by a caller. Going through the list of constant winners we began to recognise the same ones winning. obviously these were plants. Good Luck all and don’t waste your money phoning in it’s all a fix.

  335. Kihj… it’s broadcast from Hungary. They broadcast this scam to South Africa and a few other countries. They used to be on in Ireland, but the Irsih were able to get them off the screen.

    Google “Play TV scam” and you will see more about them and where they are located.

    Their scam is on Youtube too, but the sucks cry and bitch about copyright vioations… I say fuck them and would welcoma court case against them.

    Their hosts are now mostly French Canadians, I hope they get arrested upon their return to Canada.


  336. i like how they dothe math in the show they really did add up the numbers but can someone tell me how it works

  337. Dublin, Ireland calling..

    .We got rid of this scam two and a half years ago…..tried to give advice to you all…but now, again, we have…2 hrs rented out to Budapest..called ‘Psychics Live’….same scam.

    This time no adding, or cats on the bus, but telephoning to have your love etc read. Waiting time to go live on air for reading, 2.44 euro per min, so when/ if you get through you might have talk for 3 mins. cost is 40euro. Many people have held on for approx. 17 mins to go through to studio and were cut off immediately. (still charged for waiting time). A lot of old vunerable people, are ringing in, obviously very lonely, looking for help. This is the very same scam as Play TV fact even worse. So here we go again…..complaints made like we did before, and hopefully we will have it taken off….

    Watch out for the Psychics Live, they may do a double whammy on you all, and put it on after your current sham show.

    Hello Mike & Dave…glad to see you still that this forum up-and-running.

    L Dublin

  338. And when the media who are supposed to uncover and report fraud and themselves a party to it and profiting from it and Canadian politicians “looking the other way” “willfully blind” and some reputedly being “paid off” and the Canadian” legal system” persecuting whistleblowers by means of perjured evidence bolstering trumped up charges in order to obtain unjust convictions is a recipe for our country to be “sold down the river” to domestic and international organized crime….. Google Monte Quinter (Ontario safety minister) and the Russian Mafia.

  339. What are we doing wrong …..we got rid of that particular, scam, called Play TV…in Ireland .(and by government regulations it was taken off) .now, 2 years later we have ,tv3 Psychics live,.same channel…as Mike willl know I’ve tried to make my point about PTV.

    Mike you are trying to get rid of PTV…we succeeded….now we have Psychcis Live…I feel like giving up the second battle.

    If you want a look at it, maybe, you might make a post on it , as regards to what we are doing to get this thing off…I reckon you are at least 5/6 hours behind us..they go out at 2.15 am for 2 hours….MIKE join the thread..we will know who you are,,,,would be great …as TV3 who is renting the airtime to Budapest…and watching our thread/s, same as Play tv. we would love you to even make a comment. By the way our boards forum is being monitered constantly by producers in Budapest and our Irish station TV3.

    TV3 PSYCHICS LIVE…..why not join the ‘fun’

    All the best with your endeavours,,Lisa M.

  340. Thanks for the updates, Lisa and everyone else.

    Unfortunately (or maybe fortunately) I don’t have cable any more, so I can’ see these shows. I’m glad they keep getting shot down. Hopefully this Psychics Live gets the same kind of negative attention that got Play TV shut down several times.

  341. Re: Psychics Readings Live here in Ireland…via Budapest, Hungary.

    Just an up date on the money scam shows.

    One of the current readers from the above, a German man,. is telling us he is going to Canada in September.
    He said he doesn’t speak French…so it looks like Psychic Readings is going to Quebec very soon.

  342. What a scam!! Right now its called Linstant Gagnant on Canal V 104 on Bell… Wow its been 30 minutes she’s asking to spot the differences in the images and apparently not one person has called lmao what bullshit.

  343. It is amazing that in the entire world there seems to be no way to stop these reprehensible international moneylaundering preditors. That can only point to widespread corruption and ignorance.

    dave – CBNow

    Canadian Activist – Police & Government Whistleblower

  344. the show is back better then ever it is call the game hour it a upgrade of playtime canada but it a scam yesterday puzzle was easy

  345. may bad the show is called the quiz hour is on chch at midnight on weekends it an improvement or evloves version of play time canada

  346. Pingback: thomas belesis

  347. I watched that show last night The Quiz Hour. The host looks like some sorta PIMP which is god awful blonde hair and his cheap looking suit.

    They had a question where is the profile face in the picture. K so lets just say the MATH puzzles are scams but you cannot scam where a face on a puzzle is. Anyways some dumb stupid woman said SQUARE 8. I know right off from the start of the game it was in SQUARE 4. Now do I risk calling and trying to win or do I sit there and wait until some idiot gives the wrong answer? So the prize was $2,500 but i didn’t want to keep calling and giving them who knows how much money in phone calls from my house line or even cell phone. Can you imagine how much money they may make off me just so I can get through to a line?

    BTW what’s the scam here is they want your bank information to do some sorta direct deposit which i’m not sure is legal since they’re not your employer then they want your passport ID number which I haven’t spoken to any Passport authority but i’m not sure if you’re even allowed to give that out.

    But anyways I just watch the show and laugh at all the losers who are calling.

  348. It is not compassionate to laugh at the unsophisticated duped and defrauded victims drawn in by clever fraud artists supported by the silence of a corrupt government and the many politicians on the take from the likes of these international money-laundering crooks that take on form or another.

