Coffee is Good For You

According to this Psychology Today article, coffee is good for you in all sorts of ways. Hooray! Now I don’t feel so bad that the only liquid I’ve put in my body today was coffee.

Now what I’m wondering is whether all the research we heard about a few years ago – about coffee causing heart disease and being addictive – is now not true any more. OK, so coffee prevents cancer now. So will I live a cancer-free life, only to die of a heart attack while I’m trembling in the line at Starbucks waiting for my next fix?

Whatever. That picture to the right is making me want some coffee. Mmmm, coffee.


One thought on “Coffee is Good For You

  1. I’ve never heard “inquisitive” used to describe a blog. Perhaps you’re implying that I’m really curious to click any link that I come across…even links that are obviously dirty no-good spam, such as the ones you have provided. In which case, you’re wrong.

    Go away and die please.

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