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I am Mike. I work at a neuroscience startup. I’m also a writer, and I used to be a technology analyst. I grabbed a PhD in psychology from the University of Western Ontario. This is my serious blog where I discuss whatever I’m working on, deep science stuff, and other thoughts. Maybe I’ll put some useful information here someday. Who knows. Anyway, I’m hungry so I gotta go. Enjoy the blog.

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12 thoughts on “About Mike

  1. I was just laughing about your reality tv thoughts and was wondering if the same applies to survivor or the amazing race… or trdaing spaces for that matter. 😀

  2. Megan: I just noticed that you commented here! Hehe. I think the same applies to Survivor and its kin, though to a lesser extent. You can only fast forward half of it without missing anything. For example, interviews with contestants where they repeat the rules of the competition that we JUST SAW.

    I watch too much TV obviously. 🙂

    Sachz: Thanks! I like it too…although all it is is the default picture for this WordPress theme. 🙂

  3. Mike, thanks for indulging my attention to details (on your other blog where I commented)! HA HA.

    Good luck with your grad school work. You’ve gone one step further than I did with that line of study (psychology).


  4. Mike:

    I have a new novel coming out that I was wanting to be reviewed. The synopsis is this:

    People are never what they appear to be. That’s why getting to know a person is so important. A person’s hair, the way he dresses, his composure, that’s what people notice. It’s not like you can pick a pedophile or a sex addict out of a crowd. You never meet a person and think, “That guy is a pedophile.” Or “That guy is a sex addict.” You say, “That man had a nice smile.”

    Or, “What a great guy.” For a group of prisoners, however, that’s all they think. Murderer? Child molester? Scam artist? Better yet, “What did YOU do to get here?”

    Anonymous is a series of stories. Stories are what make the world go round. And they’re also what keep a group of prisoners going. Everyday, locked up in their cell, these prisoners spill their guts to the others through toilets and drain pipes, hoping to “pass” the time until they are able to see the light of day. Some of the stories, they disclose things that only locked up criminals should hear. The other stories, they explain why most people would agree that this group of misfits should be locked up.

    The next time you see a nice looking man out and about, make sure you say to yourself, “That guy has nice teeth. He could be a sex offender.”

    For more info, please refer to link below. I don’t have anymore proof copies available but if you would accept a PDF, I can supply that. If you like Chuck Palahniuk, then this book is for you.

    Thanks, Jason Tanamor

  5. Hi Mike!

    From your comment on the Living and Doing blog, I tracked you back here and have been poking around your blog!

    I’m glad you found talentegg useful! And also very pink! If you have any other feedback for me, I’d love to hear it. You can reach me at the address on this post.


  6. Hi Mike. Your mom told me about your web site/blog. Lots of stuff here! This is actually my second look at a blog, the other was an OT colleague. Where can I find the stuff you put in coffee? Love, A. Kim

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