    It is also not funny that billions of dollars leave our economy in the pockets of these international criminals, allowed simply because a few unconscionable media who should be exposing these scams choose, instead to receive a cut of fraud whiles other media maintain the conspiracy of silence.

    Another problem is the attude of the general public who do not concern themselves over these frauds, and many more who think it is all a big joke.

    Sort of like fiddling while Rome burns.


  349. Yes, it’s a blatantly illegal scam (as was PlayTV, CallTV, etc before it). They just change the name after a while and start it up again. I’ve fought this crap and come to the simple conclusion that law enforcement and/or people that have the authority to do anything about this garbage – are getting a paid-off – no other explanation. Do you really believe that there is not ONE person involved in Canadian law enforcement hasn’t seen this scam on TV and noticed that it’s a clear contravention of the Canadian Criminal Code?

  350. I especially love when they broadcast repeats of this “informercial”, where people have a Zero Chance of winning… yet keep calling!

  351. So, I was flipping through the channels tonight and came across the Quiz Hour show. It was the first time I had seen this show and was not aware of it prior to tonight.

    The show had a picture of a tiger split into 16 boxes, each numbered from 1 to 16. The question on the screen asked to find the face hidden in the picture. Upon scanning the picture, I quickly found what appeared to me as a face.
    I waited and noticed that nobody was calling in. As, the prize was $2,500, I (haplessly) decided to give it a call. I was told I did not get to the right line, which needed to be, 1, 3 or 5. Assuming it was random selection, I figured that one of the 3 lines would surely come up. I called 20 more times, getting line numbers 4, 8, 9, 12, 14, 15… all but 1, 3, or 5.

    Then the host said they would open up more lines.. he announced that lines 8, 10 and 12 would also be opened up. Since I thought my chance of getting in was even better now, I decided to call again. All in all, I called another 20 times. I figured that since I can clearly see the face and was assured of winning the prize if only I get in, I will win if I can do so before other callers. (a fair assumption if it were a fair game)

    It was interesting that now that line numbers 8, 10 and 12 were open, I was not getting any of them, including 8 and 12 which I had gotten before the 3 new lines were open.

    After they still did not “get any callers”, the host announced that they would open it up for any caller. I called another 20 times… still nothing! Finally, a caller was selected who thought he had the right answer. To me, the face was very plainly visible in box #7; I was bewildered how someone got it wrong as there was no discernible face anywhere on box #15. (My speculation is that someone who works with the company was put on the air and gave a bogus answer in order to save the show from having pay out $2,500 to a legitimate caller as well as to fool most people watching into thinking they are much smarter than the “average” caller and should try again next week.)

    At the end, I counted the number of calls I made from my call history and found I had called a total of 63 times, costing me $63.

    I thought about the situation and did some calculations…

    Now, I had a 3 in 16 chance of getting through when 3 lines were open. If it was truly random selection of the lines, I would have a nearly 100% chance of being selected after 6 calls.

    However, recall that I called about 20 times with 3 lines open and 20 times with 6 lines open and not ONCE was I selected…

    Based on my calculations, the chance of this happening would be:

    (13/16)^20+(10/16)^20 = 0.0158 or 1.5%

    Thus, the chance of not being selected after 40 calls was 1.5%. The chances I should have been selected after 6 calls should have been more than 95%

    If this does not indicate fraud, I’m not sure what does…

    It is a shame on CHCH TV that it allows this show to air and to engage in such deceitful tactics to defraud Canadians.

  352. I came across this by accident for the first time tonight. Incredible stuff. It was the tiger picture with a hidden human face that I found in about a minute. However, it was not a “profile” like the host said, but instead facing the camera. I wonder if that was a potential excuse to get out of paying. Incredibly, two people called in with incorrect answers. If this was legit, the host should have asked them “how the heck do you see a face in that box?”. I would have liked to know. And the way the folks just just, “Oh, thanks anyway” or whatever when they were told they were wrong: looks like baaad acting for sure on the part of confederates.

    To C, above. You have computing your stats incorrectly. The probability of missing the correct line (if each call got in) was 13/16 for each of the first 20 times, and 10/16 for each of the next 20 times (I would hope you would have not kept trying like this!). If each of these trials is independent, the probability of missing on all 40 tries is the product, 13/16 ^ 20 * 10/16 ^ 20, which is not 1 in 100 but less than 2 in a million. (However, it may be greater than this if the correct lines were used up first, in non-random order — another possible plausible denial for them to exploit).

    I think there is no question that this sort of thing should be illegal. I don’t know the laws, even for currently legal gambling or lotteries, but the expected value of the bet should have to be publicly available in some way. They have to have a fair estimate at least. If it is obscured in any way — not a unique answer determined by a clear procedure specified in advance, or by not indicating how many people are calling and being turned away, or even worse, with confederates giving false answers to make a person think he is smarter and more likely to win — then it should be ended, with prejudice.

    Incredible stuff. Can you imagine what kind of person you have to be to be the host of such a show? What balls

  353. To C, above. Oh, I see another calculation in your message that I didn’t notice, which also seems wrong: “Now, I had a 3 in 16 chance of getting through when 3 lines were open. If it was truly random selection of the lines, I would have a nearly 100% chance of being selected after 6 calls”. I don’t know how you got that. If each calling event was independent, the chances of getting in with 6 calls is only 1- 13/16^6 or about 70%. However, it is probably even less than this. Consider that, if they are honest, the people who got the correct lines have to stay on then longer, to be queried about the puzzle, to have their particulars taken, etc., whereas the people who get an incorrect line are off the line quickly. It thus follows that the wrong lines can take more than their proportional number of calls, and the probability of dialing one of them is thus greater than 13/16.

