Procrastination Pictures

I should really be working right now. I’ve got a hundred things to do, some of them quite urgent and important. Instead, I’ve been trying to figure out how to get my camera phone working again. It mysteriously stopped letting me upload pictures to my computer a while ago. Luckily, my procrastination has payed off, for I finally got it working (turns out the computer doesn’t like it when more than a few pictures are on the phone at a time, so I had to delete some. I hate computers). Of course, I had to test it out a bit, so I took some random pictures. Then I remembered that I have this blog, and it’s supposed to be a log of my life that replaces the need for biological memory, so I had better post some pictures here. After all, the images will have vanished from my mind when I’m old, but they can stay on this web site until the end of the world (or at least until terrorists unleash an EMP bomb that erases the memory of every computer in Canada).

So, here is a slice of my life – a slice where I procrastinated for an entire day – in picture form.

Here is the view from my office right now. Why is it so damn nice out? That’s another reason I can’t get anything done. When it’s nice outside, I don’t feel like sitting inside doing work.

Here’s the computer I should be typing my thesis on, but am instead typing this post which nobody will read.

Here’s the muffin I had for lunch.

And here is my half full coffee, getting in my half-eaten muffin’s sun. OK, I guess I’m running out of things to take pictures of.

This concludes this incredibly exciting post. Maybe I should go actually do something, now that I’ve gotten this out of my system. Bye.


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