Play TV Canada Pwned: Going Off the Air March 26th

Previously on I complained about a televised scam called Play TV Canada, then examined the nature of the fraud in more detail, and got a response from Global Television.

Global never responded to a follow-up letter highlighting the inadequacy of their justifications. However, every weekend, thousands of people have Googled their way to this blog, and hundreds have commented (especially here), collaborating to find a way to stop these unscrupulous people.

Well, good news! A commenter named Jeremy received the following letter:

“We are in receipt of your letter via the CBSC regarding Global Television’s broadcast of Play-TV Canada, February 20th 2010, on Global Toronto (CIII). In your letter, you have expressed concerns regarding this show suggesting it may be a scamming game show, with no logical answers to impossible questions.

Let me begin by saying that as responsible broadcasters, we are sensitive to the members of our viewing audience and we apologize if this program has offended you. I assure you that it is neither Global’s nor the producer’s intention to do so. As of March 2010, our contract with Play TV will end and the show will no longer air on Global Television.”

He added:


March 26th they’re done.

I made them cancel their contract with them..
I’m a god!!!!!!!!!!!!

As of March 26th, Play TV Canada will no longer be airing. I’m sure this will be justified by falling ratings or other financial reasons. However, while I wouldn’t give this blog, or Jeremy, sole credit for Play TV’s downfall, I have no doubt that our collective complaining and bad publicity had an impact on the decision to end this contract.

A few people are worth singling out in this effort.

  • Jeremy, obviously, who complained and was kind enough to report back here.
  • Dave from CrimeBustersNow, who passion for exposing and taking down scams like this is personal and intense. We need more people like him around. See CBNow’s Post about Global and Play TV.
  • Lisa from Dublin, who brought information from the other, older front in this battle, Ireland. Over there, similar circumstances lead to Play TV’s downfall.

It looks like the next battle site is South Africa. There is a discussion forum for it here, and obviously people are welcome to continue using the comments here as a venue for discussion. Dave suggests further action here in Canada as well, such as trying to push for criminal charges. While I’m not sure about going that far, it is worth considering if you have the time and motivation.

Thanks to everyone who has followed and participated in this international effort. Score one for the good guys.


15 thoughts on “Play TV Canada Pwned: Going Off the Air March 26th

  1. Thanks for the recognition Mike. This demonstrates the power of individuals with a just purpose.

    However, this scam should not have been allowed to go on as long as it did. And Global Tv, along with these scam artists should be charged under sections 206 (1)(e) & 380 CCC and these proceeds of crime seized. Global Tv “knew, or ought to have know” this was not only illegal gambling but blatant fraud.

    By entering into a contract with Play TV Canada, Global Broadcasting and their legal department took on a “duty of care” owed the public. And whom, more than a public broadcaster would be, and should be, subject to this legal “duty of care.” And whom more then a public broadcaster should have their “feet held to the fire.”

    In am extremely disappointed that in this country no lawyer came forward on behalf of society to take up this cause, or even offered a profession opinion; certainly not that I am aware of; certainly not on this blog, or even now steps forward with a legal action against Global TV. And where are the other media on this issue we might wonder. Do they condone this? Are they waiting for their chance to pull off something similar??? Afraid to lose advertising revenue derived from racketeering??? Where is the social responsible???

    I am equally disappointed and appalled and find it unbelievable, abhorrent and unconscionable that the Law Society of Upper Canada turns its back, without comment on their lawyers who are major facilitators of these scams and schemes destroying the fabric of our society.

    Much needs changing in this country if we are to effectively protect our society from international, white-collar, money-laundering, crooks, liars, gangsters and thieves, whom, like “smash in grab artists” attack our economy, employing these money-laundering schemes and scams before our reluctant, and I maintain, corrupt authorities even begin to put on and lace up, their knee high “lead boots;” their “judicial footwear of choice,” and “pursue,”…. lol, these international crooks who have already, with impunity, left with the “loot,” many of these fraudsters “homegrown” on our own Canadian soil.

    It is bloggers like you Mike who are now the “new” old style news reporters, who, “back when,” told it the way it was; refused to back down in the face of a weak, or corporate driven editor attempting to “gut his/her story.

    This unfortunately, or fortunately is the way of the future. And yes, because, for now, the Internet is virtually wide open, of course there are those posting on Internet, with massive amounts of illegal cash to draw from, producing professional appearing “news releases” and such, actually masking and promoting fraud.

    We must present the truth in a meaningful, understandable and aggressive way, so hopefully, the truth will not only be told, but will, without doubt, “be seen to have been told” (seen, not seem) and be clearly understood as we have accomplished on this forum.

    That’s the sad, and the hopeful truth….. that is the reality.

    Thanks again Mike, and everyone who participated in various ways.

    And now as we continue the fight against white collar crime and corruption there is a new twist to and old scam at this very point in time, being created by a group of lawyers and at least one doctor, a scam they anticipate will sweep the world… Check it out and beware, and join this fight on this and other economic crimes against society. Click>

    dave – CBNow
    International Fraud Investigation

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  3. Awesome work. I watched that show a few times and it is an embarrassment to Canada to have that garbage aired. Just a quick question. I saw the show on TLN. Are you aware of this?

  4. Just called TLN and they said “They are done, their contract is up.”
    PlayTVCanada on web is gone.
    Bye bye again PlayTV scammers, hope it stays off the air longer this time.

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  6. It’s may 23, 2011 and I just saw another Playtv Canada puzzle. I guess whatever Jeremy from Global did did not last very long.

  7. They are still on TLN… I got dupe into calling last night… did a quick google and their site came up first… wasn’t able to make out their website from their screen, but got the words playtvcanada so I google those keywords… first site that came out was and since I was in a hurry to give the answer I didn’t bother finding out if it was a scam… I was trusting that the TV station specially in Canada would honor such contests, but apparently it is a scam…

  8. Same thing happened to me tonight. I saw the show and called in, thinking the same thing that everyone else has been, must be safe its on canadian tv. I cannot belive this bs is allowed on tv and they keep getting away with this, where is the justice. Its so obvious after you keep watching that its a scam, the zero is on the screen for the end of the countdown, but yet it stays on the screen forever as they try to encourage people to call, while they are making ton of money. TLN is very desperate to allow such a scam to appear on their station, wonder how much money these scam artists pay the tv networks that allow this crap. Wow very angry with this situation. People do not fall for this SCAM.

  9. Jan 28/2012

    I just seen this show on TLN and was immediately suspect of it.

    I think the prize started at $1500

    The question was “What is white”
    One of the clues was “it is in your kitchen”

    Another clue was “it is edible”
    Final clue was “it is a dairy product.”

    Answer was “CHEESE” but not just “CHEESE”
    It was “Reindeer Cheese”
    If someone answered with “cheese” would they of won,i doubt it. Even if the host said “what type of cheese” most likely the caller would say “Mozzarella,feta” or maybe goat or cow….but REINDEER LOLZ

  10. Gail MacNamara – Tried to call the number on the TV screen – live in Ontario – how can I get through – operator tells me unable to put call through? Do I have to sign up – how do I play? 705-949-1503 >
    Sun. Feb. 10/13

  11. I’m watching game TV on Channel 11 Saturday nights I have phone three times in the past never made it to the host I get a message on the phone saying you’re almost closed but not in so I could charge a dollar every time I make a call I know the answer I went online still could be completed it just wouldn’t take so I will be trying to contact chch in Hamilton about their choice of the show which they say when the show starts that’s not produced by Channel 11 this should not be on TV it’s a waste of 2 hours of nothing

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