  354. All that is smoke & mirrors and irrelevant. The only thing it proves is that it is a truly a gamble; illegal under section 206 of the Canadian Criminal Code. It’s that simple. Long, in depth calculations though enlightening, interesting and supportive of the illegality need not be argued, it only confuses the central issue.

  355. CBN: I don’t agree with that. There is a very lengthy discussion here, mostly repetitive. If someone says incorrect things, I believe it is a good , and novel, thing to correct them, for their own benefit if not for that of others. And it is hardly smoke and mirrors. It is also best not to exaggerate a case. Computing erroneously, with erroneous assumptions as well, that one should have had one’s call accepted, is not the best thing to do. It is better to focus on the correct aspects of the case, such as the fact that no clear information is given about the fact that it is a lottery, nor, a fortiori, any clear information about the probabilities or the criteria for winning, and in fact misinformation is given about these things.

  356. The odds are virtually infinitesimal.
    When we had the show a few years ago the presenters often said that it’s just a matter of connecting to the line that’s open at the time. I don’t know exactly what information you’re given, but consider ‘open at the time’. With 16 lines there’s 3360 groups of three available, so in a one hour show that means the open lines could change almost every second. It’s a distinct lack of transparency.
    [We had the show for three hours every night but continued complaining to the regulatory body eventually got it taken off. Recently the same organisation tried something different – taken off-air within six months.]

  357. I watched the CHCH program The Quiz Hour last night and was appalled by its blatant illicit premise. I have contacted both CHCH and the CRTC to lodge a complaint and I urge others to do the same. 5 minutes of your time is a small price to pay for upholding the principles of law and justice that we have come to take, sadly, for granted, No longer should people ‘free ride’, expecting others to uphold these principles. We all have an obligation and duty to ensure that scams like the Quiz Hour do not operate willfully in our country.

  358. Ian: I sent this to CHCH. Holding off on CRTC to see if it is helpful to incorporate CHCH reply into what I send to them.

    “I came across this show on your station last night by sheer chance.

    You should not be broadcasting this show. It is nothing more than
    a way of siphoning money out of people who get hooked on calling in
    attempting to win money themselves when in reality it seems very
    much like the amount of money paid out is minuscule compared to
    the amount taken in.

    No real information is given about what the chances of
    winning are, and what the costs are. In fact, misinformation
    is given. The host tries to make it look as if the easy “puzzle”
    (finding a hidden face in one of 16 portions of a large image)
    is quite difficult, by offering statements like “I guess the
    puzzle is harder than we thought” as an explanation of why
    no one is apparently calling in. While, no doubt, the real
    explanation of why no one is calling in is that, in fact,
    they are calling in, having their money taken away, and
    not being presented to the audience as solvers of the puzzle
    so that more and more of them will call in (and apparently
    have $1 charged each time, even if they just get a recording
    and then are hung up on, as I gather is the case from reading
    from some people complaining about it, and which is suggested
    by the producer’s attempt to defend themselves on this
    point at their web site, where they describe how they have
    magnanimously limited themselves to taking only $200 a month
    per phone line from their victims). This is, quite bluntly,
    ridiculously manipulative and immoral behavior. (I have
    to wonder if it is even legal — it seem basically akin to
    an unregulated slot machine set up outside of a legal casino).

    Incredibly, (I had to sit around to see what happened), at
    the end of the show, finally two people manage to get on
    air to give their answers, and both answers are INCORRECT.

    Each of them see a face in two different boxes, neither of
    which I can see a face in no matter how hard I look (and
    the host doesn’t invite them to explain, but simply says
    they are “wrong”, as if this is an objective matter,
    which it is not, since they may be seeing something
    others have missed and which was not intentionally
    put there (like Jesus on a piece of toast). The
    way these callers react to being told their solutions
    are incorrect (basically dull neutral “Oh”s)
    strongly suggests they are in fact confederates, chosen
    to avoid having to pay anything out, and more
    importantly, to motivate other viewers into trying harder,
    since they are led to believe that they are better at
    “solving” these puzzles than the people who managed to get

    I could go on about the stupidity and mendacity of this
    show, but hopefully this is enough to give the idea.”

  359. BensonBear/ABC – Good job for lodging the complaints in the first place. Kudos to you both. Unfortunately, too many people would either assume that such a show is legitimate or that there is nothing that can be done if it isn’t. We live in a democracy which means we bear responsibility to uphold the principles of the political system we have chosen. It is a social contract. Unethical people, like the ones who run this show, must be shown that there are legitimate barriers to their actions; otherwise, they will act with impunity and we will all suffer in the end.

  360. BensonBear/Ian – Of courseBensonBear : I do not disagree with discussing and dissecting the scam. But it becomes “analysis to paralysis.” The idea, I thought was to attempt to shut them down.

    But I see in your next post you are up front taking steps to a least complain in writing. It is good that there are still individuals such as yourself who are not only incensed by fraud but willing to do something about it. I am convinced this could be stopped, but requires tactics, supporters and unfortunately, it takes money; but not as much, individually, as one might think.

