Coffee is Good For You

According to this Psychology Today article, coffee is good for you in all sorts of ways. Hooray! Now I don’t feel so bad that the only liquid I’ve put in my body today was coffee.

Now what I’m wondering is whether all the research we heard about a few years ago – about coffee causing heart disease and being addictive – is now not true any more. OK, so coffee prevents cancer now. So will I live a cancer-free life, only to die of a heart attack while I’m trembling in the line at Starbucks waiting for my next fix?

Whatever. That picture to the right is making me want some coffee. Mmmm, coffee.


Mind Podcast

Lately I’ve been into podcasts. Podcasts are basically radio shows which are recorded as mp3s, and can be set to automatically upload to your mp3 player (such as an iPod) whenever a new episode comes out.

For psychologists, a very useful podcast is Mind Podcast. It’s not flashy and exciting or anything, but this guy goes over whatever psychology topic he is studying every day. It’s like having a study buddy reading notes to you through your mp3 player. A study buddy with a cool accent. For grad students, it will mostly be review of the basics, but we can all use that once in a while.

The show is on a break right now, but I’ve been emailing back and forth with the dude who does this, and he says it will be back sometime (though maybe not as frequently…every day was a bit excessive anyway).

Note that you can get to older episodes by clicking on the Archives on the righthand side, then clicking on individual episode titles.