Research Interests

Um, psychology?

More coming soon.

6 thoughts on “Research Interests

  1. Mike, do you have an opinion about Costa & McCrae’s lower order traits and their likelihood/conditions regarding change? I live in Arkansas and do not have easy access to a library with the articles I need. Thanks. Angie Benham

  2. Hi Angie. Apologies for taking so long to reply – I don’t check this blog often. Hope you still get this. I don’t know too much about how personality changes over time. My overall impression is that most traits are relatively stable over time and resistant to change.

    I did come across this chapter recently: Stability and Change in Personality... Looks like you can read the whole chapter free even without a library account. Perhaps this can help. Hope it does, and best of luck with your research.

  3. I was channel surfing last night and found this game time show on tv, the host was trying to get people to call in for a word search, the word Tiger, the problem was that there was not enough numbers in there phone number to call. Some one did get through at the very end of the show and won $500 plus a bonus of $5000 to me it seem like some one from the show made the call, I don’t know if it is a scam but the host was weird and like I not enough numbers to call them Would really like to know if he does give out that kind of cash for almost baby questions..

  4. Thanks for your info regaring this quiz show and how to complain to the station. I called in and spent about $6.00. I should have known better but I thought it was something to do with a charity. LoL that was a dumb thought. I just hope they only charge $1.00 per call.
    I was just wondering if you studied child/adolesent psychology? I am looking for infomation on how to deal with behaviours that aren’t the norm.
    Thanks Again

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