    We have already taken down several fraudulent schemes: The creators of two of these schemes arrested and on trial. One I was able to take on in the Ontario Superior Court when he foolishly tried to sue me in a S.L.A.P.P., for the staggering amount of $10,000,000. I received a precedent setting decision from the court that would be useful against this fraud.

    Five years later he was arrested for his scam and is now in jail on another matter waiting for trial on both matters and other related charges. But it did cost a bit of money. Even if I had be able to hire an attorney, my defense could have cost over $100,000.

    An associate I work with in the U.S. is currently being sued for some 275 million dollars for going after a huge corporate fraud. His legal bill in this ongoing battle being paid for by donations, is currently over half a million. But it is doable.

    Your comment Ian, that… “We live in a democracy which means we bear responsibility to uphold the principles of the political system we have chosen…” is the principle to which all citizens should aspire.

    I will run this scam past some people and see what can be done.

  361. On again tonight. I see that the host is wearing what appears to be a Liestrong, er, uh, Livewrong, uh, no, Livestrong bracelet. How à propos.

    This one is quite clever in its ability to generate a prima facie plausibility of legitimacy. For the Nth prize, find an animal name four letters long such that the letter in each position matches no corresponding letter of the previous N-1 animal names. They appear to give out money to the first four callers who got through, and admittedly, it gets a lot harder to find a name that matches. So maybe that explains the apparent dearth of callers. So now they enter into the “it’s too hard to find the answer, so if you have it you are smart so call in now!” phase. “Just one caller” is needed, they suggest.
    “Trying to get somebody” “$1500 guaranteed”. No one? “What can we do here?”

    As it happened I was lucky and my first choice was still available for the fifth position. But there is no need for luck: I googled “list of animal names”, found one in wikipedia, and quickly found EIGHT more names that would fit. So, you think for $1500 people would have thought of doing this? They want you to think, no. Quite clever on their part, since it is indeed difficult to do without the internet.

  362. Out of all the “hosts” that have been on this “show” … this guy is the most fucking irritating one ever!

    BTW… This is really an “INFOMERCIAL” — notice that they have no commercials– and not a show.

    That’s why they always get a caller – probably a friend – at the top of the hour… just before their time slot ends.

  363. Hello. I happen to catch this show (thequizhour) on Sat. Feb. 9, 2013. Yup, I was one the people that called in and was able to give a correct answer. I am suppose to be a $250.00 winner. I received my email confirmation with a form I am to complete so that they can send me a bank transfer. All they need is your name, address, DOB, and bank account info. Well to say the least, they are not getting my information and i’m not getting my $250.00 . CHCH TV and the CRTC will be receiving a very nasty letter from me.

  364. @Sandra
    Please do email/write CHCH about your concerns with this show. The more response they receive, the greater the pressure to remove it from their programming.

  365. @ Sandra…

    You should open a “Temporary” Online-Bank-Account, like at President’s Choice Financial (Loblaws):

    I think you can open it with a Zero Balance, or a 1-cent balance.

    It will be interesting to see if you ever do get the $250 that you won,

    You can withdraw the $$$, and let the bank account go stale.

    They will not be able to get any information about you.

  366. Hi Burt. Thanks for the suggestion. I just might do that. I’m curious to see if they follow thru with a payment. I’m just concerned about identity theft. You never know these days.

  367. @ Sandra

    I don’t blame you for being concerned about Identity Theft. I was a victim thanks to Future Shop and it took me 2 years to clear up. Future Shop didn’t help me one bit.

    But TheQuizHour doesn’t need your real name, they just need your banking information… you can make up a Name and still have the transaction deposited into your new account.

    Like you said, it will be interesting to see if they give you the money.

  368. Incidently, to avoid Identity Theft, never give out your S.I.N. to someone who doesn’t need it… especially when applying for a credit card.

    When I got a cell phone in the 1990s, I gave my S.I.N. and C.C. # … the person working at Bell took my info and opened up cred cards in my name to the tune of $10,000. As mentioned, Future Shop did not help me one bit in clearing my name.

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  370. one thing that bug me where in the world do they get the money form to give to people and why not give it to chairty

    and what do they mean my lucky line number
    are rogers and this show friends

  371. The cell phone companies are participants in this scam… they collect a percentage from all the calls to the Quiz Time’s “lucky line numbers.”

    Call your cell company and DEMAND a refund, as they were unauthorized calls. Don’t relent, Demand a full refund.

    I got my $42 refunded.

  372. well played well plan what newt for Quiz hour I wonder what friends they have

    how much money do the crew and host get
    are they hiring lol

  373. This show is amazing. I know a few people who won a few hundred dollars and all they had to do was give their banking info and passport number and they got a check within a week.

  374. the host has a sidekick now there should be interesting
    ps. they got 10 winner in one night that a first

  375. Find out who advertises on CHCH and contact them, telling them you are boycotting their products because CHCH carries this show.

  376. now they have a jackpot bonus look easy to win

    quiz hour need to be tough a good lesson what next they get a prank call or better yet a call from the police

  377. Pretty element of content. I came across your blog along with accession cash to state which i receive the truth is relished bank account your site articles. However I am signing up the provides nourishment to or maybe We satisfaction you have proper regarding entry to frequently quick. [Translation: I’m an asshole spammer and I deserve every horrible thing that ever happens to me!]

  378. These are pre-recorded INFORMERCIALS. Notice how a caller always gets thru one minute before the show ends? Coincidence, eh?

    They once aired the same episode twice; thus no one calling could get thru but the caller was billed for making the call.

    Besides, my guess is that the callers are people working at that scam show.

  379. We have the same sh*t “” in Czech Republic. I hope one they such bad guys go bankrupt…

  380. this is a new one the rob host guy that dose quiz hour also host one episode of money wave he a busy guy and are these shows connected

  381. It is the same show but they keep renaming it. They do this because they think people who have seen it as Play TV will think it’s different and call in to what they think is a brand new show.

    One of the things they currently do to get more callers is have fake bonus rounds. During some of the many countdowns, the host gets his producer to double or triple the phone lines and double or triple the cash prize for 5 minutes. They never put callers on the air during this time. The host gets them to freeze the clock once it reaches 6, 4 or 3 seconds and says that he has no control over when it starts again. This is supposed to get you to think “I’d better hurry up and call because the bonus round could end at any moment!”. When the clock restarts, the time runs out and no callers are put on the air. The host then fakes disappointment and the cash prize goes back down to whatever it was before the “bonus round” started.

  382. This is NOT a tv show. It is an INFORMERCIAL. They rent time from a TV station.

    Notice how their clock speeds up at the top of the hour? More calls get thru too.

    It’s probably prerecorded as well

  383. Is It a dollar if u call the game line money wave and can’t get through does it still cost money an do u lose a dollor every time u call in

  384. YES! You are billed $1 for each call to them, regardless whether or not you get thru… and you will NEVER get thru! … no matter how many times you call them; but will see all your attempts to call them on your next phone bill. Don’t call, it’s a scam disguised as an informercial.

  385. they have “the quiz hour” on tonight for 2 hours and the second search puzzle is taking forever.. i guess nobody can see the word “lion” for the second animal that is appearing 3x. the prize is at $4000 and they have 10 of the 20 lines open lol. I sent an email to CHCH about this scam.

  386. Is anyone still actively trying to get this BS off the air? It is pathetic. Yet somehow I find the host standing there like a jackass for an hour or two quite funny.

  387. I was. But no one see,ms willing to put up the resources to get the job done. Only complain.

    Two other massive scams we targeted; TTI&BIM and PKI have seen both arrested. The trial of the Pigeon King International fraud wound up in Kitchener Ontario last week; the perpetrator is to be sentenced in March. Prosecutor seeking 9 years in prison.

    We do not fool around, but this requires resources. I have said many times that if all the world-wide victims of fraud, (some defrauded of millions) and without even the assistance of those who oppose scams would simply chip in half-a-dollar we could fight off these frauds indefinitely.

    But victims don’t seem to see the “big picture;” they don’t seem to understand how little it takes collectively to become more powerful that the fraud artists. We already have the proven Technics…. We need resources.

    Imagine the power if everyone threw in 10.or 20 bucks. And imagine the publicity…. Authorities Won’t Do It… So “Victims World-Wide Unite in a war Against Fraud!!!

    David Thornton

  388. I’ll bet you that “Ron” was an inside caller or a friend of the host who is in on the scam!

  389. Of course authorities know. We told them as did others

    To observe the stupidity and/or outright police and political corruption when it come to fraud and refusing to take action check out the Pigeon King International we dogged until the perpetrator was finally arrested. Google Pigeon King International..

    Police claimed they could find nothing illegal in that Ponzi scheme even after we laid it out for them in detail. Then the scheme went bankrupt “on time” just as we had mathematically predicted it would. Police still couldn’t “see the fraud” (they claimed) but after many complaints two years later arrested the Pigeon King. he was recently convicted and in March faces 9 years in prison.

    Now, the same can be done with these international, money-laundering white collar criminals but it require a bit of money and some dedication not just complaining on a forum for years on end.

    We can do the same to these guys and the authorities and media that support them but we need assistance from you, the complainants.

    If there is a journalist or an aspiring freelance journalist among you or you can find one, or if anyone is simply willing ask a series of questions of certain authorities (which you have a right to do), you may find it is easier than you imagined and actually rewarding to rid your society of the likes of these international scammers and fraud artists.

    Our organization is here to do it, but like I say we need support to get it done

    David Thornton

  390. And don’t get thrown off with “Red Herring” arguments and allegations. The winners are probably real with no connections to the scam. These guys make millions. Paying out a measly $1200 prize means nothing. It would be stupid to be that obvious. That stupid these crooks aren’t…., I don’t believe.

    David Thornton

  391. CrimeBustersNow

    Vemma targets elementary school kids as young as 14 right at their schools. A Kitchener retired lawyer and deputy judge is a “Brand Partner” with Vemma. This is an example of who’s behind these illegal schemes as direct perpetrators or enablers, & facilitators.

    David Thornton
    Concerned Citizen


  393. I believe you:. Doesn’t alter the fact it’s an illegal lottery under s. 206 (1)(e) C.C.C. scamming the intoxicated, the vulnerable and the mentally challenged sitting at home as easy to ensnare as proverbial “Fish in a Barrel.”

  394. I actually “WON $50″ on the Quiz Hour on CHCH TV! So I happily cashed my check, and guess what…. IT ISN’T WORTH THE PAPER IT IS WRITTEN ON! So now I’m stuck with a piece of paper & debt to my bank as I deposited into the ATM
    Too much! I’m still out the $50 PLUS service charges to my bank!
    Next stop – the local news as soon as I get the ” ahem-check” back!
    Pissed Right Off!
    Thank goodness that I didn’t spend a lot of $$$$ calling there – and guess what? I TAPED MY WIN ON MY PVR! SO LOOK OUT “QUIZ HOUR”! Me and my lawyer are coming for YOU!!!

  395. The fact that I have pitrual/vidoe PROOF of me WINNING and having my BANK MANAGER and his LETTER along with the check proving’s it’s all a farce is very exciting to my lawyer!
    I just feel bad for the shut-ins and those people who go through wit I’d did – and CANNOT pay back the winnings!!!

  396. Amen!
    These people need to be held accountable!
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  397. good bye quiz hour you guys are done for good now or else am coming over to there studio and have a nice chat with them with my friends the police with me

  398. Hey MIKE!
    I’m glad I know the truth re:”Quiz Hour”!!!
    Just remember that although they’re scammers – still conduct yourself with the utmost of respect for yourself!
    As soon as my bank sends me back the “so-called check” – I will take a photo of it and give you more weaponry to use in the fight against these fraudulent individuals!
    Don’t forget – I also was smart enough to PVR my “win”.
    If you need that video – I will send it to you!!!!!
    Niina 🙂
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  399. Thanks Mike!
    Btw – what happened to YOU regarding the show and are you in Canada?
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  400. Hey David,
    Okay 🙂 I receive these on my smart phone so it comes through from his blog and I assumed lol that it was posts from Mike but I’m glad to have someone else on my side!
    Thanks for your advice. I still can’t get over the fact that these people are allowed to continue! I looked on my TV schedule and – you guessed it – CHCH is STILL airing them this Sun and Mon!!!!

    How can they allow this?
    If you’re in law enforcement/crime busting – isn’t there ANYTHING you/your organization can do?

    They (CHCH) contacted me, and said I’d hear from The Quiz Hour in a day or 2 and it’s been 4 days…. Somehow NOT a surprise anymore to me…
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  401. Yep, I’m Mike. I wasn’t personally screwed over by the show–I just saw it and felt compelled to point out how much of a scam it is. Evidently a lot of people have felt the same way, and I’m so happy that this blog has acted as a destination for people looking for a place to vent about it and connect with each other. I don’t have cable any more so I don’t see it, but it’s great to get updates from others.

    Niina, thanks for sharing your story. Yes, I am in Canada too. Fake cheques are a whole new low; even if it was a mistake, I hope rectifying it brings attention to the show’s many other lies and flaws. If you want me to post your picture and/or video, I’d be happy to do so. You can email me at web [at] mikebattista (dot) com. I hope you can also connect with David at his site.

    Thanks everyone for not letting these jerks get away with it unchallenged.

  402. Hi Niina
    Yes there is something that can be done. We are a non-profit organization (not under a charity charter). We were responsible for destroying a huge scam putting the biggest fraud artist ever in the Region of Waterloo behind bars. Pigeon King International: He faces 9 years prison time in March 2014.

    But my funds are exhausted. In 2006, I was sued for $10 million by another scammer in a S.L.A.P.P. for liable and without legal representation beat his 24 lawyer law firm “hands down.” Received an excellent 18 page precedent setting decision in the Superior Court on MLM and Network Marketing but received no compensation. The decision is available online. Your lawyer may find interesting, since every lawyer I consulted said I would lose.

    I was falsely arrested In Dec 2009 by RCMP in Kelowna BC were I followed a Mississauga scammer to protested with victims who lost $60,000. Only part of my expenses covered – cost me personally about $600. CBC in a van across the street videoed the arrest and in Feb 2009 played it on CBC marketplace with the RCMP swearing “He pissed me off, he’s going to jail.” We were all wired. Charges were quickly dropped.

    I was on CBC Marketplace with the president of the largest organization in the world targeting pyramid/Ponzi schemes (Pyramid Scheme Alert) exposing this scheme. You can find the video on You Tube. You can also Google Pyramid Scheme Alert with my name added, I don’ t think we can post links here. That blog carries much of the work I have done and currently involved in and condemns Canadian police and the Competition Bureau who are supposed to shut down international money laundering schemes such as this show.

    BTW that crook we went after on CBC was finally arrested Jan 2011.

    One of the best tactics is to hand out pamphlets and get students, particularly high school students involved: Media, police and government authorities loath answering to high school kids. It works.

    But as I say I am broke, now living on government Old Age Security. I was able to find a 1999 dodge Caravan still working well for$1000..for which I am trying to get donations to put a large sigh on top of exposing the new energy drink promoted by Vemma, an MLM fraud now actually targeting elementary school children as young as 14 from the parking lot of their schools.

    So all it takes is a bit of money to cover expenses and I can do any of these scams immeasurable harm. Think of it as “Hire Your Personal Picket – We Do What You Don’t Have Time to Do,””

    David Thornton

  403. Hi there David!
    And hi Mike!
    I also am on a pension and $50 may not be a lot to many people – but to me it IS! It’s also the principle of it all! It cost me “some” money to get in to “win” but I knew that when I dialed. When I WON (hmmf) I was so excited and delighted and now I can’t get my $$$
    It just hurts that there are human piranhas out there preying on others.
    When I get the check back – I will photograph it and post it!
    Niina 🙂
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  404. I cannot see any reason why you should not receive punitive damages particularly as a senior. And you are absolutely right, it is about the principal. That is why I persist. I am from the ’60 era of protesting.

    And the other thing that would embarrass and unnerve unconscionable authorities and garner press is a small group,,even three in front of schools warning students of these abhorrent schemes authorities refuse to deal with..

  405. Actually – I’m in my 40’s – and am on a disability pension. I am physically disabled and have been through cancer just recently and am just recovering. I have anxiety issues and trust issues and this has exasperated and affected my illnesses and now I don’t seemingly trust ANYONE at all anymore!
    This has been emotionally devastating to have been SCAMMED in such a manner!
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  406. I hear you..In downtown Toronto seniors and people on disability were being scammed by the woman in charge of community housing in a jewelry scam.

    A diamond scam that also had police officers involved even scammed the tight knit deaf community in Canada, US and world-wide.

    Again, police from the RCMP on down and the Competition Bureau did nothing. When they started up in Australia I informed the government and it went to Parliament: in 8 days Parliament declared it a pyramid fraud warning Australians. You can find that on line – Canadian Diamond Traders.

    Solomon Island Central Bank investigators used our material to go after CDT there, but they continue to operate in Canada
    Your right …. who are you supposed to trust?

    Fortunately I have been in pretty good health and been able to fight these battles.

  407. Hey!
    I am dealing with health/emotional issues but I’m VERY WELL educated and can fight with my WORDS and best of all – with the TRUTH!!!
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  408. I need to say THANK YOU for this forum/blog/platform for allowing those of us whom have been adversely affected by this farce of a show!
    Sent wirelessly from my Blackberry! Have a GREAT DAY!

  409. In order to work 50 weeks a year, you’re going to have to work 30 weeks; in order to work 30 weeks, you’ll likely have to work
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    Whether these are taken live – while you are
    doing a real gig – or whether you have them done on a false stage, will depend on you.

  410. Do not call in. I called in 3 times. Each time I heard:” welcome to quiz bla bla you are on line 7..” Something to tht effect- then the call would disconnect from their end. Bullshit scam. And oh pls- for measly couple hundred. Stupid stupid insulting scam. This show won’t last. They should be charged and pay back every dime! Losers.

  411. I just can not believe variations of this show have been airing on CHCH and Global for almost SIX YEARS now. Not only is it a blatant scam, but it’s just incredibly mine-numbing and inane.

  412. Someone explain this to me: On last night show’s, during the last puzzle, the amount of money being offered for the puzzle went from $600, to $1200 to $2400. Not only that, but several they claimed that MULTIPLE LINES WERE OPEN. So despite ”several lines being open”, during a 60 minute period they DID NOT TAKE ONE CALL and the price eventually reverted back to the original $600 amount. How is that not a blatant bait and switch and clearly fraudulent in nature?

  413. This is slightly off-topic but it is very important and involves the upcoming revival of Tiny Talent Time, which will air on CHCH. They have chosen Jason Agnew as one of the co-hosts. Jason once hosted 3 scam call-in quiz shows simultaneously (PopQ on CHCH, Brain Battle and Think U Know Soaps? on Global) and wrote the questions for the scam quiz show Spin Off which currently airs Fridays on CHCH. As if that wasn’t bad enough, he films himself watching porn, interviewing porn stars and posts them to YouTube. The video link I posted shows how disgusting he truly is. If you know anyone who has entered their children for the new Tiny Talent Time, please let them know. I’m sure they wouldn’t want someone like him near their children. I wouldn’t want him near mine.

  414. I thought it was because he wanted a new system to prevent the opposition being dominated by
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  416. So the last two nights, I decided to record the show on PVR. What follows is a direct account of what happened during both episodes. I will just note that everything that follows actually happened, and I am not making any of this up.

    On Saturday, the first 30 minutes were what you would have expected: low dollar amounts, with easy to solve puzzles. I’m going to make it a point to mention that the show ”allegedly” starts with only ONE telephone line open. Despite only the ”one” line being available, many callers were able to get through to the show.

    Around 35:00 minutes into the show (12:35), a face puzzle was put up on the screen. This puzzle yielded four wrong answers in 15 minutes, and ended without anyone solving before the producers moved on to another game. I am not exaggerating when I say the ”face” that was hidden in this photo was IMPOSSIBLE to make out, and did not in any sense resemble a human figure.

    At 12:50, the real fun began. A much easier face puzzle was put up on the screen and the amount of cash started at $600. After the usual pressure tactics and opening of lines, ”Rob”, our friendly host added another $600 on top of this prize. So at 1:20 AM we are at: A. $1200 and B. three lines open. Not a single person’s call has been taken in this period between the puzzle starting (12:50) and the cash being doubled (1:20). Again, I will emphasize that the puzzle is VERY simple.

    So at around 1:25, we get a BONUS ROUND. What does this mean? Well, the cash amount is now doubled and for 6 minutes, the sum of the prize is increased to $2400. Again, THREE LINES OPENS.

    Guess what happened in the next 6 minutes?

    Not a single viewer managed to get on the show.

    At this point, I’m in awe as to how blatantly fraudulent all of this is.

    So after the BONUS ROUND, the prize reverted back to $1200. Rob, to help out, gets the ”producers” to open up another three studio lines. AND THAT’S NOT ALL: For the next 6 minutes, we get a DOUBLE BONUS ROUND. So the prize is now up to $4800, and 6 studio lines are open. Forget that at the start of the program, only one was available and approximately ten callers were able to get through. Now six are open and the prize is almost $5000. Shouldn’t the lines just be flooded and shouldn’t we have had atleast one person get through in the last 40 minutes?

    Anyways, time ticks away on this BONUS ROUND and with 8 seconds left, Rob freezes the clock. So it’s now about 1:42 and there hasn’t been a call in nearly an hour, yet still no callers. Apologies if this is sounding incredibly redundant, but man, this is unreal. So for the next 12 minutes, Rob encourages viewers to continue calling and even opens up an additional studio line, bringing the total to 7. Does anyone get through in that 12 minute period? Of course not.

    So the BONUS ROUND finally ends, and the prize has again reverted back to $1200. At this point, Rob convinces the ”producers” to start a 50/50 round. What is a 50/50 round you may ask? Well, for 3 minutes the amount of money will go from $1200 to $1800. At the end of this three minute period, if no caller gets through or solves the puzzle, the prize will drop back down to $600. Oh yes.


    So at 12:57, Rob frantically asks his producers to bring out the CHANCE BUTTON which will guarantee that someone gets connected to the studio for a chance to solve this puzzle that my 5 year old nephew could have managed. At 12:59, someone is patched in, answers correctly and wins $600. Woo-Hoo.

    Anyways, you will never believe what happened on Sunday: literally the exact same show, except in a more condensed state (1 hour on Sunday vs 2 hours on Saturday)

    An abbreviated account of what unfolded:
    -The first 25 minutes of the show featured two puzzles and six callers, with again only one line open
    -The next 35 minutes featured one puzzle, one caller, and at one point TEN LINES OPEN. The amount of this single puzzle went from $600, to $1200, to $2400, back to $1200, up to $4800, back to $1200, up to $1800 and then back down eventually to $600. The chance button reappeared, someone got through with a minute left in the show and again $600 was won. WOO-HOO.

    This show is the absolute dirt-worst and CHCH should be absolutely ashamed for having any association, despite it being ”paid-programming”. Using ”they bought time on our station” should be no excuse for what’s going on here: blatant scamming.

  417. CrimeBustersNow

    This fraud definitely begs both criminal and civil action.

    We have taken down several huge frauds. In March, (last month) one of these fraud artists was sentenced to 7 years in prison. In another a woman was convicted in Manitoba (one of many participants including lawyers and a banker) in a fraud originating in Mississauga Ontario that police protected while harassing me the whistle-blower.

    The scam resulting in the 7 year sentence cost me personally approx $3000 and 6 months work until it was bankrupt. Cheap considering what the legal system would have “pumped into it” to achieve the same results, but a lot for an individual particularly a senior with only a government pension.

    I had the assistance of defrauded students for the content and the legal “paperwork” and some small donations from others to fight these myriad frauds. The rest I have financed myself ovr and above the $3000 for that one particular fraud..These battles have left me near impecunious with little legal weaponry left to fight these scams but words.

    It is amazing what few donations of time and money can accomplish. As I say there is precious little I have left to fight fraud but words.

    In the years this current blog has been attacking this simple “206” fraud “hiding in plain view,” it is obvious words have had little effect. It takes a bit, but not much more to actually bring it down.

    Note: “206,” like the infamous “419” Nigerian frauds is the section of Canadian Law under which this scam can be prosecuted as well as C.C.C. s. 380. Fraud….

    Everyone who, by deceit, falsehood or other fraudulent means, whether or not it is false pretense within the meaning of this Act defrauds the public or any person, whether ascertained or not, of any property, money or valuable security or any service, is guilty of an indictable offence etc…

    David Thornton
    Activist & Concerned Canadian Citizen: Simply doing what WE can to expose and eradicate fraud.

  418. Just a correction: During the first 25 minutes of Sunday’s show, there were three callers, not six as I previously stated. My apologies.

  419. Howdy! I know this is kind of off topic but I was wondering if you knew where
    I could get a captcha plugin for my comment
    form? I’m using the same blog platform as yours and I’m having trouble finding one?
    Thanks a lot!

  420. chch must be getting pay for this show and when are they getting cancels
    ps. the host is calling on his cell and got the lucky line and won $50 but he cant take home

  421. Show ended after only 20 minutes on Saturday due to, according to Rob, their ”phone system exploding”

    Also was announced the show is going on Summer hiatus and will be back in the Fall. Great.

  422. WOW this is just crazy i just saw this show. i cant believe it has been scamming people for so long. puzzle was a word search. find the 5 animals. he has 2 retarded answers crossed off. lamp and wale… derp. so i look and i see pretty much all 5 obvious animals right away. too ez.. but then he shows the answer. animals i have never really head of before.. example…. tahr. which is a japenese wild goat…. how can we make this public!

  423. Watched this show Last weekend And its a scam , two words are completly unheard of , t ahr and ayu, Just watch and at the end of the show those animals will 100% be in the envolope, dont calll!

  424. this should be on the breaking new on the news to stop these guys for good or I have a good stick I can give them

  425. there is a new show called money quizzer it is on chch at sat midnight the host is rob or Karen
    it is a scam if you call it is a fake fake fake! and it has the same question over and over
    don’t call please its (nextgenscam) but in one show

    Zebra, ayu, elephant, ani, thar same thing!

  426. look like their showing play tv Canada the cbsc didn’t do anything about it if you want to report about it contact channel zero owners of chch tv or the cbsc its not moneyquizzer off of the air